Shattering Stars (Limit Break 5)  

Start Area: Ru'Lude Gardens
Start NPC:Maat (H - 5)
Type:Limit Break
Min Level:66
Max Level:70
Reward:Raises level cap to 75
(Average from 26 ratings)
Items Required:Bard's Testimony
Beastmaster's Testimony
Black Mage's Testimony
Dark Knight's Testimony
Dragoon's Testimony
Monk's Testimony
Ninja's Testimony
Paladin's Testimony
Ranger's Testimony
Red Mage's Testimony
Samurai's Testimony
Summoner's Testimony
Thief's Testimony
Warrior's Testimony
White Mage's Testimony
Title Obtained:Maat Masher >> Star Breaker
This Quest is Repeatable
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Maat has issued a final challenge to test your limits. Return with the items he has requested and the trial will begin.


Talk to Maat at level 66 or higher to receive this final test. He will ask you to bring him a testimony of your job. These are Rare/Ex items that are dropped by various mobs depending on job.

Prior to a March 26, 2012 software update, a job Testimony was only good for one attempt and had to be manually dropped by the player after the attempt was over. After the software update, each testimony possessed will grant players three attempts at the corresponding battlefield: Shattering Stars / The Beast Within / Breaking the Bonds of Fate / Achieving True Power / A Furious Finale / Survival of the Wisest. The item will disappear upon trading it for the third time.

After you win the fight, make sure you go back and talk to Maat one last time for a cut scene, after which your level cap will be lifted to 75.



  • Ancient Quadav (Level: 62 - 66) (Beadeaux, Qulun Dome)
  • Antican Consul (Level: 75) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Antican Triarius (Level: 62 - 69) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Blood Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Goblin Mercenary (Level: 64 - 69) (Cape Teriggan, Gustav Tunnel, Ifrit's Cauldron, ...)
  • Jotunn Gatekeeper (Level: 65 - 69) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)
  • Orcish Dreadnought (Level: 63 - 67) (Davoi, Monastic Cavern)


  • Jotunn Hallkeeper (Level: 65 - 69) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)
  • Orcish Champion (Level: 64 - 68) (Davoi, Monastic Cavern)
  • Shore Sahagin (Level: 62 - 69) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Yagudo Flagellant (Level: 62 - 66) (Castle Oztroja)


  • Goblin Bandit (Level: 66 - 69) (Ifrit's Cauldron, King Ranperre's Tomb, Kuftal Tunnel, ...)
  • Platinum Quadav (Level: 64 - 71) (Beadeaux, Qulun Dome)
  • Tonberry Pursuer (Level: 61 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Tonberry Trailer (Level: 62 - 65) (Den of Rancor)

Red Mage

  • Aura Pot (Level: 75 - 80) (Shrine of Ru'Avitau)
  • Dustbuster (Level: 73 - 76) (Ve'Lugannon Palace)
  • Hover Tank (Level: 64 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Magic Pot (Level: 68 - 70) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)
  • Ruby Quadav (Level: 69 - 70) (Qulun Dome)
  • Sprinkler (Level: 70 - 73) (Ru'Aun Gardens)

White Mage

  • Coral Sahagin (Level: 72 - 74) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Diamond Quadav (Level: 75) (Qulun Dome)
  • Goblin Alchemist (Level: 65 - 69) (King Ranperre's Tomb, Kuftal Tunnel, Labyrinth of Onzozo, ...)
  • Lagoon Sahagin (Level: 62 - 69) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Yagudo High Priest (Level: 72 - 74) (Altar Room, Castle Oztroja)
  • Yarr the Pearleyed (Level: 0) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Za'Dha Adamantking (Level: 85) (Qulun Dome)

Black Mage

  • Antican Quaestor (Level: 62 - 69) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Doom Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Dread Demon (Level: 71 - 73) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Orcish Hexspinner (Level: 72 - 74) (Monastic Cavern)
  • Sapphire Quadav (Level: 65 - 69) (Beadeaux, Qulun Dome)
  • Tonberry Imprecator (Level: 62 - 64) (Den of Rancor)
  • Tonberry Jinxer (Level: 61 - 69) (Den of Rancor, Yhoator Jungle)
  • Tonberry Maledictor (Level: 61 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Yagudo Prelate (Level: 65 - 69) (Castle Oztroja)


  • Abyss Sahagin (Level: 72 - 74) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Coastal Sahagin (Level: 62 - 69) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Denn the Orcavoiced (Level: 64 - 65) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Yagudo Conductor (Level: 63 - 67) (Castle Oztroja)


  • Goblin Shepherd (Level: 64 - 69) (Ifrit's Cauldron, King Ranperre's Tomb, Labyrinth of Onzozo, ...)
  • Goblin Tamer (Level: 66 - 69) (Kuftal Tunnel)
  • Jotunn Wildkeeper (Level: 65 - 69) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)

Dark Knight

  • Adaman Quadav (Level: 74) (Qulun Dome)
  • Antican Legatus (Level: 72 - 74) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Arch Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Doom Guard (Level: 75 - 77) (Gustav Tunnel)
  • Doom Soldier (Level: 65 - 70) (Cape Teriggan, Gustav Tunnel, Toraimarai Canal, ...)
  • Orcish Warlord (Level: 72 - 74) (Monastic Cavern)


