Atop the Highest Mountains (Limit Break 2)  

Start Area: Ru'Lude Gardens
Start NPC:Maat (H - 5)
Type:Limit Break
Prerequisites:In Defiant Challenge (Limit Break 1)
Related Areas:Xarcabard
Related Mobs:Boreal Coeurl
Boreal Hound
Boreal Tiger
Min Level:51
Max Level:55
Reward:Raises Level Cap to 60
(Average from 16 ratings)
Items Required:Round Fridgicite
Square Fridgicite
Triangular Fridgicite
Title Obtained:Summit Breaker
Last Updated: Tue Jun 22 11:43:38 2010

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Collect three stones of frigicite from fiend-infested caverns in the north. Bring them to Maat to further expand your innate limits.


Activate the quest with Maat in Ru'Lude Gardens. He asks you to retrieve three pieces of Fragicite from Xarcabard.

Once you have activated the quest, travel to Xarcabard. The Fragicite are found in caves at I-6, J-7, and G-10. Each piece of Frigicite is guarded by a NM that has sneak and invisible detect. Simply defeat the NM, and quickly run in and touch the ??? to receive the rewards (key items):

1. Boreal Tiger. The reward is a Round Frigicite. 2. Boreal Coeurl. The reward is a Square Frigicite. 3. Boreal Hound. The reward is a Triangle Frigicite. Be careful, because these NMs have incredibly fast respawn rates (around 15 seconds). You may want to ask the Dragoons in the group to dismiss their wyverns so that you can easily target the ??? using F8 (otherwise you will probably end up targetting wyverns with F8). You will need a large alliance for these, or if you'd rather have high-level help, you will probably still need a full party of high-level players. The monsters are incredibly tough. Once you have retrieved the three pieces of Frigicite, simply return to Maat to complete the quest.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the Limit Break quest series. The complete series includes:

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updated info for LB2
# Sep 12 2004 at 4:30 PM Rating: Good
18 posts
okay i have tried this myself, so i can confirm this..

you WILL get the key item, even if u did not help in defeating the NM
there was a full alliance heading to do LB2, i asked if i could go with them, just to try it, and if it didnt work, i would know the way, so i could form a alliance myself and do it a lil easier knowing the way and the monsters..
but surprisingly i could still obtain the key item..

we had a alliance 50-54 (plus me.. the 19th member LOL )

this quest was quite easy, only on the hound one person died, but we raised him in the middle of the combat and everyone obtained the key item without any problems after the first time we defeated each 3 NM's

so its kinda funny, you could just go sneak-invis behind an alliance, and make profit of their work to beat the NM's it was quite easy just walking behind them, and ocasionally throwing some cures to the alliance, the monsters AoE mostly didnt hit me cuz i wasnt even in the alliance :) all items gained, quest done, piece of cake

RE: updated info for LB2
# Sep 12 2004 at 4:32 PM Rating: Good
18 posts
this quest gives the title Summit Breaker
please update the page :)
Monk Deathness
# Sep 09 2004 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
409 posts
At the time of doing this I was a LV51 MNK/WAR, Heard a spam in Jeuno about doing it, figured I could get it over with early, so, I join in, we eveuntally get a full alliance going, everyone is between 52-55 besides me and maybe two other people, One of the people that had already done it was a LV52 Galka MNK/WAR (Sporting a pair of those red gloves(Ochiudo's Kote) I want so much...), We get up to Xarcabard eveuntally and figure we'd finish off the hound first, hearing that this is one of the hardest of the three.

