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Snake on the Plains Steamed Rams The Fighting Fourth
Quest Summary: Upon arriving in Windurst Waters (S), the leader of the mithran Cobra Unit Mercenaries asks you to prove yourself by repairing towers in West Sarutabaruta (S). After repairing the towers, you are admitted into the ranks of the Cobra Unit.Quest Summary: Upon arriving in San d'Oria (S), the leader of the Iron Rams asks you to investigate reports of flying objects. After finding odd evidence in East Ronfaure (S), you are inducted into the ranks of the Iron Rams.Quest Summary: Upon arriving in Bastok Markets (S), you are asked to deliver supplies to the watchtower in North Gustaberg (S). After completing this task, you are made an official member of the Fourth Division.
The Tigress Stirs Gifts of the Griffon Better Part of Valor
Quest Summary: Volunteer mercenaries have arrived from the mithran homeland of Olzhirya just as a young Ajido-Marujido delivers news of a possible attack by an unseen breed of Yagudo -- he claims to have seen them flying through the sky. The Cobra Unit Mercenaries head out to investigate this potential threat. At Ajido-Marujido's request, you find a starfruit in Sarutabaruta and bring it to him.Quest Summary: The quest begins in Southern San d'Oria (S), where you encounter an orc imprisoned in a cage and speaking with Temple Knight Darvylle. Darvylle leaves you with the orc, who convinces you he is an Elvaan under a curse. You set the orc free. You then find the hideout of the Young Griffons, a group of young Elvaans who are stationed in a small courtyard. There you meet Royal Squire Altennia, an adult woman who keeps an eye on the griffons. You tell Altennia what happened with the orc, and she says she'll guard your secret if you help her watch over the young Elvaan. To prove your merit to the Young Griffons, you must deliver plumes d'or to several of San d'Oria's elders.Quest Summary:A wounded soldier collapses outside the gate to Bastok (S), asking you to run an errand in his stead. Turns out the solider was a secret agent, and suddenly you become aware of a possible scheme by Chairman Pale Eagle -- as senior member of the republican government -- who often clashes with Senator Werner, Bastok's senator of defense.
The Tigress Strikes Claws of the Griffon Fires of Discontent
Quest Summary: Young Ajido-Marujido has wondered off to Fort Karugo-Narugo. You track him down, saving him from a vicious coeurl in the process. Upon returning to Windurst Waters (S), you speak with Dhea Prandoleh of the Cobra Unit; she raises questions about the mysterious Warlock Warlord -- leader of the tarutaru War Warlocks -- whose face is wrapped in layers of bandages.Quest Summary: The Young Griffons have somehow learned that the orcs are moving through Batallia Downs. The Griffons decide to head through Jugner Forest in an attempt to intercept and disrupt the orcish forces. After they leave, you decide to set out to find them. You stumble upon Rahal in Jugner Forest, and he says he and Excenmille were ambushed and split up by the orcs. You eventually find Excenmille, who is faced off against two orcs, one of which is named Zogbog -- the talking orc who you set loose from his cage in San d'Oria! A fight ensues, and the other orc is defeated. Zogbog fleas into the forest when Elvaan reinforcements arrive. As you head back to San d'Oria, you learn Excenmille's mother was killed years earlier in an orcish invasion, which is why he has so little respect for the adult military forces of San d'Oria. Quest Summary: You are asked to seek information about a possible Galka uprising being led by Pale Eagle. After speaking with Iron Eater at the present-day metalworks, you learn that two Galka elders, Gumbah and Werei, once spent lots of time on a mountain in Grauberg. You travel to Grauberg and find LFKDSFLDS. You relay this finding to the leadership in San d'Oria (S).
Knot Quite There Boy and the Beast BASTOKXXX
Quest Summary: You run into young Ajido-Marujido, who invites you to join him in spying on an important meeting in Heavens Tower. When you get into the giant tree, you find a secret meeting of the War Warlocks, led by the heavily bandaged Robel-Akbel. Robel-Akbel plans to seek reinforcements from San d'Oria to protect Windurst while he takes his personal guard to storm Castle Oztroja, leaving the Mithra to defend Windurst and Fort Karugo-Narugo. The fort, he says, is the city's last line of defense. Before you can learn more, you and Ajido-Marujido are discovered and kicked out.