  • Delta Sahagin (Level: 62 - 69) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Ocean Sahagin (Level: 75) (Sea Serpent Grotto)
  • Orcish Dragoon (Level: 65 - 69) (Davoi, Monastic Cavern)


  • Tonberry Slasher (Level: 67 - 69) (Den of Rancor)
  • Tonberry Stabber (Level: 61 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Yagudo Assassin (Level: 64 - 72) (Castle Oztroja)


  • Antican Antesignanus (Level: 62 - 69) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Antican Legatus (Level: 72 - 74) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Darksteel Quadav (Level: 63 - 71) (Beadeaux, Qulun Dome)
  • Orcish Protector (Level: 69 - 72) (Monastic Cavern)


  • Antican Aedilis (Level: 62 - 69) (Quicksand Caves)
  • Jotunn Wallkeeper (Level: 65 - 69) (Delkfutt's Tower Upper)
  • Orcish Farkiller (Level: 62 - 66) (Davoi, Monastic Cavern)


  • Blood Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Yagudo Templar (Level: 72 - 74) (Altar Room, Castle Oztroja)


  • Abyssal Demon (Level: 64 - 66) (Zvahl Castle Bailey)
  • Tonberry Dismayer (Level: 61 - 67) (Temple of Uggalepih)
  • Yagudo Avatar (Level: 75) (Altar Room, Castle Oztroja)

You'll likely need a party to beat these mobs efficiently as the drop rate, as for any required quest item, leaves much to be desired. (getting flashbacks of sub job or genkai 1 yet?)

Once you bring Maat the testimony, he will challenge you to a fight to prove once and for all you have ultimate mastery over your job.

Maat assumes your job and has all the abilities of it including your 2hr. Regardless of job however, he fights with his fists and can use asuran fists which could snuff out your hopes of winning in one fell swoop if you don't play your cards right, not to mention he hits pretty hard. Oh yes, your sub job is disabled for this fight so you can expect no help from that. You have 10 minutes to beat Maat and prove yourself to him. Watch out because the old man is WAY tougher than he looks!

Some general tips

-Maat does not attack until you do. Use this to your advantage by buffing yourself and resting to full before fighting.

-melees, buy an opo-opo necklace (TP regen when sleeping) and some sleeping potions. Put yourself to sleep with the necklace on to build up TP to 100% or so.

-Maat is not to be underestimated! Make sure you have any piece of equipment you think could help, use food, carry some medicine supply and have a battle strategy planned out. Do nothing but your very best!

-I'm not 100% sure on this but I'm told that Maat has the same stats as you do when you ENTER the fight. meaning, if you strip yourself (or maybe even equip stuff that lowers your important stats) and then equip your regular gear before fight him, it will give you a statistical advantage on him. Since Maat doesn't attack until you do, there's no real harm in trying this. Can anyone confirm?

Job strategies


You'll need the opo-opo necklace, 4 sleep potions, a meat mithkabob and an icarus wing to do this. Be a good idea to macro your warrior abilities along with using the icarus wing as you must do this very smoothly. Enter the arena, eat your food, and put yourself to sleep until you have 100% TP. Once you're all ready, head over to meet and stand right in position. Now, turn on Aggressor, Berserk, Warcry and Mighty Strikes and pull out your weapon. Hit Maat once or twice and then use Raging Rush, immediatly use your icarus wing and then another Raging Rush. If all goes well, you'll do a fragmentation SC (who says only samurai can do one man SC's?). Maat won't know what hit him! If it doesn't quite kill Maat, start praying you finish him off fast as he will whip out his big guns right away which could quickly finish you.


When you enter the arena, eat a meat mithkabob and then do the usual sleep to 100% TP trick described above. Similar to warrior, engage Maat, use your best weapon skill, icarus wing and then use it again for mega damage. This will prompt Maat to use Hundred Fists, use yours as well. Pound away at Maat until you're at 100% TP again and then quickly use another WS which should take him down.


Thieves have another option if the player has not already beaten Maat while on another job. Instead of full out assault (described below), you can win by using your Job Ability to Steal a Scroll of Instant Warp from him.

>>> Steal Strategy <<<

  • A Scroll of Instant Warp is a Rare/Ex item, which you can only have one at a time. Be sure that you do not have one anywhere in your inventory when you face Maat (including your Mog House) otherwise you will not be able to Steal the item from Maat.

  • There is a 10 minute limit to this fight, and Steal has a five minute job ability timer, so the first Steal attempt needs to occur immediately upon entering the arena if there is any hope for there to be enough time for a second chance if Steal fails (which it often will).

  • If Steal is attempted without alternate preparation for a full melee fight, this is an all-or-nothing shot and the player should not expect to survive through the job ability timer. Plan on using some form of re-raiser (Scroll, Potion, Earring, or Hairpin), rest until the job ability timer expires and reattempt immediately before the event timer expires.

