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Campaign arbiters distribute allied tags for campaign battles, as well as temporary items, teleportation services and battle information. A campaign arbiter can be found in each past nation's capitol and in each zone that hosts campaign battles.

Campaign Arbiter Locations

The names of campaign arbiters stationed at fortifications will change based on which nation has control of that region. The arbiters also change if beastmen control the region. The location of the C.A. changes if beastmen control the region.

ZoneC.A. location under allied controlC.A. location under beastmen control
Windurst Waters {S}F-5H-9
Southern San d'Oria {S}L-9H-9
Bastok Markets {S}G-4H-8
West Sarutabaruta {S}H-6H-7
East Ronfaure {S}H-8H-9
North Gustaberg {S}F-5H-9
Vunkerl Inlet {S}G-10H-10
Grauberg {S}I-8I-9
Fort Karugo-Narugo {S}H-8I-9
Meriphataud Mountains {S}E-5D-4
Jugner Forest {S}I-8I-8
Pashhow Marshlands {S}K-6K-4
Batallia Downs {S}G-4H-8
The Eldieme Necropolis {S}J-8I-8
Sauromugue Champaign {S}H-7H-8
Garlaige Citadel {S}I-6I-8 on first map
Rolanberry Fields {S}J-7I-7
Crawlers' Nest {S}K-8I-10
Beadeaux {S}N/AE-7
Castle Oztroja {S}N/AF-8 on first map
La Vaule {S}J-7J-6

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