After the meeting, Robel-Akbel retires to a back room, where he meets with his leading military strategist -- a blond male mithra.

Meanwhile, you and two mithran mercenaries escort Ajido-Marujido's professor, Koru-Moru, to a research meeting in Jeuno. You're about to depart for Fort Karugo-Narugo when you meet Rachemace, an Elvaan who was part of a San d'Orian reconnaissance party that had stolen a 108-knot quipus from the Yagudo, only to have it stolen back again. Your group teams up with Rachemace to reclaim the quipus, then head to San d'Oria to have its contents deciphered.

Upon arriving in San d'Oria, you encounter a Windurstian messenger who says efforts to summon San d'Orian reinforcements were unsuccessful. Making matters worse, the quipus reveals that the yagudo have developed magic-resistant armor, and that the yagudo army intends to storm Windurst. You and the mithra leave immediately to warn the troops at Fort Karugo-Narugo, while Rachemace and his Elvaan compatriots lobby for reinforcements to be sent to Windurst.
Quest Summary: You accompany Altennia to Chateau d'Oraguille, where you learn she plans to march with San d'Oria's army to the allied stronghold of Garliage Citadel -- an extremely dangerous mission from which she doesn't expect to return. She asks you to look after the Young Griffons, if she were to perish in battle. You agree. Altennia also warns you to keep an eye on Darrvyle of the Temple Knights; she suspects he may be up to something bad.

Upon returning to the Young Griffons' lair, you learn that Excenmille and Rholont have headed to Vunkerl Inlet in search of a gigas. You track them down in Vunkerl, where you find Excenmille locked in a fishing contest with the gigas. The gigas slips and falls, hurting himself; you are sent to retrieve an herb that will heal the gigas' wounds. You find the herb and help the gigas, and all of you return to San d'Oria.
A Manifest Problem Wrath of the Griffon BASTOKXXX
Quest Summary: Upon arriving at Fort Karugo-Narugo, you learn the Mithran Mercenaries have been ordered by a different Warlock commander to support Robel-Akbel at Castle Oztroja -- leaving only a group of tarutaru mages to protect the fort from yagudo donning magic resistant armor! You rush to Castle Oztroja, where you find Robel-Akbel, his guard and the mithran mercenaries. The castle is oddly empty; Robel-Akbel concludes that the yagudo, led by Tzee Xicu the Manifest, must be launching a full-scale assault on Windurst. The Windurstian forces return to Fort Karugo-Narugo and prepare for battle, while some messengers are sent back to the Federation to warn of an impending attack. Suddenly, the yagudo army appears at the fort and a massive battle ensues; the magic attacks of the tarutaru are useless because of the yagudos' magic-resistant armor. With the outcome of the battle in doubt, the day is saved by the sudden arrival of San d'Orian reinforcements. The yagudo are defeated, and the fort is saved.

However, Robel-Akbel suspects a larger yagudo force is moving toward Windurst through underground caves. You enter the caves through a door deep in Fort Karugo-Narugo, and you attack the yagudo force from behind. By the time the yagudo reach Windurst, their forces have been weakened considerably. Not even Tzee Xicu the Manifest can win this battle; he orders his army to retreat. Windurst has been saved!

With the enemy gone, the mithran mercenaries turn their attention toward Lehko Habhoka, the male mithra and military advisor to Robel-Akbel. Lehko ignores their numerous advances, retiring with Robel-Akbel for another military meeting.
Quest Summary: You meet the Young Griffons in their hideout in San d'Oria to learn startling news. Through linkshells embedded in the plumes d'or you gave to the elders earlier, the Young Griffons have learned that Altennia's regiment was attacked as it moved through Jugner Forest. Suddenly, the linkpearl comes to life, and you hear the voice of Temple Knight Darvylle -- along with the voices of an orc and a demon! The orc is Zogbog, and the demon is named Count Bifrons. Listening in on their conversation, you learn Darvylle is a spy for the beastmen; you also learn the orcs are holding Altennia captive. The last thing you hear is Darvylle, telling Zogbog that Altennia must be killed to hide his identity as a spy.