So, I'm told to follow the Galka, I do so and he engages in a battle with one of the Ghost monsters up there, turn around, NONE of the alliance is following us (I later found that they were clearing elementals or something like that...), He tanks the ghost for awhile, ends up sleeping him and I end up dieing, get raised, already kinda fustrated (It died one hit after I died...), So, everyone rests up, takes out a dark elemental that aggros, then we go in, engage the hound, I figure with a 54 PLD(maybe higher/lower?) hate wouldn't be an issue, eveuntally I pull hate from all of this damage dealing and healing and such, me, the 51 gets the hate? Heh, and MNKs dont do damage(sarcasam..)...Well, I ended up dieing, getting raised, DIEING AGAIN from AOE, then it spawned again, I just ended up home pointing, didn't want to bother them with having to raise me, and, Overall I lost about 2000 exp... So really, not much fun, respawn times can get ugly, just make sure the leader can organize the party first...
-Rakirte on Kujata
Had a blast...
# Sep 09 2004 at 1:03 PM Rating: Decent
472 posts
I loved this. We had 18 54-55 and just destroyed anything that moved. The mobs are easy with a full alliance, probably can be done with a very good party of 55's. I am looking forward to helping some friends with these just to do it again.
Genkai 2
# Sep 06 2004 at 3:57 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
Just wanted to say this one was way easier then Genkai one, had an alliance of 17 ppl, hound was the toughest especially the 2nd time around too cause one person did not have a crystal and the other person didnt think to run back and grab the ???. We fought the coeurl 2nd and had a lvl 70 Japanese Pld help us out and even during the fight we got aggro from 2 gigas but the mages held their own and kept the melee who were on the coeurl alive. Fought the tiger last and he was pretty easy too even though it was just a long battle. One of the guys who had realized he did not activate the quest was left out, haha but all and all it was a fun quest and I got a pic and a few friends out of it.
Genkei 2
# Aug 05 2004 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
299 posts
Did this the other day, was much easiar than the first Genkei.

Originally we had 13 people, all L55 (except for me, I was 54) but one of the people didn't have the gate crystal, so we had to go without him. We formed 2 groups, we had only 2 mages (a WHM and myself, BLM) so we stuck our PLD, NIN, WAR and BRD in that group. The other group was DRK, RNG, RNG, RNG, MNK and I think another WAR.. not sure.

When went and killed the mobs, one by one. Nobody died, and everybody got the key items. After that I just Warp II'd everybody out, and that was it.

All in all took about 30-35 mins start to finish.

Some suggestions:

Require EVERYBODY has the gate crystal. Finding enough people to do Genkei 2 isn't hard, so you can afford to be picky. If anybody hasn't gotten the crystal by the time you're ready for Genkei 2, that says something about them...

Since you are teleporting, form up infront of Maat himself. You'll likely be standing infront of the quest giver, organizing things for at least 10-15 minutes, possibly more. Plenty of time for everybody to start the quest.

Once you are at the crystal, do not attempt to sneak/invis your way there. The mobs should check as EP, so they might aggro you... if you don't aggro first! Slaughter them all for TP, make sure nobody uses their WS. Honestly, if you're alliance cannot mow through the cannon fodder on the way there, then don't even bother fighting the NM.

Fighting the NM are pretty simple.

ALL mages are healers. No exceptions. Be ready to cure paralyze and curse.

Don't bother setting up SC, just have people go whenever.

Most debuffs aren't going to land, but debuffing WS probably will. If you've got TP build up on any G-Axe WAR, have them lead with Shield and Armro breaks.

Dispel would have been useful, if we had a RDM. Ice spikes suck with that many people. Make sure the RDM is very liberal with applying dispel.

After the fight, as already stated (but make sure everybody is clear on this before engaging the first NM) you have roughly 30-60 seconds before the mob respawns, so get in their, and get out fast!

All in all it was pretty fun. I did it with just 12 people, all of whom were 55 or less.
Quest Name
# Aug 04 2004 at 2:57 PM Rating: Decent
64 posts
The Quest name is "Atop the Highest Mountain", not "Climb the Highest Mountain"
Click on the damn ???!
# Jul 29 2004 at 10:40 AM Rating: Excellent
169 posts
Long but annoying story.

Logged on yesterday to get an invite from one of my buddies to do this quest. They had a 75 JP PLD and a 75 JP WHM to help us. But being the retards that was this group, they took their sweetass time and we lost the high level help. Three members also didn't have their gate crystals, so we had to wait on them. We had 1 WHM and only 2 other classes with voke. There was this 51PLD/25WHM there. Terps I think was the name. The guy had to have been 13. Wouldn't shut up talking when we were being told what to do. Kept flashing monsters and slowing us down. He even had <call5> in his TP macro. I was polite though and sent him /tells telling him nicely to stfu. He said he was just too excited. He was filling the chat window.

