Fenrir's Crown  

Fenrir's Crown
[Head] All RacesLv.70 SMN
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Crappy drop rate
# Jan 06 2010 at 8:54 AM Rating: Decent
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Best gear?

Please, i could solo this crap naked >.>

Shiva > Astral flow 2 save mp and spam Rush.

Blizzard does a wooping 50 and para rarely sticks.

or alternatively just use Fenrir and you wont even need 2 2hr just be careful on how close u r, u shouldnt even need stoneskin or blink because you shdnt be getting hit.
Crappy drop rate
# Jan 03 2010 at 12:41 PM Rating: Decent
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First off to make people understand, a 75SMN can solo this but it requires the best endgame stuff (YYR, AF 2 set, Bahamut's Staff/ Fay Cro.) simple because you just run out of MP if you dont have all the -prep. Cost stuff. I personally use HQ elemental Staffs and thats about all the good gear I have for SMN. It's a hard fight. Shiva or Ifrit is your best bet for this fight since they take little damage from the constant Blizzard IV and BlizzagaIII he likes to spam. Also has a lovely Paralyga spell and 100% Enparalye effect with his attacks.
The good old Kiting method with this NM is pure luck really. Summoning Shiva/ Ifrit then getting carbuncle out to save MP til next BP is pure luck to stay alive. Not only does carby not get hate that well, second he's paralyzed b4 you can even get out of the Hate radius for him to focus on Carby.
His Blizzard IV spell does around 700-1000 dmg w/o Barblizzra, 500-800 with barblizzra and stoneskin on. Blink is hard to keep up with paralyga flying around so I dont bother.
His Blizzaga III is what hurts the most. Not only does he have a huge casting radius he seems to have 100% Spell Interuption Down as well.
Blizzaga II dmg does 900-1100 dmg with no barblizzra, 800-1000 with it on and stone skin too.
So pretty much 1 hit and you are toast

Thats about all, good luck with this NM. Me(75SMN) and 75THF friend are 0/6 to date with is crappy 6.2% drop rate.
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