You, Rholont and Excenmille immediately head out to Jugner Forest to rescue Altennia. Meanwhile, the other Young Griffons leave to find the elders, to confess to the plumes d'or linkshells and alert them of the situation in Jugner.

You're trekking through Jugner Forest with Rahal and Excenmille when you stumble upon the orcs and Altennia. Hiding in the bushes, you can see several orcs -- including a large, dark orcish General named Buchzvotch -- in addition to Zogbog, Darvylle and Altennia. Darvylle is about to stab Altennia, when Excenmille rushes out from the brush, leaps through the air and kicks Darvylle in the head, knocking him into a ravine. Rahal and Excenmille fight Zogbog and his henchmen orcs while you go to battle with the mighty Buchzvotch. When the dust settles, Buchzvotch is dead, as are the orcish henchmen. Zogbog vows to get revenge, then flees into the forest. You barely have time to check on Altennia when your group is forced to hide in the brush; moving past is a large regiment of orcs, led by generals Doggvdegg and Bakgodek. General Doggvdegg is the orcish general who is notorious for attacking San d'Oria. Excenmille watches Doggvdegg with stone cold eyes, but he does not attack. After the orcs pass, the elder San d'Orian forces arrive. They find Darvylle in the ravine and arrest him. Altennia and the Young Griffons are escorted back to the Kingdom.

Upon returning to San d'Oria, you are thanked again for helping to save Altennia. Excenmille then shocks everyone by asking his father to join the ranks of the Kingdom's military, and to march in the next expedition. Excenmille's father agrees, and suddenly the boy has entered into manhood.
When One Man is Not Enough Perils of the Griffon BASTOKXXX
Quest Summary: The presence of Lehko Habhoka, the male mithra and advisor to the Warlock Warlord, has caused quite a stir among the mithra mercenaries -- and not in a good way. You walk into Windurst Waters (S) just in time to see the lovesick mithras chase him out of town. Then, the crazed mithras turn on each other! You are sent out to West Sarutabaruta (S) to find Lehko Habhoka.

You find Lehko Habhoka atop a magical tower, where the Sin Hunter called Shikaree G is talking to him. The Sin Hunter tells Lehko that she killed him back in the Mithran homeland, and she wants to know how he could possibly still be alive. She also mentions that she's looking for a "sinner and her child." Lehko tells the Sin Hunter that she doesn't need to hunt him; that as soon as the Crystal War is over, he will hand himself over to her.

After the Sin Hunter leaves, Lehko calls you forth from your hiding place and requests some food. After you bring him some fish, the two of you go for a stroll around Sarutabaruta and talk about the ongoing conflicts. Finally, you're interrupted by a tarutaru messenger who calls you back to Windurst for an emergency meeting at Heavens Tower.
Quest Summary: The Young Griffins gather in their lair for their regularly scheduled meeting, but Excenmille doesn't show up. Eventually -- and to the dismay of Rholont -- Excenmille arrives late. He tells the curious Young Griffins about the battles he experienced on the recent expedition. Jaded by the horrors of war, Excenmille declares that the Young Griffins are to be disbanded immediately. Shocked, Rholont tells Excenmille he is no less arrogant and misguided than the self-centered elders who ruin the kingdom. Excenmille shoves Rholont, and Rholont punches him in the face, knocking him down. Excenmille gets up, repeats that the Young Griffins are no more, then leaves. Moments later, Altennia arrives and says the citizens of San d'Oria are gathering to say goodbye to the Knights of the Cardinal Stag -- Excenmille's group -- who are being dispatched to Tavnazia. You go with Altennia, but the other Young Griffins vote to ignore the event.