So we do the coeurl first. No problems, we kill it, run back and everyone gets the item safely.

We do the tiger next. Beginning of the fight we agro a dark elemental. The other BST and I sic our pets on it and continue to fight the tiger. Some smart RDM decides to nuke it and all hell breaks loose. The other PLD is screaming at Terps to Voke it, but he can't because, well he didn't sub war! So FINALLY the tiger goes down. Those who have done the quest continue to fight the elemental while the rest of us run down to get the item. We then run back and kill off the elemental. Our escorts life got down to 35 at one point. It was a close call around. We get ready to leave to fight the third and here comes Terps.

"Wait I didn't get the ???".


At that point people lost it. Some are like "We can fight it again." Others including myself were saying "***** the ******, let the rest of us finish the quest."

So after debating for about 10 minutes we start to head to the 3rd one. The WHOLE time we are heading to AND fighting the 3rd, he keeps spamming. "Are you going to help me? Are you going to help me?" We killed the Hound, about half of us told him to F off and left him there to rot.

The morale of this long story. CLICK ON THE DAMN ???!
RE: Click on the damn ???!
# Aug 01 2004 at 11:58 AM Rating: Excellent
194 posts
not too bad
# Jul 12 2004 at 2:19 PM Rating: Excellent
99 posts
With proper planning this quest isnt all that hard - and the reward for doing it well is a feeling of accomplishment at coordinating such a large venture.

I did it in a 18 person alliance (half of it from my linkshell) with all levels 56 and below and we stomped the mobs pretty easily and with no deaths and only one semi-close call versus the hound (and it wasnt very close really). Main party: 56PLD 55BRD 55RDM 55BLM 56WHM 55WHM. Second party: 56DRG ?MNK 52PLD ?BLM 55BLM ?WHM. Third party: 55MNK 55RDM 55RDM 53BLM 52BLM 50?WHM. Or something really close to that. Thanks to everybody who posted advice on this thread how to do it - that was the basis of my plan and very very helpful. All in all we spent 1.5 hours getting assembled and into position, and about 1 additional hour killing all three mobs (i did it with one steamed crab which ran out just a bit after the hound fight).

The key considerations:
* not a bad idea for one person (whoever is going to lead it probably) to scout in advance by doign one with a pickup group, or just being somebody over lvl 55 who has just already done it. Seeing the repop time for the mobs is invaluable cause it seems unbelievable just reading about it.
* make sure all the parties are balanced (though you really probably only need one tank). Curaga in each party is very important, especially versus the tiger
* go over the plan before you start. Personally im an over-planner, but i went over the basic battle plan for all three mobs, how to touch the "???"'s (about 4 times), and how we were going to move about between mobs before hand when we first got to Xarc and then a quick blurb on the relevant skills and weaknesses of each boreal mob right before we fought each.
* you absolutely need to fight with a front and a back line. Its very important the mages stand out of AE range, esp versus the tiger (spam AE melee damage) and the hound (spam AE paralyze and other status effects).
* you gotta get people to hold back on weapon skills especially at the start if you want PLD to hold the hate. on the tiger we had a few opens with 300% TP and even my 300% 450 dmaage spirits within (i was the tank) didnt grab hate back and by the time the second raging fists went off from the MNK it was really quite hard to get hate back - tiger used might strikes, and so i used invici and i still didnt get hate back till half my invici was wasted (MNK had disengaged mob at that point i think). Though we still did okay so holdign 100% hate is neither possible nor needed.
* Pull to the back. Thats already mentioned but i cant stress the importance enough - then when the ??? pops you are already standing near it. remind people that the mob pops in middle (not back) so after you get your frigicite you gotta run all the way to the front of the cave to really be safe from repop.
* when traveling through xarc you can forget about trying to sneak that many (since you need sneak/invisi both for big chunks) - but that doesnt mean you need to fight every step of the way its still pretty easy to go wide around a lot of mobs or behind the sight only mobs (gigas and demon). If everybody knows to follow exactly in the leader's footsteps, and the leader is good at moving through areas without drawing aggro and without snk.invisi up, and you dont spread out youd be amazed at the number of aggros you can get past no aggro. Theres still plenty enough mobs that you have to fight you can always get 300% TP anyways.
* I followed this route: meet/go over plan at xarc/bcd zone. then head conter-clockwise and hit the coerl, then the tiger, then the tele crystal for those who needed it, then hound. Also thats the rough order of difficulty though some parties would have more trouble with the tiger than the hound maybe - as the only big difficulty of the hound is if you end up with paralyze hitting your back line whereas the tricky part of the tiger is more damage and more AE damage.