  • Maximize your stealing skill (Steal+) and equip quested Artifact (AF) gear (Rogue's Armlets -- +1, Rogue's Bonnet -- +1, Rogue's Culottes -- +1, Rogue's Poulaines -- +2) along with anything else you can find that improves stealing like Thief's Kote -- +3 (replaces Rogue's Armlets), Rabbit Charm -- +1, Rogue's Ring -- +3 (effect active when HP is 75% or lower) and Key Ring Belt -- +1 (all of these items are available at 70 or lower).

  • Only items that modify Steal will influence the chance of success or failure of the Job Ability ... the results are not affected by frequency of use (cannot be "skilled up") nor by any other modifier (STR, DEX, INT, and so on). While there are items above Level 70 that modify Steal, the player cannot wear them without having previously beaten Maat and broken the level limit. (A successful Steal will not end the fight if the player has previously beaten Maat on another job).

>>> Melee Fight <<<

  • Cap your skills for your level, particularly Dagger and Evasion and consider capping Parrying and Shield.
  • Use food -- Squid Sushi (HP +20, Accuracy +15%) and Persikos Au Lait (Regen 4 hp/tick and effect lasts 10 minutes = 800 HP)
  • Use equipment -- Opo-Opo Necklace, Blink Band, Spartan Hoplon (optional - casts Phalanx), Bomb Core / Fire Bomblet / Viking Shield (Attack+)
  • Stock up on medicines - Icarus Wing and Potions -- Vile Elixir (restores 25% HP), Vile Elixir +1 (restores 55% HP), Max-Potion, X-Potion, Hi Potion, Potion (consider using the NQ, +1, +2 or +3 versions). Carry as many potions as you feel you need and macro their use.
  • Equip as much Accuracy+ and Strength+ gear you can find. Macro in any gear that will increase Sneak Attack effectiveness.

>>> Battle Plan <<<

  • Equip your weapon(s) and the Opo-Opo Necklace, Sleep Potion x 4 (or Mary's Milk x 2) for 100% TP (do not change weapons or you will lose your TP).
  • Use Reraise, Blink, Phalanx, Squid Sushi and Persikos Au Lait.
  • Approach, use Sneak Attack, and then attack Maat from behind
  • After the first hit, immediately use Dancing Edge
  • Consume Icarus Wing (to regain 100% TP). This will give a Medicated Status Effect for two hours.
  • After gaining 100% TP, immediately use Dancing Edge. If this is done rapidly enough, it will cause a self skill chain resulting in additional damage from a Detonation effect.
  • Evaluate the situation ... If the player is in the yellow for HP, attempt Steal for best effect (Rogue's Ring is active under 75% HP) and then use a HP+ Potion.
  • After the second Dancing Edge, Maat should have used either Perfect Dodge or Asuran Fists. If Asuran Fists, use Perfect Dodge and then Flee until his Perfect Dodge wears off.
  • Re-engage Maat and build TP to 100% and use the third and final Dancing Edge.
  • At this point Maat should give up if he hasn't already.

  • An alternate strategy is to skill up Marksmanship and use Ranged Attack and land Sleep Bolts, particularly while Maat is under the effect of Perfect Dodge. This will give the player the chance to execute one or more additional Sneak Attack(s) while Maat is asleep. (Note: If you equip the Bomb Core or Fire Bomblet in the ammo slot for Attack+, be sure to macro in a safety to unequip the item before executing the Ranged Attack to avoid actually throwing the hard-to-get / expensive Attack+ item at Maat and losing it permanently.)

  • Be sure not to change weapons until after the second Dancing Edge otherwise you will waste the benefits of the Opo-Opo Necklace and the Icarus Wing.

White Mage

White mage? Solo a tough guy like Maat? Well, fortunately, White Mages don't have to actually beat Maat either. You must simply take a certain amount of damage from him and survive. (how much? It appears to be random from what I've seen, best hope you get the low end of the range). Some re-equipping will be in order here. Now you must equip yourself for defense. Some items of note are phalanx rings, earth staff (Ask your paladin friend if you can borrow his. ^^), and bat earrings. Drink a blind potion to give yourself +30 evasion from the bat earrings (you won't be actually attacking so being blinded makes no difference). Bring along a couple bottles of Yagudo drink, plenty of healing potions, some echo drops and a fish chiefkabob (heh, eating tank food. Never thought you'd see the day?) Now, when you enter, cast all your buffs. Protect, Shell, Stoneskin, Aquaveil and Blink and then rest back to full. (you need all your MP for healing so don't waste it recasting these if they wear off). Eat your food and blind yourself then use Yagudo drink and Regen III on yourself. Now cast Paralyze on Maat to get his attention (if it actually sticks, great! But don't fret if it doesn't) Maat should be hitting you for two digit damage so you should have no trouble keeping your HP up. Don't actually attack him, that gives him more TP which is not good. Don't spam lower cures, wait for HP to get somewhat low and use high end cures. More HP for your MP. Basically, you're doing what a paladin would do. But if you're a taru, mind you don't use cures that heal for more HP than you have either. Don't try to enfeeble Maat and only Cure, Silence, or Paralyze if they are cast on you. If all goes smoothly, you likely won't need Benediction but it's good to keep in mind if Maat gets lucky shots in and you need healing NOW. Just keep taking hits and healing them and Maat will eventually give up.