At the Victory Gate, you and Altennia talk to Excenmille before he departs. Excenmille worries that he'd made a mistake by disbanding the Young Griffons, saying he only meant to protect his friends from harm. After saying his goodbyes, Excenmille climbs on his chocobo and rides away with the knights. He doesn't see Rholont, who is watching from behind a tree.

Back at the Young Griffins' hideout, Sir Rongelouts N Distaud arrives and demands that the boys hand over their refurbished orcish warmachine, which has long been a fixture of their lair. The Young Griffins hatch a plan to recover an old warmachine from Jugner Forest and give that to Rongelouts N Distaud instead.

You head to Jugner to recover a warmachine body, and when you find one, you drag it back to San d'Oria (S). The Young Griffins repair the machine's exterior to make it look new, but immediately after they finish Rongelouts N Distaud and his assistant, Vailanice, approach. The boys flee, forgetting that Bistillot is still in the refurbished warmachine. Bistillot eavesdrops on Rongelouts and Vailanice, learning that the Knights of the Iron Ram are about to leave for an operation at Garlaige Citadel (S). Upon learning this, Rholont proposes that the Young Knights head there as well. Then, Rholont issues a bold proclamation -- he agrees the Young Griffins should be disbanded. However, he then proposes that the group reunite under the banner of the Swiftwing Griffins. The young knights approve of the change, and they name Rholont as their new captain.
A Feast for Gnats In a Haze of Glory BASTOKXXX
Quest Summary: Upon returning in Windurst, you accompany Lehko Habhoka and Romaa Mihgo of the Cobra Unit to Heavens Tower, where Robel-Akbel is waiting. Also at the meeting is another mithra mercenary group from the mithran homeland. Your orders are to engage the beastmen in Sauromugue Champaign (S), in hopes of clearing the path for reinforcement troops heading to Jeuno.

The mithra mercenaries gather in Sauromugue Champaign (S), and eventually a force of quadav and gigas approach. The mithra -- not expecting the mighty gigas to be there -- attack. Before the battle can turn against the mithra, the iconic taru Shantotto appears and begins laying waste to the enemy forces. With the battle raging, you and the Cobra Mercenaries raid a mine shaft where the enemy forces are regrouping. After defeating those enemies, the battle is declared to be won. You accompany the Windurstian forces back to the Federation, while Shantotto goes her separate way.
Quest Summary: By the time you arrive at Garlaige Citadel, the young Swiftwing Griffins are already there -- they've been assigned to cleaning duty. You're chatting with Sir Vailanice of the Iron Rams when suddenly a soldier bursts into the room, claiming that everyone in the kitchen is dead. Vailanice leaves to investigate the kitchen area, and you and the Swiftwing Griffins follow him. Near the kitchen, you encounter a room full of dead San d'Orian soldiers, with a figure slumped among them; it is the knight Thianond, and he is dead. Vailanice approaches from down the corridor, shouting that the Citadel is under attack by goblins using poisonous gas. He orders the Swiftwing Griffins to return to the upper level of the Citadel, and he asks another soldier to retrieve medicine from a storeroom. Then, Vailanice asks you to accompany him deeper into the citadel to investigate an orcish warmachine that was recently recovered from a battlefield.

Once down below, Vailanice's worst suspicions are confirmed -- the old warmachine is filled with goblins and orcs! Zogbog is among them, and you overhear his plans to release more poisonous gas into the citadel. Before you can make a quiet retreat to warn the others up above, Rahal comes wondering through the darkness, shouting out Vailanice's name. The orcs and goblins hear him, and they discover you and Vailanice. Rahal runs away to find reinforcements, while you and Vailanice engage the orcs, goblins and Zogbog in battle. Reinforcements arrive, and the battle is won by the San d'Orian soldiers. Zogbog, who is stunned by his defeat, warps away to safety. Sir Vailanice, meanwhile, has breathed in too much poisonous gas. He slumps against the rock wall and dies.

Back in Southern San d'Oria, the Swiftwing Griffins receive permission from Sir Rongelouts N Distaud to participate in military drills with the Iron Rams. Then, Rahal takes you aside and asks if you've been to Tavnazia. He silences you before you can answer; then he says he misses Excenmille, and he regrets the way they parted.

