Spell details for Blink  

Jobs/Level:Rune Fencer, lvl 35
Red Mage, lvl 23
Scholar, lvl 29
White Mage, lvl 19
MP cost:20
Scroll:Scroll of Blink
Duration:5 minutes
Reuse:10 Seconds
Cast time:6 seconds
Target Type:Self
Description:Creates shadow images that each absorb a single attack directed at you.

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just wondering
# Jun 26 2006 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
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just wondering, but, are there any specific points in lvliing or enhancing skill that increases the mount of shadows?
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2 or 3 shadows?
# Jun 01 2006 at 9:13 PM Rating: Decent
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Yea i noticed when i got it it would say "Rikers shadow absorbs the blow" or w/e and than my blink icon would go away. Recently i uysed it a few levels later and it said "1 of rikers shadows absorbed the blow", i looked up and it was still there.... and a bit after that it was 1 again i beleive, so i think it may be kinda random...
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# Oct 03 2005 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
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do the blink spell, ninja spell and garuda spell stack with each other?
RE: question
# Nov 19 2005 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
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They do not. But that's a good thing really. Some things in the game would be just way too easy if they did.
Why Use?
# Jan 29 2005 at 10:44 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
I stepped onto boat deck (Selbina - Mharu) and took 453 pnts damage from a sea horror. I had 352 total points (lvl 22 elvan RDM). Might have saved me, and I don't think even Cure III gives 453 health points back.
P.S. I tend to solo a lot, so I cast my enhancers then rest until the fight (if it is decent to tough). The only thing that has ever worn off in a fight this way is my sword enhancers (enfire, enthunder, etc).

Edited, Sat Jan 29 10:46:58 2005
where to buy
# Jan 29 2005 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
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You can buy it at Windy Magic shop(port) or Bastok, or the AH. It will be about 1500 gil cheaper at Windy or Bastok magic shop then the AH.
# Jul 16 2004 at 3:59 AM Rating: Default
does this stack with Garudas Aerial Armor?
# Jun 28 2004 at 10:58 PM Rating: Decent
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Two things:

Blink absorbs two damaging actions directed at you. But not the NEXT TWO, it just absorbs two, kinda randomly. Like the Ninja's Blink, it seems to make all ranged attacks miss. Goblin Ambushers can't seem to hit a ninja at all when they have Utsemi: Ichi on, and those ranged attacks don't seem to take away any shadow images.

The Spell BLINK IS a self only spell, but Summoners, at the right lvl, can have spells like Blinkga and Enthunderga cast on their party by Garuda and Ramuh respectively.
EDIT: Also Shiva has Ice Spikega.

Edited, Tue Jun 29 00:08:19 2004
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RE: Details
# Nov 14 2004 at 6:54 PM Rating: Default
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Just a quick correction..

a Ninja's shadows do not make all ranged attacks directed against them miss. In fact, many ninja's consiter it a glitch that ranged attacks by-pass shadows entirely. The reason ninja's don't get hit by ranged attacks that much is that they have high evasion, and ranged a goblin ambusher's ranged attacks are inaccurate
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Increased shadows?
# Jun 24 2004 at 11:47 AM Rating: Good
198 posts
Blink creates a shadow image that absorbs damage and disappears.

When I first got this spell, it absorbed one attack. After I raised my Enhancing skill a bit, I noticed that I had two attacks absorbed before Blink disappeared. After leveling and raising Enhancing some more, I think at one point my Blink lasted for three attacks.

Is this a change? It appears to me that my shadows are increasing with my Enhancing skill. Has anyone else noticed this?
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RE: Increased shadows?
# Oct 07 2005 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
169 posts
I have noticed the same thing. Recently my Blink absorbed three hits, instead of the usual 2.

Anyone else noticed this?
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# May 21 2004 at 12:56 AM Rating: Decent
581 posts
Does anyone know if the Blink spell stacks?
IE: does casting it multiple times creates more and more shadow images?
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RE: stack?
# Jun 30 2004 at 2:05 PM Rating: Decent
179 posts
# Mar 21 2004 at 1:19 PM Rating: Excellent
59 posts
Its worth while because say you get hate because you are using your cures, and bam you don't get hit cuz of the shadow image. you may say well woopty do i can just heal myself, well some mobs can hit you for more than the 90 dmg that cureII heals
and cure II costs 24 mana, this costs 20 and can blokc multiple hits aka like 250+ dmg worth of hits or more. Now it also costs less to get this spell than to buy the best armor possible simply so that you dont' take as much dmg, but at higher lvl's trust me your gonna be glad you can use this ^_^
Plus when a RDM gets this it allows them to be used even better cuz you don't want them to die when they get convert ^_^

Edited, Sun Mar 21 13:18:39 2004
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RE: convincing
# May 03 2004 at 11:11 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Ahhh. But convert goes both ways...