Black Mage

Do this right, you'll win easy. For good measure, get your INT as high as possible with food and equips. Enter Area, cast your favourite ancient spell, quickly use elemental seal-sleep II on Maat before he can retaliate. Now get him with another ancient spell while he's asleep. Now, bind him so he can't smack you around for nuking him and fire off a regular elemental spell (best one you have). That should finish him off. If all goes well, Maat will never get a shot off at you. ^^

Red Mage

Very commonly considered the hardest of all the Maat fights and for good reason. Chainspell in the hands of an enemy is never a good thing and this time, you don't have the chainspell-stun solution to fall back on. I guess the best defense against a master of cheatery is another master of cheatery. ^^; What's a red mage to do? Luck plays a big role in this fight so say your prayers before doing this. First and foremost, get a wind staff. You'll need it. Get your INT as high as you possibly can, every last point counts. Enter, dash towards Maat, dispel and sleep him immediately. While he's asleep, cast your own buffs, and dispel any and all he has on himself. Nuke Maat with Aero III until you're out of MP, convert, heal youself back up with hi-potions. Now the big guns. Chainspell aero III as fast as you can, Maat will do the same. Chainspell should finish him off. If it doesn't, continue to nuke and hope it's enough. Good luck!


Time to show Maat who's the real defender of truth and justice! Mwa ha ha!! (Yes, I'm a paladin. How'd you guess?) Like white mage, some changes in equipment is in order here. You'll want damage dealing equipment instead of tanking but keep the sword and shield, you'll need them. Bring along an Opo-opo necklace, sleep potions, hi-potions, vile elixer or two, yagudo drink and meat mithkabob. Now, when you enter the arena, do the usual routine. Sleep yourself to 100% TP, drink your drink, eat your eats, cast your buffs and move in. Use Sentinel as soon as you engage Maat and then use Rampart when that runs out. Like warrior and monk, use your best WS right off the bat, use the icarus wing and then immediatly hit Maat again with another WS to get some good early damage. But watch out! If he flashes you right away, hold off the WS until the blindness wears off. Now, duel Maat, healing yourself along the way and shield bashing him if he tries to cast Banish III. Maat will eventually use invincible, flash him and kite him when he does this. (don't disengage, that takes too long. Just push L3 to break targeting and run around the room) Just try to stall until Maat's Invincible runs out. If you get a chance to nuke him, do so but watch your MP. When his invincible runs out, now it's your turn! Activate your own invincible and fearlessly charge back in! Attack Maat mercilessly and take this chance to heal yourself up with items. (wouldn't it just rock if Maat used Asuran fists right now? Heh heh!) By the time invincible runs out, you should have another WS ready. Use it and hopefully it will finish him off. If it doesn't, hopefully you brought enough medicine to hold your ground until another WS is ready.

Dark Knight

This is a pretty straightforeward fight actually but it's very important to carry lots of hi-potions and macro them. You'll be using a lot. Like the other melees, use an Opo-opo necklace, sleep yourself to 100% TP, use ws, icarus wing, ws right away. Use def or atk food, your choice. Most of your spells won't be very effective against Maat so don't bother. Just focus on hacking Maat up good. (but always hope he wastes turns using stupid spells like Absorb-CHR) Drain might come in handy but I wouldn't bank on it. Use your hi-potions to keep up your HP as you fight and your attack up skills should be done at your own discretion. The biggest threat is Blood Weapon. When Maat activates it, push L3 to break target lock and run around the room to reduce the number of times he attacks you. You DON'T want him regaining lost HP. once his blood weapon runs out, activate your own take back some of the punishment he's dealt you. (if your HP are still in good shape, this wouldnt' be a bad time to use souleater too) Use WS when they're ready and you should be okay as long as you are ready for anything Maat throws at you. Just beware not to use Guillotine when soul eater is activated or you could very well end up digging your own grave.


Another fairly straightforward fight. Only thing to take note of is that Maat will either use Eagle Eye Shot right away or in retaliation to a WS. Moral: if he hasn't used Eagle Eye Shot yet, be careful not to use a ws if you haven't got the HP to take it. Your best bet is to try and tempt him to use it right away while you're still at full HP. Use Shadowbind so he can't melee attack you (and thus possibly use Asuran Fists). Other than that, do the usual Opo-opo necklace sleep to 100% TP, icarus wings and stock up on hi-potions. Fill him up full of firepower and be done with it. A Tracker's Earring helps.