Meanwhile in Valkurm Dunes, Excenmille is riding with the Knights of the Cardinal Stag when he stops and looks behind him. His superior urges him to push onward; the former Young Griffon takes one last look behind him, then continues on with the knights.
Quest Summary: Back in Windurst Waters (S), you are called with the mercenaries and warlocks to another meeting at Heavens Tower. Robel-Akbel announces that the Allied Forces of Altana will be mobilizing in San d'Oria to march to the frozen northlands. There, the allied forces will storm Castle Zvahl. A contingent of mercenaries is instructed to stay behind to guard the Federation from attack.

Once in San d'Oria, the forces of Altana mobilize and prepare to depart. At the final moment, Robel-Akbel receives an urgent message from Shantotto, who is with the Windurstian scouts in the northlands. She says a beastmen army number more than 10,000 strong is heading toward Windurst. Robel Akbel sends you and the Cobra Unit back to Fort Karugo-Narugo to head off this massive force. To aid Windurst's forces in the upcoming battle, you obtain explosives and materials from a secret arsenal in Jugner Forest, then you travel to present-day Bastok to craft them into powerful weapons that can destroy the beastmen's magic-resistant armor.

When you arrive at Fort Karugo-Narugo, you have just enough time to distribute the explosives and beastbane bullets before the enemy forces arrive. Ahrimen carrying demons attack from the skies, and an army of Yagudo approach from outside the walls. The battle begins, with the Windurstian forces scrambling to protect the fort's magical spires, which maintain a protective barrier over the Federation of Windurst. You, Tihl Midurhi and Mihl Pakorhma are heading to guard a spire when you're ambushed by a demon. Tihl tells you she'll hold off the enemy while you and Mihl get to the spire. After you leave, Tihl is injured in battle, and the enemy begins to overwhelm her. She arms herself with explosives and leaps headlong into her foes...

You successfully defend your spire from an attack by demons, and the Windurstian forces successfully repel the invaders -- but at a tremendous cost. Tihl was killed in battle, and enough magical spires were damaged to destroy the protective barrier over Windurst. Lehko Habhoka steps away from the others to collect his thoughts, and the avatar Carbuncle appears before him. Carbuncle says the time has come to do what must be done, and Lehko understands. You and the others leave for Windurst to prepare to defend the city.
Quest Summary: Back in Windurst, Lehko Habhoka leads you to the top of Heavens Tower, where you meet with the Star Sybil. The Star Sybil takes you through a secret portal leading to the secret laboratory of Karaha-Baruha. In present-day Vana'diel, Karaha-Baruha is known as the savior of Windurst; during the Crystal War, he summoned Fenrir to destroy the yagudo army, but he disappeared after the summoning. Now, in the past, Karaha-Baruha announces his plan to call forth the mighty beast. Against the Star Sybil's wishes, you're sent away to find the three fragments of the Gleipnir, the magical item used in the summoning of Fenrir. You find one fragment in Inner Horutoto Ruins, another in Witchfire Glen and another in Castle Oztroja (S). Then you return to Windurst Waters (S) and hand over the Gleipnnir so Karaha-Baruha can resume his research.Quest Summary: XXXXXXXXXXXXXQuest Summary: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Sins of the Mothers SANDYXXX BASTOKXXX
Quest Summary: You are called to Heavens Tower, where Lehko-Habhoka asks you to travel to Fort Karugo-Narugo and escort two very important travelers to Windurst. You head to the fort, where you find Nhev Befrathi, a mithra were her young daughter. After winning the mithra's trust, she agrees to follow you back to Windurst. You travel to the capital through underground caves to avoid the eyes of the enemy, and then the three of you seek an audience with Lehko Habhoka. It is there the truth of Nhev Befrathi's travel is revealed; she is carrying the Bow of Light, a weapon forged from a powerful stone found buried in the northlands years before. You learn about the mithra who crafted the powerful bow, and how she was hunted by the Mithran Trackers for all the mayhem the weapon caused. The mithra who made the bow was eventually killed by a monster, but Nhev Befrathi -- the chieftainess of the mithran homeland when the bow was created -- has been hunted like a fugitive ever since. Nhev Befrathi gives the Bow of Light to Lehko, and then she and her daughter leave for Jeuno, where they hope to find a better, more peaceful life. Right after they leave, the Mithran tracker Shikaree G arrives in town, hot on their trail.Quest Summary: XXXXXXXXXXXXXQuest Summary: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Howl from the Heavens SANDYXXX BASTOKXXX
Quest Summary: The battle of Windurst is about to begin. In a military meeting inside Heavens Tower, Robel-Akbel says two beastmen battalions -- yagudo and kindred troops -- are heading toward the Federation. You will be with the Cobra Unit Mercenaries outside Odin's Gate, ready to meet the enemy's initial charge. Suddenly, the meeting is interrupted by the news that Karaha-Baruha has emerged from his laboratory. The legendary taru minister enters Heavens Tower, and informs Robel-Akbel he has finished his research. After Karaha-Baruha leaves, Robel-Akbel has one last errand for you -- to travel back to your time to retrieve shards of magicite.