Edited, Wed Jul 14 15:45:57 2004
Run Run Run
# Jul 12 2004 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
Finished up this quest with a 3 party alliance; most of which were level 60+. Pretty fun quest, but those MOBs spawn quickly! We basicly killed the beasts, then ran as fast as possible to the ???, then ran back out. Watch out for Undead (Sneak), Beastmen/Demons (Invisible {and Sneak?}), and Elementals (Magic). Aggro is everywhere. Each of our parties consisted of a WHM, RDM, and various other classes. This is probably all re-hash info, but try to use some of the connections made from Linkshells, L1 and other quests-missions to help out, the more the merrier.

Note: A good change of pace from drop hunting and AF key parties.

Edited, Mon Jul 12 01:48:51 2004
RE: Run Run Run
# Oct 08 2004 at 1:23 PM Rating: Decent
You will need sneak and invis for the floating eyes and only invis for demons, but demons enjoy linking so if fighting those be sure they dont link onto mages.
# Jul 07 2004 at 1:52 PM Rating: Default
879 posts
So I can just wait there till people start killing the NM's then run in and get the items?

How Evil >=) muahahaha muahaha
Genkai 2
# Jul 06 2004 at 3:30 PM Rating: Default
772 posts
This quest sucks beyond anything I've done in-game. The only worse experience I've had is when our alliance got wiped out by two Tomb Mages in the Necropolis.

The Hound is definately the most difficult. We had to fight him twice and had four deaths (three were the same person) in the first fight. The other two went down pretty easy.

Walking around Xarcabard kinda sucked cuz it's impossible to sneak/invis an alliance.
Gathering the alliance took more time than the actual battles.
# Jun 28 2004 at 3:41 AM Rating: Decent
Did Genkai 2 tonight, pretty easy, the coeurl was 2nd hardest mob, only because of Perfect Dodge. Hound was hardest for sure, we had to fight it 3 times -_- Had lvl 60 pld helping, he died once against the hound, but that was cause we were so unorganized. 3 deaths the entire time and we all got our spiffy "Summit Breaker" title

Getting 18 people was easy, took maybe 30 mins. The entire thing took maybe 3 hours, but that was because only four of us had tele-vhaz crystal.

Only one strategy was needed for the mobs:
Attack it with everything you had

I found myself (52 whm) tanking the Coeurl at one point and it was only hitting me for 50-60 dmg, not so bad when I have 700 HP, so hate control isn't really an issue

Edited, Mon Jun 28 04:46:12 2004
My turn ^^
# Jun 14 2004 at 7:34 AM Rating: Decent
455 posts
Did it last night.. My view.
It was very difficult to get 18 ppl who all want to do this at the same time. I started this mess and after 4 hours I had enough ppl to form a group to do this. Talk about a mess!!!!! I wrote everyones name down who was interested and send the a /tell when we were ready to start, its very had to talk to 16 ppl at once LOL.
Anyway, expect the following
1) ppl dident activate the quest, make sure the talk to maat and are at least lvl 51
2) no Telaport-vaz…. This really stunk, 3 of the members dident have it, so I ended up walking this them :( oh well, I started this mess anyway

we had a 62 pld and a 62 drk that agreed to help, this made it cake, the pld kept all the hate and the drk did some major damage. Still these thing are hard to take down, with 16 ppl hitting it with all they got still took over 3 min to take it down, but no one ever got in the red.

Please make sure your ppl understand the quest, our whm decided to heal right after the 2nd fight, you have about 15-25 seconds for all your ppl to get to the end of the tunnel and click the ??? we had to fight one 2 times because of this.

Make sure you have a healer in each of your groups, it is VERY hard to target a member that is not in your group.