Not too hard. Bring along a Panzer Ghalad for this fight along with the usual Opo-opo necklace, sleep potions, hi-potions and some def up food (I personally like fish chiefkabobs as a dedicated tank but it's up to you). Okay, sleep yourself to 100% TP, summon your pet and sic it on Maat while you fight Maat's pet but don't use your WS on Maat's pet, that's for Maat himself. once you kill Maat's pet, run out of range, heal yourself back up with hi-potions and let your pet fight Maat to the death. Now run in and hit Maat with rampage. That should send him packing. (as for your 2hr, I suspect using it will prompt Maat to use his as well which could give you trouble. If you don't need to use it, then don't. No need to risk it)


Max out your sword level for this as Spirits Within will be your best friend here. Bring along the usual melee stuff, Opo-necklace, sleep potions, hi potions along with def food and a stack of Selbina milk. When you enter the arena, watch Maat and see what he's buffing himself with. Eat your food, sleep yourself to 100% Tp and then use your icarus wing which should bring you up to 200% (yeah, little different set up this time). Now, drink your Selbina milk. This is your "finale blocker." If Maat finales you, it will remove the milk effect instead of your songs. Drink another milk if Maat finales you. Use soul voice along with your best songs. Now, use finale on Maat if he has any potentially threatening buffs on (that's why I said to watch what he does when you enter.) and debuff him. Now, hit him with Spirits Within for a strong early hit. Now it's just a matter of fighting him, using WS as they come up. Finale any buffs Maat puts up and drink milk if he finales you.


Get ready to amaze even yourself with some fancy WSing. Bring along a few pear au lait, meat mithkabob and some hi-potions. Enter the burning circle and use meditate, making sure to wait for it to recharge before you enter to confront Maat. When you enter, use third eye and use your food and drink. Now, use the following skills: Tachi: Yukikaze > Meikyo Shisui > Tachi: Gekko (Fragmentation) > Meditate > Tachi: Yukikaze > Tachi: Gekko (Fragmentation) > Tachi: Gekko. After the smoke clears, simply continue to duel Maat, drinking potions to keep health up and drink another pear au lait when the first one runs out.


Cast Utsusemi: Ni, sleep yourself to 100% and eat your food as normal. The biggest threat is Maat's 2hr for which you must keep your HP above 700 in preparation for. Enter the arena. Maat will have Utsusemi: Ni on so don't unleash your WS until you've killed his shadows. Hit Maat with Blade: Chi or ten then proceed to Paralyze, Slow and Blind Maat. At all times, keep your HP above 700 so Maat's 2hr doesn't kill you. Once that's past, it's straightforward from there on.


Bring along a fish chiefkabob, a stack of hi potions,sleep potions and some Selbina milk. Use the sleep potions and Opo-necklace to get your TP up like always. Summon your wyvern and use your food and drink. Now, engage Maat and hit him five times or so and he will summon his wyvern. By this time, you should have 100% TP. Penta thrust Maat's wyvern but don't change targets, this will prompt your wyvern to breath on Maat. Jump and high jump, hit Maat a few times then use super jump and then immediatly break target and turn away from Maat (so you're engaged still but not attacking Maat). Maat and your wyvern will be locked in battle and with some luck, your wyvern will finish him off for you. If it doesn't, turn around and take him out yourself. He should be near death by now.


Short fight but it's all or nothing. When you enter, use Earthen Ward and Aerial Armor on yourself and get your MP back to full before confronting Maat and drink a Yagudo drink. Bring out whichever avatar is strongest on the current day (or Fenrir if you have him) and immediately use Astral Flow, refill your MP with ethers quickly and use Astral Flow again as soon as it's ready. That should take out Maat. If Maat uses Astral Flow himself, you will not survive. You simply have to be quicker at the draw, nothing more to it.

Quest Series

This quest is part of the Limit Break quest series. The complete series includes:

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# Mar 05 2007 at 6:56 AM Rating: Decent
I tried to fight Maat the other day. Since I'm not a big fan of scythes, I'm a lvl 70 DRK, this is what I used:

Chaos Head piece/Blink Band
Opo-opo for sleep, Chivious Chain(sp? ACC + 5, Store TP +1)
Thick Mufflers
Assault Earring
Fang Earring
Flourite Ring
Venrir Ring
Thick Breeches
Thick Sollerettes
Life Belt
Ahmant Mantel(sp? Attack + 10, Range Attack +10)
Bomb Core

This is what happened

1. Sleep till 100% TP
2. Blink Band
3. Switch Gear
4. Went it, targeted, turned, engaged.
5. Faced him, Spinning Slash for 900.
6. Icc WIng
7. Spinning Slash for 800.

Now here is where I got screwed. Maat 2hr'd and I stunned and ran around, only got one hit on me. So I stop and turn to face him and did this in this order:

1. Last resort
2. Soul Eater
3. Blood Weapon

However, my Blood Weapon macro didn't work, kept giving me the lame message "Unable to use job ability." yet i used my macro's throughout the fight, and I know my Blood Weapon macro works. I spam it and it works when i have 100 HP left but Maat hits me and kills me. I had 87% TP, so in one hit i could've won since I brought him down to 20% HP with only 2 WS' and 2 hits. I've only used one Vile Elixer + 1 so there goes 90k down the drain >.<. I know I can beat this fight, it's just I got screwed over with that 2hr Macro problem. If I did pull it off, I would've won.

