Republic of Bastok  

In the southern reaches of Quon lies the Republic of Bastok, a nation founded by the technologically gifted Humes. The president, elected from among the Hume population every few years, takes an active role in leading the government.

Bastok was originally built on the wealth gained from the mining of mythril, a precious metal. But with recent developments in metal refining and processing techniques, Bastok has become famous as a craftsman's town. The southern area of the city is home to many Galka, a race of hulking humanoids. They have made valuable contributions to the expansion of the mines, but despite this, there is a deep-seated tension between the Galka and the Humes.

Surrounding the city of Bastok is the inhospitable Gustaberg region, an unforgiving land of sparse vegetation.

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Bastokan Culture

Beyond the refinement of iron, the craftsmen of Bastok have made numerous breakthroughs with new kinds of metal, such as mythril, darksteel, and cermet. The research of Cid, a genius engineer, has led to the development of engines that utilize crystal energy and allow rapid advances in technology. The rich, spiritual culture of the Galkais rapidly being assimilated by the materialistic Hume lifestyle. To say that Bastok's culture has become predominantly Hume would not be far off the mark.

Bastokan Living Standards

In recent years, the remarkable nation of Bastok has had the largest population explosion of any country (most notably in the Hume population), but due to limited space for residential buildings, the average citizen's home is small and uncomfortable. Also, most of the profit made from ore export is consumed by the need to import large quantities of food. For most inhabitants of Bastok, daily life can be a struggle--and food shortages are becoming a serious problem.

Bastokan Climate

With practically no rainfall during the course of the year and all of the ground water concentrated under the city of Bastok, the surrounding environs are a barren, desolate landscape. Besides popotoes, very little can be grown; the Republic of Bastok must rely heavily on imported foodstuffs. However, a ready supply of copper, iron, silver, gold, and mythril ore provides a bountiful source of wealth for the industrial town.

Bastokan Military

The Republican Army is an organized militia where the president serves as high commander. The army is formed by citizens and adventurers who join as part of a voluntary conscription system. Even the legions that make up the core of the army are generally not career soldiers.

Bastok Timeline

This Bastok Timeline shows the progress of the Humes and the establishment of their Republic.

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