Smash! A Malevolent Menace Strategy  

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PLD/RDM: Extremely well geared. Stacked Magic Def equipment and used joyeuse.
COR/RDM: Well geared. Evokers(refresh) and Magus Roll(magic def).
WHM/BLM: Well geared. Protect 5 and Shell 5.
SMN/SCH: Very well geared. Used Garuda mostly.
BLM/WHM: Well geared.
SAM/NIN: Well geared.

Battle Notes

  • The Moogle does not melee and bombs will go through shadows.
  • Is recommended your DD sub /RDM if they have it. /nin useless and /rdm will give them magic def.
  • Moogle can easly be kited indefinatly by any job who can heal it self or has w legs.
  • Best to fight it against the wall to minimiz knockback effect.
  • Mages should stay on stairs at all times unless the moogle is getting healed.
  • The moogle is evasive, so I would recommend an acc buff or acc food.
  • Moogle takes double to triple damage. We where seeing 2k atonements, and 3-4 gekkos.
  • WHM moogles can not be killed or damaged.
  • Hate is reset once the Moogle starts to get healed.
  • 30 Min time limit to kill the Moogle, only the boss moogle needs to die on the 3rd stage to win.

Stage 1

In the first stage the Boss is by himself and will not aggro until you run out into the middle of the area. We had our mages run to the stairs while the PLD and SAM started on the boss. At 75% he will Crystaline Flare once. Crystaline Flare does draw-in and stun (5-10 sec stun). Flare was hitting our group for about 200-500. Crystaline Flare is magic based, so the more magic def you have the lower it hurt. At 50% the moogle will spawn 6 BLM moogles on top of him. These BLM moogles will immediatly start casting agas and high tier spells so sleepga is needed immediatly. Once the BLM moogles spawn the Boss will proceed to the stairs tg et healed to 100%, during this time he will be undamageable until he returns down the stairs. If you are unable to kill all the BLM moogles before the Boss is healed to 100%, have one of your mages kite the boss until you finish of the BLMs. The BLM moogles have low evasion and low HP.

Stage 2

Once you have finished off the BLm moogles from Stage 1 and the boss has returned from being healed we had our group go back to their positions, Mages on the stairs and PLD and DD on a wall. Around 65-50% the boss will Crystaline Flare. This can be the make or break point because if he flares while you drop him past 50% and make the BLM moogles appear it will be game over. The stun from Flare is to long to recover if the BLMs are up. Keeping amges on the stairs can prevent the drawin effect of Flare and stun all together, but was a bit random. I personally got drawn in during this one when I was on the stairs. Once you get through Flare take him to 50% and proceed to dispatch the BLM moogles like in Stage 1. The Boss will go back up the stairs to get healed back to 100%.

Stage 3 (Final)

On this stage The Boss moogle will have access to Flare at any HP level and can do it back to back. We saw him Flare at the top of the stairs when he was done healing (100%), but it missed everyone due to use being on the floor. In this stage it is recommened to save 2 hours till after 50%. When the moogle reaches 50% he will spawn his BLM friends again. At this point you have 2 options.

Option A: Kill the BLM Moogles

If you decide to kill the BLM moogles, you will have to kite the Boss. This can be dangerous because the Boss can Crystaline Flare at any time. If you choose to do this option make sure your group is aware of the Boss Moogle at all times. Most groups do not do this option but it is possible and will make things easier incase of a wipe.

Option B: Sleep the BLM Moogles and Zerg The Boss

This is the route typically done by most groups. The main challenge with this strategy is that the BLM moogles have to be kept slept or you will wipe. Recoverying from a wipe at this point would be impossible if you do this. If you choose this router, once the BLMs ar slept, have all your DD 2 hour and go to town. I recommend your DDs bring IC wings as you will want to drop the Boss as quickly as possible. My group saw 5 flares during this. 3 of those which where almost back to back. We almost had a wipe when we got hit with the last 2 Flares and the BLM moogles woke up, but our SMN managed to get garuda out, and started nuking with his /sch sub while our blm slept the BLMs and nuke the boss. If you are going to wipe, try and get everyone either on the stairs or against the door where you came in.

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