Edited, Mar 5th 2007 9:58am by Omniheart
Warrior with Axe and Shield
# Mar 03 2007 at 6:33 AM Rating: Decent
I just killed Maat with a axe (my Great Axe is only level 189 ;-.-) and shield, Nadziak and Spartan Hoplon (Phalanx really help if you do it with any 1 handed wheapon and shield) Blink Band (must have, duh). Stoneskin Torque would've helped , but oh well for next time ^^. Slept with Opo-opo necklace, equipped standard DD gear. run near him, Aggressor Berserk, Warcry and Mighty Strikes, engaged Maat.
First hit, Rampage, Icarus Wing, Second hit, Rampage. Maat 2 hours, 2 hit Blink, 1 parry, 1 Evade. after that i hit about 200 HP really fast. Spaming Hi-potions shortly after (average of 2-3 per hit, 100 gain in total) wait for TP (back and forth with Hi-Potions) then Rampage FTW! Also no Asuran Fist (thankfully)

Try to get all of the items you need.
It is alot easier, for the most part, to farm Gil.
Then it is trying to get a testimony and exp back.

I got lucky, and that worked this time.

Damage: Dealt > 4016
Received > 1338
Time: 5 minuets 22 seconds

Good Luck!
Maat help
# Feb 28 2007 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
I really need help i'm trying to fight Maat i am RDM69/BLM and i have Enfeebling majic capped and elemental almost capped, but i cant even get sleep to stick i run around casting it and it just keeps resisting and i die idk if its my equips or if
im not fighting him on the correct day pleas someone help me out
Samurai Maat Fight
# Feb 22 2007 at 5:54 AM Rating: Decent
rule number one...never underestimate this old man. anyway, i just got beat my him twice. i found out my biggest flaw after i had exited the BC the second time. i was alright stat and gear wise. i had enuff potions...but the main thing is....i went in and built tp and waited for meditate to get rdy...then i went in to Maat and used my two hour. big mistake...both times i went in, he used Meikyo at the same time i did...since the main strategy for sam is to SC a few times before ur 2hour wears off, u dont really have time to use enuff potions between WSs. so i used potions after all my SCs were done, but i had about 200 hp left. even when i spammed hi potions+1 i would only get a few HP per use cuz he'd hit me and take off the majority of what i healed...so basically u gotta go in and wait to see if Maat uses his two hour and if he does, immedietely use Seigan and Third Eye. keep ur HP up during all this just in case he takes away ur shadow things. after his smoke clears, u use ur two hour and continue with the Allakhazam Maat strategy.
WAR defeat maat 1/1
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ok I just want to say that the G. Axe thing is wrong. I was worried I was gonna hafta skill up crazy, but I didn't. I even horridly messed up. This is how it went.

Darksteel Axe +1
Bomb core
Royal Guards Collar/ Opo-opo
Coral Earring x2
Thick mufflers
Sun ring
Woodsman ring
AF feet
Royal Knights Breeches
Life Belt
Amemet Mantle

Went in naked and equipped everything. Equipped opo-opo and slept to 200 TP.
Used Blink band. Poped a Mithkabob. Heres where i messed up, used a dex potion /slap, lol. Walked up to maat poped berserk warcry agressor and mighty strikes. Hit him 3 times, RAMPAGE- 855!! Then I guess I just blanked out because I tryed to use wing and I was already medicated. So I chainspelled hi-pots +3. Finally built up 100 TP poped a RAMPAGE for 419 for the win. So, in conclusion you do not need a G. Axe or any uber armor OR an incarus wing. Do not ask me why I used the potion because I dont know I guess I was too excited when I went shopping..lol,

Galka 68WAR/34NIN BTW
Maat drk fight quick and easy strategy...
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Dark Knight Maat Fight

To prepare for this fight you must first gather several items:
1. Opo-opo necklace which can be bought, borrowed, or quested by trading a garnet to the headstone in yuhtunga jungle during ZM5.
2. Blink headband which can also be bought or borrowed is extremely useful and guarantees safety during the WSing part of the fight.
3. You must purchase several meds/foods including yellow curry which is cheap but very useful str/attack food and also you will need an icarus wing and 8 sleeping potions.
4. Next your equipment should have as much accuracy as you would need to hit an EM or tough mob and as much STR as ur budget will allow.
Now for the fight...
1. Go into the BC (which you are zoned to by trading your test to Maat) with absoluetly nothing equiped.
2. Run all the way to Maat until he says something then equip your armor along w/ the opo-opo and the blink band.
3. Sleep yourself to 200% tp(or 300% but you have got to haul **** on everything b/c its a 10 min. fight maximum) then eat the curry and use your blink band.
4. Equip your regular neck and headpiece(which should be af for the str and SE+)
5. Engage Maat then use Last Resort+Souleater then Guillotine( which is easier macro'd in before the fight)
6. Use the icarus wing and use guillotine again by this time maat will be dead or a hit or two away from it, regardless use blood weapon and by the time your blink has been removed he'll have given up and given you an instant warp so now warp back and talk to him.
7. If you have the money to spare for a vile elixer or would like to be safe then go ahead and get one and use it after your 1st guillotine/ before you use the icarus wing just to save some health but I'm sure you will not need it.
Hope this helps someone out there and if not there are many strategies but I'm sure this will do the trick.
I want to thi=ank Allexander and Knighthawk and Bigcountry for assisting me in obtaining my tests and also would like to thank various members from the LS PrideX for inviting me to their own test party and also go fight the NM Orcish Warlord for your ests it's a 50% drop rate and soloable by many 74+ jobs including NIN.~~~~ good luck to all who fight Maat as any job....
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So you just take your Testi to any burning circle?
Or is there a specific one for each job?
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147 posts
Take the specific testimony to your job to Maat in Jeuno.
# Feb 14 2007 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
ok heres my problem im RDM65/WHM32 right now...what makes it worse is im Galka (which means LOW LOW LOW MP) so u say aeroIII as much as possible... but what if i can only aero a few times even with convert? would any one recommend ether potions or more MP gear? my MP is 456 right now and I'm wearing full AF,Red Cape+1,Adept's Rope,Electrum Rings x2,Spirit Torque,Moldavite earring,Antivenom earring....plz give me info
PLD maat
# Feb 11 2007 at 7:51 AM Rating: Decent
I just completed pld maat on my 2nd try.