Anyway im glad this is done !!!!! it was lots of fun^^ good luck
15 Person Alliance
# May 21 2004 at 8:03 AM Rating: Excellent
2,866 posts
Strategy: Each NM for this is at the end of a tunnel. We stopped and med to full at the entrance of each tunnel. Tank runs up and Provokes NM, we all beat the snot out of it. AS SOON AS IT DROPS, you run to the ??? at the end of the cave and examine it (Use F8 to make sure you only target the ???) to get your quest item. AS SOON AS YOU get your item you run back the entrance of the tunnel. Rinse and repeat on each NM and your set. Why do you have to run to grab your item and then run away? The NM spawn time is 15 seconds. So unless you feel like fighting that thing again you need to haul butt.
# May 18 2004 at 1:38 AM Rating: Decent
128 posts
Did this last night with a full alliance..

Here's my thoughts/experience :

For those who are running/leading in the front , please please, do not run in and engage the NM immediately! Your mages need mp after all the cure, sneak, invisible etc. that was casted on you on the way to the caves. Make sure the mages are full, and all members are at the cave entrance before running in to engage the NM.

It's best for the 2 individual party leaders to report the mp status to the overall leader of the alliance (as you are unable to tell the mp level out of your immediate party - as mentioned by cesium)

Leader of the alliance, please know the essences of this quest, DO tell all the members (before the start of the fight!) that they need to click the ??? and run out of the cave as fast as they could after the NM is defeated. There's bound to have some members who do not read up and do not know about the speedy resprawn!

If unfortunately, one or few members were too slow to run out of sight from the resprawned NM, ask them to keep running and not turn back to engage the NM even though they were being hit! The NM will give up once they run out of sight.

Mages, try your very best to stay out of AOE, especially the paralyze AOE ^^; And remember to always cure paralyna to your PLD, WHM, BLM, BRD, RDM! It's very important! Throughout that fight, I was always curing paralyna to the others and the other mages were in-charged of curing. There's really no end to the paralyze AOE ><;

Hmmm. That's what I can remember now. It was tiring to coordinate the full alliance ^^; but all of us finished the quest ^^

A few remarks
# May 11 2004 at 10:03 PM Rating: Default
1,453 posts
A full alliance is recommended, but be picky about who gets into the alliance. With 3 eventual party leaders this gets difficult but do communicate some requirements (i.e. at least an airship pass) before allowing people into the alliance. Waiting an hour for people to hoof it through more than 2 zones is agony.

A stong tank is ESSENTIAL. If you find high-level melee help, fine. If not, make your tank a 55PLD with up-to date armor (that means AF, people), juice (yagudo drinks or melong juice) and food (steamed crabs. Accept no substitutes). This person cannot die or the boreal fiends will go wild on your casters and everyone dies. If the PLD doesn't have juice/food, buy it for them.

It is impossible to tell what the MP levels are like in alliance members outside your immediate party. Set up macros and report when your MP is low so you don't rush into something without any.

Staying together should go without saying. Xarcabard is teeming with groups of mobs that aggro on every mode of detection, and you can't sneak/invis 18 people. Staying together allows you to plough through the zone until you reach the 3 caves. Give the party a heads up if you see anything you're unwilling to fight (elementals are more trouble than they're worth, for example).

During the fights, don't go wild with damage dealing. No ancient magic ever. Keep your tank alive and space out the weapon skills. The fights aren't hard at all if you properly control hate, focus on healing the tank and prioritize castings of Paralyna and Viruna on the tank when the Boreal Fiends start pumping out their AOE debuffs.

Finally, it's called Frigicite. Not Fragicite.
My Experience
# Apr 28 2004 at 7:02 AM Rating: Excellent
115 posts
1. Make sure everyone haS the quest!!!!!
- Two people didn't get the quest whiling doing it.

2. Even your PT's out like a reg EXP PT.

3. TRY!!!! to get a high Level PLD to help in your 18 member alliance.
- We had a 66 PLD help us, and without him we probably wouldn't have made it.

4. Meet at Rangamont Pass, and to get the Glacier through the Rangamont Pass, it's RT,LT,RT,RT in the tunnels if you don't have a map.

