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The following are transcripts and videos from the quest Rat Race.

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Aht Urhgan Whitegate

Nadee Periyaha

Nadee Periyaha : Why, hello there! My name's Nadeee Periyaha, and I'm a mercenareee.
Nadee Periyaha : Oh! Am I doing it again? I wonder why...?
Nadee Periyaha : Maybe...
Nadee Periyaha : Maybe it's something about you that reminds meee of my Qiqirn buddeees back in Nashmau...
Nadee Periyaha : You see!? There I go again!
Nadee Periyaha : Whatever could be wrong with me today...?
Nadee Periyaha : Hm? You say you are looking for a Mithra who used to live in Nashmau?
Nadee Periyaha : Who ever could that be...?
Nadee Periyaha : You think that it could be me!?
Nadee Periyaha : Because I sometimes speeek slowly like Qiqirn, no?
Nadee Periyaha : Oh! Then I guess you've found your woman!
Nadee Periyaha : Yes, it's true, I used to live and work on that lonely island to the north...
Nadee Periyaha : After just a few weeks with the little fellas, I was extending my eee's and stretching out my ooo's like I was one of the family.
Nadee Periyaha : It took me months tooo get back tooo normal... Well, close to normal...
Nadee Periyaha : But enough of the history lesson. WHy were you looking for me in the first place?
Nadee Periyaha : There's a little girl who wants to be friends with a Qiqirn? How adorable!
Nadee Periyaha : And so the little princess's daughter is looking for someone who can teach her how to get along with the 'Roons.
Nadee Periyaha : Well, I guess you came to the right lady!
Nadee Periyaha : I'm the closest thing you'll get to a Qiqirn without the beady eyes, red nose, pot belly, and mysterious fanny pack.
Nadee Periyaha : Not that I'm proud of it or anything...
Nadee Periyaha : Alright, you've convinced. I'll try to tell you what you need to know.
Nadee Periyaha : If you want to lure a Qiqirn out of hiding, you'll first need to learn how to talk like one.
Nadee Periyaha : You know, like the ancient Far Eastern proverb says, "When in Rolanberry, one must eat rolanberries."
Cacaroon : Oh! Nadeee! Nadeee!
Nadee Periyaha : Cacaroon! Why yooo come here?
Cacaroon : Ummm... Hrmmm...
Cacaroon : What Nadeee be talking about with ladee here? Big info, ya? Cacaroon smell info from malm away!
Cacaroon : Mithra-mercenareee Nadeee and Cacaroon friends, ya? Cacaroon happy to see pretty mercenareee today.
Nadee Periyaha : Why, yooo are quite the talker, Cacaroon!
Nadee Periyaha : Yooo seee... Yooo know how I used to live in Nashmau...?
Cacaroon : Oooh! That beee some jooocy info!
Cacaroon : Meee not know nothing about no babeee Tarooo! This big info get Cacaroon some big "clink clink"!
Cacaroon : Cacaroon never forget pretty mercenareee for goodness!
Cacaroon : Hmmm... But Cacaroon no understand one thing... Why Qiqirn run from babeee Taroooo? Qiqirn no hate Tarooo, me think.
Cacaroon : Tarooo just want beee friends with Qiqirn, ya?
Nadee Periyaha : Yeah, it's not like they want to gut and stuff him or anything.
Nadee Periyaha : Very strange... What beee name of scaredee Qiqirn?
Nadee Periyaha : Oh, I'm doing it again!
Nadee Periyaha : What I meant to say was, do you remember the name of the Qiqirn that is afraid of the girl?
Nadee Periyaha : Kakkaroon... Yes, I remember him well.
Cacaroon : !
Nadee Periyaha : But why would he run from a child...?
Cacaroon : Ah...
Maybe Cacroon have info... Maybeee no...
Nadee Periyaha : Really?
Nadee Periyaha : Cacaroon tell pretty Mithra big info, ya?
Cacaroon : Ummm...
Cacaroon : Cacaroon got cheeep info, ya?
Mithra mercenareee lady got "clink clink"? Cacaroon got big info!
Nadee Periyaha : Cacaroon?
Nadee Periyaha : I wonder what got into him?
Nadee Periyaha : Anyway, I think he may be able to shed a little light on our friend Kakkaroon's fear of children.
Nadee Periyaha : Why don't you go visit him at his shop?


