Special Task Force Announcement (1-9)  

The Special Task Force (henceforth, STF) was founded at a time when a rising number of characters could be observed engaging in illegal conduct. The presence of these characters adversely affected gameplay, threatening to undermine the enjoyment of the game for the honest, rule-abiding majority.

With the invaluable information provided to us from our players, the STF was able to formulate myriad countermeasures with which to eradicate illegal conduct from Vana'diel. To ensure that the STF never ceases to represent the best interests of upstanding adventurers, the Special Task Force Report was made available on a monthly basis to keep all informed of our latest activities, and to serve as a channel through which players could contact us.

Thanks in no small part to the contributions of our virtuous players, the activities of the STF have largely been met with success. Each passing season has marked an appreciable decline in the number of sightings of illegal conduct being brought to our attention. More than ever before, players can embark on their adventures with the confidence that their time spent in Vana'diel will not be marred by unpleasant encounters with illegal conduct.

However, the effort to maintain a balanced and enjoyable game environment is a never-ending endeavor, and we at the STF intend to remain ever vigilant.

For the sake of convenience, until now the "mass bannings" format for reporting STF activities has been left unchanged despite the improvements that have been implemented over the years. As our players are likely already aware, advancements made in policing technology have greatly shortened the time interval between detection and intervention. With the resultant increase in transparency in the activities of the STF, it was decided that announcements made via the newly established STF homepage will be limited to the number of banned accounts and amount of frozen gil.

At the STF, our sole mission is to preserve the integrity of Van'diel as a fun and balanced gaming world. We look forward to your continued assistance in our endeavors in the years to come.

Click here to access the newly inaugurated Special Task Force Official Homepage.

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