I'm not saying that I won't buy the spell and use it every chance I get just like I did with protect 1 but a RDM that uses convert when he has 400HP/1MP before he uses it is just begging to die.
RE: convincing
# Mar 21 2004 at 4:01 PM Rating: Excellent
55 posts
I guess that's true enough. I just don't like the idea of it being worthwhile to my Red later on and not now. I'm impatient. ^.^ Thanks for the convincing.

Oh, and Fairy rules. ^.^'
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I don't get it...
# Mar 18 2004 at 2:51 AM Rating: Good
55 posts
It costs twenty mana, takes a bit to cast, and only absorbs two turns against you. Well... if you get hit, why couldn't that mana be used to heal? If you even get hit? I guess it'd be of great importance if you were to get a sour spell on you. But that's a fairly off-hand chance, especially since you probably can't get Blink off in time to resist.

Can someone help convince me I didn't just waste my gil, when I already have Cure and Cure II?
'Always tell truth. This will gratify some, and astonish the rest.'
-Mark Twain
RE: I don't get it...
# Jun 22 2004 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
Blink is great when your fighting higher level mobs.

I saw a Desert Dhalmel in Altepa hit a whm for 170 on a stomp. It was one of those times the mob was doing good damaged to the tank the whm was trying to keep up and the last heal before the provoke pulled agro. If he would have had blink up he would have not received any damage. The tank provoked right after but that one hit did a lot of damage.

I also saw a taru whm get one shotted. 200 something damage by a Giant Lobber who threw a rock at him after a heal. I'm not sure if blink stops ranged attacks but if it does it could have saved his life.

If nothing else, it lets you save those heals for the main tank rather then healing yourself.
Blink Effect
# Feb 16 2004 at 2:29 AM Rating: Default
Just like in the previous Final Fantasies, Blink absorbs two (or three) physical attacks by the enemy before wearing off. Excellent to cast on your main tank every now and then.
RE: Blink Effect
# Feb 17 2004 at 2:30 AM Rating: Decent
367 posts
Except this is SELF only.
RE: Blink Effect
# Jun 10 2005 at 6:04 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Unless you're a summoner, and then it affects the entire party.
RE: Blink Effect
# Feb 24 2004 at 10:45 AM Rating: Default
What's up with all the good spells being SELF only? Blaze Spikes and Enthunder would be excellent to cast on the tank.
# Feb 02 2004 at 9:30 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
ya, thats what it says...can anyone give any info on how this works in a positive manor of battle?
# Feb 01 2004 at 4:21 PM Rating: Default
it does not increase the chances to randomly evade damage. it allows you to randomly evade damage a set amount times and then disapates.
Drop off?
# Jan 31 2004 at 2:09 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Who drop this scroll?
Drop off?
# Jan 31 2004 at 2:09 PM Rating: Decent
15 posts
Who drop this scroll?
# Jan 09 2004 at 12:18 AM Rating: Default
I think it should say it is an Self-only spell cause it does get pretty confusing if you dont get that.
# Jan 08 2004 at 6:42 AM Rating: Default
Summoner with Garuda can cast group blink (Vacuum Armor).
work or not?
# Dec 23 2003 at 12:55 AM Rating: Decent
I found it works well against Gobs but it didn't work on Pugils when I was lvling in Valkrum Dunes
Why that is.
# Jan 03 2004 at 10:00 AM Rating: Default
I couldn't state for a fact because I have no proof, but a goblin gets wind of you by sight, while a pugil notices you by sound. Since the spell says "Shadow Images", it is reasonable to assume these images are silent and so do not confuse enemies who do not rely on sight.
Self only spell unless...
# Dec 16 2003 at 12:37 PM Rating: Default
Blink is a self only spell unless you're a summoner with Garuda, who can cast blink on every party member with a blood pact move.
Merchant sells this??
# Dec 15 2003 at 12:05 AM Rating: Decent
45 posts
Where can i buy this or what mob should i kill so it will drop?
nice spell
# Nov 26 2003 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
This is a very nice spell, will absorb on the 2 hits unlimited per hit, so it can keep you alive just that much longer.
self only ... 8(
# Nov 17 2003 at 4:16 PM Rating: Default
self only ...
I didn't realize this was self only when I picked this class which is really sad. In fact there have been a few spells that I was sad to see were self only.

Wish they had just been higher MP use and targettable.
# Nov 15 2003 at 11:43 PM Rating: Default
The description is incorrect. Blink absorbs two actions by the mob, whether it be attack or magic. It might not be the first two actions, but it absorbs that many before it goes away.

"Creates shadow images that each absorb a single attack directed at you." is the description given in the game.
RE: Description
# Nov 11 2005 at 11:13 PM Rating: Default
19 posts
The key word there is "each". It might make 1 shadow or 3 shadows, but they each absorb 1 attack.
# Nov 10 2003 at 2:10 AM Rating: Default
Blink is a self-only spell.
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