5. Everyone stop by and get the Tele Craig 1st at Xarcabard.

6. Engaging the NM's:

- If you have a high lvl in your alliance, let him/her engage the fight 1st. If you have extra mages place them in the high level's Party.(example) 66PLD, 52WHM, 53BLM, 52RDM, 54 WHM, 53BLM

- Mages!! stand behind the NM, there's one NM that breathes out fire, damaging all infront of it.

- BLACKMAGES!!!! Don't cast ANY ancient spells and show off, you will die with 2-3 blows when u get the hate.

7. You CANNOT, get the key item until the NM is DEAD.

8. When NM is almost dead, mages position yourself near the ???, so you get first dibs =)
- Use F8 to target the ???
- After getting the Key Item, RUN like hell out of the spawn area!!!

9. After all 3 key items have been obtained, TAKE A GROUP PICTURE!!! /hurray =)
- BLM's be expected to be the last to leave =\ cuz you will be Warp 2'ing a lot of people out.

10. And have fun!!! This was a great experience for everyone from beginning (all 18 of us riding Chocobo's) to the end (all of us completing the Quest)

Edited, Wed Apr 28 08:19:33 2004
# Apr 21 2004 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
After reading the posts it seems there can be an issue getting everyone the Fragicite before the mob respawns.

I guess my question is can you click on and get the Fragicite during the fight? Obviously this would have to be coordinated to ensure nobody carelessly died, but I wondered if it worked so that once the mob died you could just move on and not have to worry about respawn.
Did this last night
# Mar 29 2004 at 10:07 AM Rating: Excellent
Well, a bunch of us got together to do this. Everyone was level 51-55, and we had the full 18 people. We had each party leader send a tell to everyone in their group to make sure everyone had the quest. Then, we all met up at the entrance to Ragamont Pass. The pass was easy to get through as nothing aggroed. The Glacier was also pretty easy. Very low aggro, and anything that did died quickly. We got a few nice quest drops along the way too.

Next was Xarcabard. We tried to avoid aggro, but still ended up killing a lot of stuff. It's best if you make sure everyone is together through this zone.

First stop, the teleport crystal. Chances are a few people are going to need the crystal, so might as well get it.

Next, we went to the hound. When we got close, the leaders were telling everyone to stop and rest up and dismiss their dragons. Well, one person didn't listen and kept on running. Needless to say, they died. After raising that guy, and waiting for weakness to wear off, we all ran in. We were doing ok, and the hound's HP was at 75%. Then one of the BLM casts freeze... BIG mistake! The BLM goes down in one hit. The hound then does his AOE paralyze on the mages, followed by AOE disease, and AOE poison. Melee finally pull the hound back. All the mages are trying desperatly to get rid of the paralyze so we can cast spells. A tank dies as all the mages are still paralyzed and can't get spells off. Then a DRK/THF does some 900 WS. He dies, as the mages still have paralyze on. One mage finally gets a paralyna off. A DRG then does a 800 WS, he dies as well. Finally, all the mages don't have paralyze anymore. Curing goes well, and when it's almost dead, we start raising the people who died. Everyone's alive when we kill the thing. We tell everyone to rush in and click on the ???.

Well, some how two people didn't get the key item, so we had to try again. This time we put together a little better plan. First, all BLM need to act like WHM. They can throw a nuke here or there, but no freeze, and healing is their top priority. Next, no one do their super damage job abilities + WS. The idea here is that we want to keep the hate on a tank (just like any other group). So, we changed the main party around to be a PLD, WHM with a light staff (me), and a RDM. At the start of the fight, only the PLD got haste. When the AOE paralyze went off, only the PLD got paralyna. These two things really helped the tank keep hate. I just kept the PLD alive, and all the other WHM, RDM, and BLM kept everyone else alive. With this setup, only the PLD ever got into the orange. And with me chaining Cure IIIs and IVs, he didn't stay there long. Once the hound died, the other two got their key items.

Then, we went to the tiger. We used the same stratagy we used the first time, except the DRKs cast stun when the tiger started casting flare. No deaths, and everyone got their item on the first try.

Finally, we went for the Coeurl. Used the same stratagy. And again, it went down easily and everyone got their item.

