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An impenetrable army armored in steel.

As their shells thicken with age, the titles given to individual Quadav change. Within their strict caste system, those chosen to serve in the Elite Guard are given titles portraying hard and precious metals, while those chosen to be magicians are given titles taken from rare gems.

The Quadav are powerful beastmen that occupy the Eastern parts of the Quon continent. The core of their army is made up of heavy infantry, armored with thick, heavy shells on their backs. For many years they have competed against Elvaan and Hume alike for supremacy over the land.

Quadav Dwellings

Quadav have a rational and disciplined culture. Since their humble beginnings, they have always adapted the productive developments of humans into their own society. A prime example of this is their skill at metallurgy. Upon their discovery, metals have become an essential part of Quadav life and have served to protect them in the form of their indispensible shells, which previously were constructed of rocks or lumber.(※)Their walls and passageways were all made from metal as well. However, there was one catch: rust. Their love of swampy conditions caused corrosion to accumulate quickly making everything worn-out and ready to collapse. As a result, they are in constant need for iron ore. This is the key reason why they are always at odds with Bastok.

※ Currently, almost everything is made with different materials.

Typical Quadav Dwellings
Typical Quadav Dwellings

Common Quadav

Magishell Armor This type of armor has sorcery-related designs inscribed across the chest and shell. It is used by the back rows of the infantry. It is assumed that they provide their allies with magical support from the rear, while their helmet and armor protect themselves from potential enemy magic attacks.

Blackshell Armor This type of armor is made from an alloy of black iron. It is used by the front ranks of the infantry. This incredibly solid equipment can absorb the strongest of blows, but its extreme weight requires the wearer to possess uncanny levels of discipline and stamina in order to survive long marches. To facilitate the mass-production of these sets, they are made without any magical inscriptions.

Hornshell Armor This type of armor has a bronze shell with magical designs on it. It also includes what they call “Red Shoulders,” the trademark of a Quadav officer.

Quadav Heroes

Za'Dha Adamantking
Za'Dha Adamantking

The Grimshell Shocktroopers were a special Quadav platoon. The idea was that a small unit would be attached with especially dangerous shells and would use them to charge headlong into battle. Researchers have found however, that this is an old battle tactic that fell out of use amongst the Quadav hundreds of years ago.

The Quadav Shieldwarriors

The hulking bodyguard type is a defining characteristic of the Quadav army. It is said they comprise one-third of their entire force. It has found them jobs and uses in a large variety of places.

Elite Guard The Elite Guards are personally ordained by Za’Dha Adamantking who destroys their shells in a baptismal rite. It is said they will never betray him by any means. Originally, they were nothing more than a small band of escorts for the King, but in the early stages of the Great War, they seized the opportunity and solidified their autonomy from other units. Now they are the greatest force in the Quadav army, with direct control over all armored divisions.

Elite Raiders It seems the Raiders were originally assigned various places to pillage and plunder by the Elite Guard to satisfy the King’s wishes. As the Guard grew in power, so did the Raiders, and they continued to absorb the Vanguard units. Eventually, both the Guard and Raiders became the ultimate pair of platoons in the Quadav army. Relations with the Elite Guard recently can be strained, as there is much dispute over authority and delegating supply runs.

Zvahl Defense Force This unit was developed by demand of the Shadow Lord during the Great War. However, Za’Dha Adamantking hated the idea of losing direct control and mixed in a number of his own personal guards. Afterwards, the war was lost and a few of the surviving soldiers escaped. It has been confirmed that they fled back to Beadeaux. Za’Dha should have then dismantled the unit altogether, but it seems there are other plans…

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

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