Pandemonium linkshells  

Some adventurers use linkshells to communicate with friends. Others create linkshells to accomplish missions or coordinate large-scale attacks against notorious monsters.

Here, you can create pages to describe your various linkshells. Only one page per linkshell, please. If your linkshell is accepting new members, feel free to write "recruiting" alongside the name of your group.

For partial-endgame, mission, crafting, nation and job linkshells, please list your linkshell's events next to your group's name. For example, a linkshell under the heading "Endgame Linkshells, Some Events" would be listed as "MobBusterz: Sea, Dynamis, Assault." Please use only your linkshell's name for your page link.

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Social Linkshells

Endgame Linkshells, All Events

Endgame Linkshells, Some Events

Mission-Based Linkshells

Crafting Linkshells

Nation Linkshells

Job Linkshells


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