After that, it was just giving teleports and warp IIs to everyone.

Here's the times it took to do everything:
1. Get members, make sure they have the quest, and meet up at Ragamount pass: 1 hour 30 minutes
2. Travel to the crystal: 20 minutes
3. Kill all three creatures: 45 minutes

For the allience setup, this is what I'd suggest:

Main party (the one with the main tank):
1. PLD, preferably level 55 (or as close as you can get). He's the main tank, and should be the only one provoking unless it's going after the mages. He's also the only melee to get haste and paralyna cast on him.
2. WHM with a light staff or healing staff (the staff isn't needed, but Cure IV recovering 400 HP helps you stay on top). Some juices help a lot. This person's job is to cast haste on the PLD at the start of the fight. Cure the PLD through the fight, and cast paralyna if the PLD gets paralyzed.
3. RDM, cast refresh on PLD and WHM. Secondary tank healer, and primary other party members healer.
4. Fill the other slots with low damage classes. A BRD would be nice for more MP regen, but we didn't have one.

Other parties:
1. 2 WHM, RDM, or BLM to act as the main party healers.
2. High damage dealers. But, make sure they control how much damage they do.

Some tips:
1. The more people with you, the better. But, if you have a really good group, you might be able to pull this off with just 12 people. It's just going to be harder and take longer. A few eithers on hand would be a good idea if you're going with just two parties.
2. Control the damage. If you want everyone to stay alive, make sure the tank keeps hate. So, just like a regular party, the damage dealers need to hold back on doing the most damage they can. Slow and steady will win this fight.
3. No dragons. It's too hard to target the ??? if they're out.

Well, I hope this helps others out. At least save some people the pain of the first run we had... I also want to say that this quest was so much better then the LB1 quest. It was actually fun to get that many people together to fight. And once we had a plan, it really isn't that hard or that long of a quest. I also think it was a great introduction to playing in an allience. Something that doesn't happen much when just leveling.
RE: Did this last night
# Apr 06 2004 at 8:13 AM Rating: Default
806 posts
Also, if hate control's your priority, have a thf handy (I know, it rhymes). Even at just lvl 44 I can staple a 450 + 200SC viper sneak/trick at the start of a fight (w/tp) to the paladin, which then proceeds to voke+flash+cure himself. Just that little combo gives enough hate for anybody in my pt to go crazy with damage.

That's @lvl 44 with a 15 dmg dagger, @lvl 55 with a Corsair knife (21dmg, +10atk) you're probably looking at a 900 trick, which would allow 1 freeze, and 1 mega ws from every party member without the paladin losing the hate.

Yes, I'm preaching for my job, but keeping hate on the pld's been my job for 15 levels, and I can usually count on one hand the number of times a mage's been hit in my party between each level up (twice for lvl 44).
# Mar 12 2004 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
title obtained is:

Summit Breaker

Another note --
# Mar 01 2004 at 4:08 PM Rating: Excellent
I know it may seem obvious, but take note that you MUST activate this quest with Maat before going to touch the ???s. We had an alliance for the quest, and it wasn't until we had killed the first NM that a few people realized that they had not activated the quest (when they touched the ???, they got nothing). We ended up having to wait 20 minutes for the people to warp and teleport back.

You can activate this quest as early as level 51.

