Wings of the Goddess Missions (6-9)  

Compelling new Wings of the Goddess missions will form the heart of the upcoming July version update. Read on for just a sample of what to expect!

A Traitor in Our Midst!

In their latest meeting with Cait Sith Naoi, Lilisette and her adventurer companion learn of the existence of a traitor within the ranks of the Cait Siths. An investigation to uncloak the double-crosser at the Beaucedine Glacier will trigger a chain of events from which return is not an option...

The World Will Choose...

No sooner had the mysterious winged woman appeared than a series of misfortunes befell Lilisette and her friends. What is the true identity she keeps hidden behind her confident smile and cool demeanor? And for what twisted purpose has she traversed the corridors of time?

Lilisette, Sir Ragelise, and Portia... Cait Sith and the mysterious winged woman... Where their paths and ambitions intersect, the true course of history will be revealed.

Shocking revelations await those who dare seek the truth in the coming Wings of the Goddess missions!

Final Fantasy XI

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