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Yagudo Samurai
Yagudo Samurai
An apostate fallen from Altana's grace; religious zealots who seek to eliminate heresy.

The self-proclaimed conquerors of the Mindartia continent, the Yagudo created and abide by a Theomilitary system based on their ancient religion. Due to the ties to their religion, these birdlike beastmen often have names taken from theological origins.

The Yagudo are a race of beastmen enveloped in their fanatic devotion to the living manifestation of their god. Their parish is spread wide across the Mindartia continent. They have repeatedly been at odds with the Federation of Windurst, but are currently bound by a peace treaty. A large number of Yagudo study the traditional martial arts of the East.

Yagudo Dwellings

If you look at places like Giddeus, you'll see steep cliffs cut out of rock and mountain-sides. There are also many towers scattered about, which are small temples. But, how do they use these tall constructs? Well, although they bear a resemblance to birds, Yagudo are unable to fly. However, they have the ability to walk upright, and can utilize the lifting power of their wings to leap high into the air. They can also jump down from fairly high places. Therefore, trained monks can easily go back and forth from their quarters to meditate. By the way, when the Yagudo have prisoners, a building can be used as a jail cell. Naturally, human races have no chance of escape.

Typical Yagudo Dwellings
Typical Yagudo Dwellings

Common Yagudo

Red Mask Wear There is incense in the tip of the red mask, which aids the magic user in focusing their mind and spirit. Around there neck they tie a rope, called a Quipus, that can be used for communication.

White Mask Wear This was the old style mask worn by sorcerers of the martyrdom. The white mask represents bone, they don dead skin as leather, and even bleach their feathers. Their entire body is meant to appear like a corpse.

Devotee Wear The entire body of the Yagudo is covered in feathers, so they are unable to equip much armor outside of footwear. This is because it would hamper their ability to move quickly and remain agile. The prayer beads they wear are made of copper and display their devotion to the Manifest. They must remember to worship five times each day, so they are quite useful to have.

Yagudo Heroes

Tzee Xicu the Manifest
Tzee Xicu the Manifest

The Divine Punishers are an unshakably devout assassination order of six holy Yagudo. They always fight together, and they are sure to kill their target. They draw the mark of god on the faces of those they punish as atonement for their sins.

The Yagudo Theomilitary

In the Yagudo Theomilitary, it's not uncommon for priests, monks and the general populace to be mixed in amongst hardened soldiers. This makes it difficult to get the full picture of their army's setup, and even now there is only a rough idea regarding the formation of their military.

Oztroja Paradigms As the core of the Theomilitary, the Paradigms are not just soldiers, but include countless priests and monks. With Castle Oztroja as their base of operations, it seems they are spread out across the Yagudo parish, helping to protect their brethren and maintain order. In times of war, they are known to admit citizens into their ranks through forced conscription, more than doubling their strength as an army.

Zvahl Martyrs This elite order was hand-picked by demand of the Shadow Lord to protect Castle Zvahl. As martyrs, they were sent off with a magnificent funeral service. As expected, they fought viciously down to the last man, bringing pain and torment to the human Alliance. Recently, however, this group though to have been destroyed is forming once again. This has been confirmed with the sighting of countless new tombstones, all bearing the same year of death.

Divine Inspirers A Yagudo band that is dispatched to the battlefield in order to inspire courage and raise the army's fighting spirit. A common theory is that Yagudo citizens and soldiers are prepped for battle through hypnosis, and the band's particular rhythm awakens this savagery that is programmed into them, but we still can't say for sure.

Harbingers An armed group of semi-official pioneers sent to cultivate new lands (and in many cases, enemy lands.) Although they are tied to a peace treaty with Windurst, there are still some skirmishes between the two factions. Their largest settlement to date is the well-known city of Giddeus.

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

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