Summoning Magic  

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General Information

  • Used by the Summoner to call forth their various elemental avatars, they are the only job with an innate summoning skill.

Indications of Increased Summoning Magic Skill

  • Adjustments to the Summoner job in October 2006 made having additional Summoning Magic skill over your skill cap beneficial when using Blood Pact: Ward and Blood Pact: Rage. When using Blood Pact: Ward, Summoners can experience longer Blood Pact durations depending on which pact is used, however these will not exceed 180 seconds. They will also notice increased magic accuracy when using Blood Pact: Rage. This information according to Update details posted on Playonline.com

  • Increased skill may reduce the chance of casting interruptions.

  • Elemental Avatars will cast their spells more frequently, sooner after being summoned and cast more appropriate spells when the Summoner's Summoning Magic Skill is above cap.

Job Skill Caps

As indicated above, only the Summoner has innate Summoning Magic Skill. In order for other jobs to attain this skill, they must have Summoner set as their subjob.

Job Skill Rating Level 37 Level 60 Level 75
Summoner A- 114 203 269

Armor That Enhances Summoning Magic

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Armor Level Slot Jobs
Magician's Mantle 30 Back All Jobs
Summoning Earring 35 Ear All Jobs
Austere Cuffs 50 Hands SMN
Penance Cuffs 50 Hands SMN
Austere Sabots 50 Feet SMN
Penance Sabots 50 Feet SMN
Austere Slops 50 Legs SMN
Penance Slops 50 Legs SMN
Austere Hat 50 Head SMN
Item:Evoker's Horn 60 Head SMN
Summoning Torque 65 Neck All Jobs
Evoker's Ring 71 Ring SMN
Summoner's Bracers 72 Hands SMN
Astute Cape 73 Back All Jobs
Elite Beret 74 Head BLM BLU RDM SMN WHM
Elite Beret +1 74 Head BLM BLU RDM SMN WHM
Evoker's Horn +1 74 Head SMN
Marduk's Crackows 75 Feet BRD SMN WHM
Marduk's Shalwar 75 Legs BRD SMN WHM
Marduk's Tiara 75 Head BRD SMN WHM
Nashira's Crackows 75 Feet BRD SMN WHM BLU RDM
Rho Necklace 75 Neck All Jobs

Weapons That Enhance Summoning Magic

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Weapon Level Type Jobs
Bahamut's Staff 75 Staff SMN

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