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The following are transcripts and videos for the quest The Lost Book.

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The Rhinostery Part 1

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Gevarg at (F-5) in Windurst Waters (S). Select the cutscene "The Lost Book(pt.1).

Yoran-Oran : Dear-ethy me, whatever will I do...
Yoran-Oran : yes? Is there-ethy something I can do for you? I'm Yoran-Oran, Minister of the Rhinostery.
Yoran-Oran : What? You want to know-ethy what's troubling me?
Yoran-Oran : Actually-ethy, I had borrowed a leather-bound book from the Library of Magic...but I lost it.
Yoran-Oran : The truth is, it was stolen-ethy from me by the Yagudo when I went to investigate lycopodium flowers in West Sarutabaruta.
Yoran-Oran : It was very-ethy careless and un-ministerly of me to let the Yagudo run off with the book like that. If word gets out, I fear my reputation-ethy will be tarnished irreparably.
Yoran-Oran : The Optistery, the Ministry that runs the Library of Magic, has sent me a rather unkind letter requesting the immediate return-ethy of the book...
Yoran-Oran : Aaargh! They'll cry for my hide-ethy when they find out what happened!
Yoran-Oran : I'm willing to wager the book was taken-ethy to Giddeus, where the Yagudo reside.
Yoran-Oran : But with all their temples and scared grounds located there-ethy, we can't just go strolling in...
Yoran-Oran : If we try, they'll be infuriated...so much so that they may even go so far-ethy as to send their hordes against Windurst!
Yoran-Oran : Trying to devise a peaceful solution-ethy has given me a throbbing headache...
Yoran-Oran : But... I can't help but wonder-ethy why they were after that particular book. I've seen many a strange thing-ethy in my life, but a book-loving Yagudo???

You examine the door again.

Yoran-Oran : I'm willing to wager-ethy the Yagudo took the book to Giddeus, but we can't just go strolling in.
Yoran-Oran : This is a predicament for the ages! There has to be a peaceful way to get the book back-ethy...

Talking to Quu Bokye in Giddeus

Quu Bokye: Ack-ack-ack! Why smoothskin here? Squawk? You are searching for leather-bound book?

Quu Bokye: I am having that book. You are giving me mythril beastcoin, and I give book.

Trading the mythril beastcoin

Quu Bokye: Ack-ack-ack! Mythril beastcoin! Here, you are taking book.

Quu Bokye: Strange smoothskin wanting old book. Ack-ack-ack!

Kainase obtains a key item: Leather-bound book

Returning to the Rhinostery

Yoran-Oran: Goodness gracious me-ethy! This is the leather-bound book I was trying to recover! And all this time-ethy I;d thought it lost somewhere in Giddeus.

Yoran-Oran: What a relief--I mean, eek! How on Vana'diel did it get-ethy into such a raggedy state?

Yoran-Oran: Curse the Yagudo, and curse their lack of respect-ethy for literature! The book needs to be repaired...

Yoran-Oran: Tosuka-Porika at the Optistery will be the best Tarutaru to consult-ethy with.

Yoran-Oran: He'll give me several pieces of his mind for returning the book late-ethy... and in tatters, but there's no one else to turn to.

Yoran-Oran: I've got it! Why don't you come with me and share the blame-ethy?


Tosuka-Porika: Hrmmm? Who is it? This is the Optistery, you can't just come barging in--oh, it's you, Yoran-Oran.

Yoran-Oran: My dear Tosuka-Porika, it has been to long-ethy! When was the last time we sat down together for a nice steaming cup of Windurstian tea? I came here to see when you were next free... and uh, also to return this book-ethy.

Tosuka-Porika: Hrrrm! I don't recall the Library of magic lending out half-decayed books! Explain yourself!

Yoran-Oran: I-it wasn't my fault! The cursed Yagudo are to blame-ethy!

Tosuka-Porika: The Yagudo, you say?Hmph. What's done is done. The book, though, needs to be repaired, and I expect all expenditure to be borne by the Rhinostery.

Yoran-Oran: Ugh... ethy.

Tosuka-Porika: Hrm... Are you certain this was the Yagudo's handiwork? Didn't you just spill a beaker of some bogus remedy the Rhinostery concocted?

Yoran-Oran: Of course not! Believe me when I say it's not my fault-ethy!

Tosuka-Porika: If you say so... But to make the repairs, we'll be needing a lynx pelt, and a sheet of vellum.

Yoran-Oran: I know what sheets of vellum are, but lynx pelts...?

Tosuka-Porika: Lynx are beasts kept by the Yagudo, so I expect the birdmen to have lynx pelts in their possession. You'll have to go and "negotiate" yourself one.

Yoran-Oran: Wh-what am I supposed to do? March-ethy up to a Yagudo and say, "I'll have a cherry muffin... Oh, and a lynx pelt too, please." That's lunacy-ethy!

Tosuka-Porika: Hrmmm... Hey, you there. You work for the Rhinostery, right? Life sure is tough when your own minster's a dud, huh?

Yoran-Oran: Enough-ethy with the insults!

Tosuka-Porika: I hate to involve a third party, but I need you to go and procure the items. It's unfair, but it always falls upon the underling to mop up his boss's mess.

Yoran-Oran: P-please! You must help-ethy me!

Optistery (if clicked on again)

Tosuka-Porika: Bring me a lynx pelt, and a sheet of vellum so you can help out that hopeless boss of yours.

Tosuka-Porika: You should be able to find a lynx pelt at Castle Oztroja.

Trading the vellum to the Optistery with the pelt

Tosuka-Porika: Hrmmmmmmm... Yes, yes these will do. These will do just fine.

Tosuka-Porika: Now I can finally repair the book.

Yoran-Oran: Phew... Thank you for saving my hide-ethy!

Yoran-Oran: I'm glad it's over. Tosuka-Porika should be able to return the book to its original state-ethy in no time.

Returning to the Optistery

Tosuka-Porika: Hrrrm! There! It's back in perfectly pristine condition!

Tosuka-Porika: I also took the liberty of repairing the leaf of paper wedged inside the book.

Yoran-Oran: A leaf-ethy of paper? Oh, you mean the one I was using as a bookmark? I don't really need it though...

Yoran-Oran: Hey, why don't you keep it? Think of it it as a small reward-ethy for your help.

Yoran-Oran: All's well that ends well-ethy. Thank you for saving my hide-ethy.

Kainase obtains a Scroll of Retrace!

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