First time i went as PLD 66 wich was a mistake because i couldn't deal enough damage to kill him, I died after about 9 minutes when he asuran fists me.

2nd time:
I went in equipped all my gear (Using macro's for ur gear saves time) used a Carbonara, then Persikos au lait, Casted Protect IV then Shell III and then a Yag drink.
Used 4 sleeping potions to gain 100TP, then unequipped my opo-opo neklace for Parade gorget and then ran towards him.

Started off with a Flash, but so did he so dont do ur weaponskill if ur blinded.
Then i did Vorpal Blade for 601 dmg, wich was about 30% of his total HP. I just proceeded to melee him and i thought i'll use the Icarus wing later on.
Used Cure IV once, did another vorpal blade wich landed for 264 dmg. Maat used Invincible right after WS and i ran around in circles for about 30 seconds. Then used my Invincible and used 4 Hi-Potions +3. After my Invincible wore off, i had about 100 TP and used Vorpal Blade wich only did 67 dmg. Used icarus wing, and then my last Vorpal blade finished him off. I had 1045 HP left and about 200 MP. Fight took 6 mins and 20 seconds.

As for equips i had:
Full AF
Amemet Mantle
Life belt
2x Fang earrings
2x Courage rings
Olibanum sachet (Elvaan RSE Ammo STR+ 2)
Royal Guard's Shield
Spike Necklace

Good luck to everyone that still needs to do this ^^
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For THF, can anyone confirm that if you have already beat Maat on another job, that you cannot steal from him to beat him? I read this on FFXI wiki but that's the only place I've seen it. It will be very diffcult to beat him melee style as a Taru........
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Shame these couldn't be like the New LB5's for the new Jobs.

Woulda been cool to fight the NPC's that were involved in your Jobs and AF quests.
ex. Zied for DRK, Nanaa Mhigo for THF, etc...

And a few cutscenes for a JOB well done. Oh well...
DRK Hume lvl 69
# Feb 02 2007 at 1:16 PM Rating: Decent
I realize there are many other posts with a lot of the same data here, but when I came to research for my own maat fight. I found that almost all the drk fight posts, were bragging about how quick they beat him, or strategies that almost always depend on being elvaan or galka. This is my 2 cents to be used as another reference for others.

Well after 3 attempts I was finally able to defeat him. Here are some of the lessons I learned while attempting.

1.) Kuftal tunnel is the worst drop ever for Test's. Go fight Adaman Quadav or Orcish Warlord. Unless you got 2 hours to waste each time in the tunnel.

2.) Vile Elixir = good, Hi-pot spamming = very bad. Vile Elixir's are expensive...but 25%/50% of your hp in one shot make all the difference in the world. If you just spam hi-pots...he'll hit you and build tp...and you'll be sittin there tossing potions like a fool, not getting a single hit in.

3.) Acc+ gear is important. The key to a quick win is landing all 4 strokes of Guillotine. I'm not saying forget the STR+ gear..but all the STR in the world wont help if you cant land a majority of your guillotine strokes.

4.) If you dont beat him first try, dont despair. Inspite of what anyone says, this fight involves a lil luck as well as skill.

    Gear I wore:

Darksteel Scythe
AF Helm
Chivalrous Chain
Coral Earring x2
Thick Mufflers
Woodsman Ring x2
Amemet Mantle
Life Belt
Thick Breeches
Thick Feet

    Battle Plan:

1. Enter
2. Use Blink band
3. Used food - Yellow Curry ( The attack increase was immense comapred to my previous fights. Fully buffed my regular swings were doing 250-300 )
4. Perisokos(sp) au lait
5. Sleep to 100% tp
6. Re-equip regular gear
7. Run up to maat and type /slap Maat and /l Maat {Found it}
8. Turn back to Maat and engage.
9. Last Resort, Souleater
10. Turn, Guillotine
11. Vile Elixir
12. Stun
13. Icarus Wing
14. Guillotine
15. Vile Elixir +1
16. Weapon Bash
17. Blood Weapon
18. Absorb-TP to prevent any chance he may get a WS off

After my Blood Weapon was activated he gave up after 2 hits. I finished the fight with 985HP still remaining. Maat only got 2 hits on me. 1 melee and a Fire II.