You retrieve the magicite, then return to the past and meet Robel-Akbel inside Heavens Tower. He thanks you for being such a loyal servant, and then reveals to you his deepest secret -- the Robel-Akbel you know is actually Karaha-Baruha from a parallel reality. Like you, this Karaha-Baruha is from the future; but in his reality, the Allied Forces of Altana never won the Crystal War, and the Federation of Windurst -- and the Star Sybil -- was destroyed. Karaha-Baruha loved the Star Sybil, and he never could forgive himself for failing to save the Federation. When the chance came to come back in time and set things right, he did not hesitate to take it. He knew the Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel died in the beastmen's first invasion of Windurst, so it was easy for him to time his return to assume Robel-Akbel's identity. Robel-Akbel doesn't tell you exactly who he is, but he doesn't need to say it -- from his desire to save Windurst to his feelings for the Star Sybil, his true identity is obvious.

At that moment, the minister Karaha-Baruha enters the chamber, and he says he is ready to summon the beast Fenrir. He also tells Robel-Akbel that he has learned the secret of his true identity. Robel-Akbel removes his bandages, revealing himself to Karaha-Baruha, and says he will help him with his summoning, to make sure nothing goes wrong this time. Then the Star Sybil enters the chamber -- she does not see Robel-Akbel's face -- and the Warlock Warlord leaves so she can be alone with Karaha-Baruha. Karaha-Baruha tells the Star Sybil that summoning Fenrir is the Federation's only hope for survival; after an emotional discussion, the Star Sybil begs Karaha-Baruha to save their beloved Windurst. He promises to defend it with his life, and the two legendary tarus lock in a tearful embrace.Meanwhile, the soldiers of Windurst are preparing for battle -- even the young Ajido-Marujido has joined the ranks of the warlocks. You join the Cobra Unit outside and wait for the enemy to approach.

The enemy is upon you in no time. You and the Cobras fight off the first wave of mobs, but the fight draws out into the night. The second wave is approaching the city when Karaha-Baruha and Robel-Akbel appear atop Odin's gate. The two tarus then do the unimagionable; together, they summon the mighty Fenrir. Fenrir agrees to honor his age-old pact to defend Windurst, and he decimates the entire beastman army in an epic display of carnage. Then, the mighty beast sets his sights on the Federation. Robel-Akbel and Karaha-Baruha cannot contain the beast, and they are absorbed into Fenrir. The remaining Yagudo retreat to Castle Oztroja.

After the battle, Lehko Habhoka announces that the Windurstian army will take the battle to the beastmen. His plan is to invade Castle Oztroja immediately. Shikaree G appears and tells Lehko Habhoka that the mithra and her daughter who had passed through Windurst were captured by the retreating beastmen. Lehko, now determined to rescue his friends, tells you of his ultimate goal -- to erase Robel-Akbel from existence, as well as the dark future he came from. With everything seeming to hang in the balance, you rest up in preparation for the battle ahead.
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