Edited, Mon Mar 1 16:12:44 2004
Not hard if you have enough players
# Mar 01 2004 at 2:08 PM Rating: Decent
53 posts
Getting enough people for something like this is probably a bit more difficult on the weekdays, so we tried on a weekend night. Fortunately, we found a lot of people who wanted to join. We had an 18-player alliance (3 parties, 6 people each) and two of these players were level 65 and level 73 tanks (a warrior and a pally). Like all alliances, one of the first hurdles to cross is organization. We had to shuffle people around because some did not have the Vazhl crystal and some did. So after initially splitting up into two groups (ones that teleported and ones that walked to Xarcabard), we finally started making our way to the First NM. What's important to note is that the NMs are very strong, so even with our group of level 52-55s, it would have been much more difficult if we didn't have our level 73 pally and our level 65 warrior - both of whom kept the hate on themselves very well. Anyways once an NM is dead it is highly important for everyone to immediately run in and click on the <???> before the NM respawns. We ended up fighting more two of the NMs twice because people didnt get out of range in time before the NM spawned again. The whole quest was done in about 2 hours - could have been much faster though if everyone had the Vazhl crystal and if we didnt have to fight each NM more than once. As for the random mobs in Xarcabard, there were Demons and Floating Eyes, but they were very easy to kill - most conned as easy - and I was level 53.
# Mar 01 2004 at 2:05 PM Rating: Default
I guess it all depends on how many friends you have :P
where is Genkai #3
# Feb 23 2004 at 3:44 PM Rating: Default
level 60, need to do genkai #3. please have somthing on the site. thank you
RE: where is Genkai #3
# Mar 04 2004 at 4:03 PM Rating: Decent
genkai # 3 CAN be done solo, with sneak invs or oils & powders, but whats the fun in that
i have formed 3 full alliances to do this, over helped over 50 ppl complete it, (also 5 full alliances for genkai 2) solo or in an alliance, yu need to get the crests from a ??? located in davoi, beadeax, and castle ozjorta in davoi, you need to go through the monestatic caverns, into the next area od davoi, tallk to a taru on a wooden tower there, he will tell you about a cave to the shout (actualy very close, just to the south) go examine the banishing gate there & head BACK to the taru, who will give you an orb, take this orb, BACK through to the 1st zone of davoi, & dip it into each of the 4 ponds there, then BCAK to the taru on the tower, you should be able to open the banishing gate, go in here (btw, creatures here are very dangerous) many differsnt types of orcs here through the main room & down the back tunnel there is a ??? examine it to get the orc crest, (if you have some 1 who has done the orb part, you wont need to go through all the trouble dipping the orb into the pools)
beadeax, you must go through beadeax into the area with the iron & emerald quads, past the headhunter, in the pit on the north side there is a tunnel, that leads to some very nasty quads, platinum, gold, darksteel, (coffer droppers) you must make it past a series of afflictor machines that will curse you, i opted for the curse so i could continue to cast sneak, on the entire alliance hahah ( we had 1 mage assigned to his own fighter for less confusion) keep going through the curse machines, until you zone, here there will be a notorious monster, as in all the areas, the ruby quad,(in front of notorious monsters sneak and invis mean nothing, so if your solo, be patient, we just killed it) go left through another curse machine, into another room, with another ruby quad, it is in this room, make sure you do not go too far, or you fall off a cliff & start over as 1 of our ppl found out,(we pulled the ruby quad & did not attack as he provoked to suicide, then we killed it & tractored him back up the cliff^^)the ??? is here, examine & get out
castle ozjorta takes 3 codes, they must all be gathered on the same game day, so wait untill midnight if solo, if in an alliance, have 1 person camp each code room, the 1st code room is on the beggining floor, in the central roonm in the back right corner, next is behind a hidden wall, as you make it through the trapped door, go to the 2nd floor take the 1st right, you will get to a T take another right, then when it turns right, instead of turning right at this moment, go through the wall to the left,(code room #2) then continue on towards the door with the 4 levers you should know where im talking about before you cross the bridge that leads to the lever door, head straight, to code room 3, 1nce you have all the codes go through the door, all the way up & around up many stairs, until you see the yag assassins, prelates & such there is a 4 way intersection here, straight ahead is the goal, but you need to go left, then left, to a lever that opens the door that is straight ahead, through this door, is the master code room, enter the code while standing on the platform(looked funny 18 ppl on this pad ^^) you will drop down, here, go up the small pyramis of stairs in the open garden, on top is a ??? examine & get to jeuno to fininsh by talking to maat

you can solo this, but i really enjoy the alliance route, the are some terriffic drops , escpecialy from the 5-6 notorious monsters you will fight ^^, they use 2 hours, imagine my suprise my 1st time through when the almost dead yagudo high priest used benediction!! good luck
Frigicite Confusion
# Feb 14 2004 at 3:23 PM Rating: Default
I remember getting round and square frigicites (just like the site says) but i'm sure, as in just did the quest, that the last one is triangle, not Hexagon...i hope i didn't do something wrong
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