Cacaroon : Ah... Kakkaroon, ya?
Maybe Cacaroon have info... Maybe no...
Cacaroon : Ummm... Hrmmm...
Cacaroon : Cacaroon got cheep info, ya?
Yooo got "clink clink"? Cacaroon got big info!
Cacaroon : Mercenareee laaady understand Kakkaroon hates childrens. Tooo bad, ya?
Cacaroon : Kakkaroon has big seeecret. Seeecret why Kakkaroon hates childrens.
Cacaroon : Cacaroon got cheeep info. Cacaroon never forget Kakkaroon's big seeecret.
Cacaroon : Kakkaroon now living in Nashmau, ya? Kakkaroon living in Al Zahbi beeefore living in Nashmau.
Cacaroon : Help collect big info for Cacaroon, Kakkaroon did! Half "clink clink" to Cacaroon, half to Kakkaroon.,br> Cacaroon : But one day, eeevil childrens chase Kakkaroon all across Whitegate!
Cacaroon : Cacaroon never seee Kakkaroon so scared in Cacaroon's life! And not just one children, many childrens!
Cacaroon : Chasing start with one children, but...
Cacaroon : ...when Kakkaroon look back, he sees twooo...
Cacaroon : Threee...
Cacaroon : Four five seven eight nine eleventeeen! More and more childrens chasing!
Cacaroon : Kakkaroon not know what to dooo. Poor Kakkaroon's heart running faster than chasing childrens!
Cacaroon : But that not all... When childrens finally catch Kakkaroon...
Cacaroon : One putting mouth on sacred nose!
Cacaroon : Cacaroon seee everything. Cacaroon scared much as Kakkaroon!
Cacaroon : Cacaroon loves childrens...
Cacaroon : But childrens scareee...
Cacaroon : Kakkaroon seee childrens, Kakkaroon run.
Cacaroon : Adventurer understand, ya?
Cacaroon : kakkaroon never beee friend with eeevil Tarooo babeee.
Cacaroon : ...
Cacaroon : Okay! Cacaroon got big info! Cacaroon help Kakkaroon!
Cacaroon : Now is chance! Cacaroon help old buddy! Cacaroon best friend in world!
Cacaroon : Cacaroon use seeecret weapon!
Cacaroon : Qiqirn network!
Cacaroon : Qiqiqiqiqiqiqiqi~rn!
Cacaroon : Qiqirn network.
Member twooo.
Cacaroon : Qiqirn network members help Cacaroon help poor Kakkaroon, ya?
Cacaroon : Oh! Qiqirn no turns backs on Kakkaroon! Qiqirn help fellow brother!
Cacaroon : One Qiqirn smart, many Qiqirn smart! But Cacaroon also neeed adventurer help.
Cacaroon : Oh! Cacaroon so happeee and joyous! Cacaroon never forget kindness of adventurer!,br> Cacaroon : Cacaroon need yooo go to Nashmau. Neeed yooo seee Ququroon.
Cacaroon : Except when Qiqirn no love Ququroon stooo...
Cacaroon : What? Yooo neeed more something?
Cacaroon : Ah, Qiqirn words, ya?
Cacaroon : Pretteee mercenareee ladeee Nadeee smart as looks!
Cacaroon : Cacaroon help, ya? Cacaroon use network. Cacaroon find help!
Cacaroon : Then Kakkaroon no more scared. Kakkaroon make nice with babeee Tarooo!
Cacaroon : Cacaroon call friends now. Yooo ride boat to Ququroon now, ya?

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