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Dragoon Maat fight strategy
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    Dragoon Maat Preparation

Obtaining Dragoon's Testimony
Both times I went testimony hunting, I went to Davoi. Zone into Monastic Caverns at the south part of the map and then proceed to I-8 to zone back into Davoi. There are several Orcish Dragoons that pop in this area, and the drop is pretty common. Got one on 1st kill, and got one on 4th kill. These mobs checked Decent Challenge to me so bring along a partner, preferrably one who can heal. I went as Drg70/Sam35 and I found it was relatively easy to tank using Seigan+3rd eye, though you will require healing at some point. If you have a lvled NPC then that can help but beware, because NPCs are not allowed inside Monastic Caverns.

Preparations for the battle
To give yourself the best chance of winning, I suggest borrowing an Opo-opo necklace and a Blink Band. Then I bought a stack of sleeping potions (in case you get unlucky and have to try again, as in my case >.>), one Pear au Lait, one Tavnazian Taco, and one Icarus Wing. I did not buy any potions.
In terms of equipment, I didn't really use anything fancy.

Grand Knight's Lance | |Tiphia Sting
Empress Hairpin |Chivalrous Chain |Coral/Fowling Earring
Jaridah Peti |Drachen Finger Gauntlets |Sun Ringsx2
Amemet Mantle |Life Belt |Barone Cosciales/Drachen Greaves

This is mainly what I had for EXP party purposes with a few exceptions. I swapped in Empress Hairpin and Drachen Finger Gauntlets for the Dex boost (Penta Thrust Multiplyer), the Evasion, and the Wyvern Accuracy and Parrying Skill+10 on the gauntlets. I actually parried Maat during the fight with nowhere close to capped parrying skill, so every little bit helps.
Also, make sure that your wyvern is at full health and your two-hour ability is available.

The fight
Trade Maat your Testimony, and he will send you to the Burning Circle. Equip your Blink Band and your Opo Opo necklace now (do not use band or sleeping potions yet). Trade your testimony to the BC to enter the Shattering Stars(DRG) fight. Use sleeping potions while wearing Opo Opo Necklace to build up TP in the starting room. Each potion gives 25%tp before it wears off. It is up to you whether or not to sleep until you have 100 or 200 tp. Personally, I slept to 200 just to be safe. Then switch back into your regular Neck piece and use your Blink Band for a few shadows. When it is done, equip your regular head piece and run up to the Cermet Door. Use your Tavnazian Taco and your Pear Au Lait and open the door. Engage Maat and use Penta Thrust. Note that Maat will not attack until you land the first hit. After this, use Jump and High Jump in quick succession. Then, Spirit Surge, Jump and High Jump again. Use Penta Thrust again as soon as you have 100 TP. Here, pop your Icarus Wing and Penta Thrust him for a third time. Here Maat will drop, no questions asked.
Other strategies I have seen instruct the player to attack Maat's wyvern first; my strategy is to beat Maat as fast as possible before he gains TP and uses a weapon skill on you. His wyvern was hitting me for a significant amount of damage and this is another reason why its best to end the fight ASAP. I tried the strategy of using Super Jump and allowing my wyvern to solo Maat for a bit; the problem is, Maat will hit your wyvern for over 100 damage per hit, which not only reduces the HP you get back from Spirit Surge, but it allows him to build his TP. The time I lost, Maat hit me with Combo for 599 damage, which killed me after recieving a low HP bonus from spirit surge due to my weakened wyvern, not to mention Maat's wyvern chewing on my hp the whole time.
Using my strategy, not only did I beat Maat before he could use a weapon skill, but I ended the fight with about 740 HP left, which is a decent buffer in case he managed to get a lucky weapon skill off. I pulled this off by using the Au Lait for some regen, Taco for a good DEF boost, spirit surging with a fully healthy wyvern for a max HP boost, and using Spirit Surge plus Jump/High Jump early on in the fight (this lowers both his defense and his TP; remember, anything you can do to stop him from using a weapon skill).

I hope that this guide is in any way helpful to you. Congratulations on leveling Dragoon to level 70! It is a fantastic job that is a lot of fun to play. {Dragoon} {Power}
I would like to thank Dojo and Dookz for helping me with farming my Testimony; Idorah for lending me her Opo-Opo Necklace; and Barddak for lending me his Blink Band (by the way, I had never met Barddak before. He lent it to me out of the goodness of his heart in response to a /shout in Whitegate. You the man, Barddak!).
Thanks to FellowshipoftheArts for being my home Linkshell since I was a lvl 8 warrior with no sub job.
Dragoon Maat fight strategy
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This strategy worked well for me. I didn't even need to use the wing and it was over in a couple of minutes. Thanks for the advice, very helpful :)
# Jan 29 2007 at 5:32 AM Rating: Decent
I just finished Maat my fight with Maat as Samurai. Since there seems to be a lack of info about Samurai tactics here, I thought I'd make a post.

On obtaining Testamony: I headed to Castle Zvahl Baileys as SAM70/THF with a DRG70 and a PLD60 to help me out. Once we started dropping into the holes, we found that there was usually 1 Blood Demon per hole, so we would kill it and then move to the next one instead of waiting for repops. (Note: When dropping down the holes, you're actually trying to land one of the platforms along the side of the holes. The platform you need to land on is always the furthest from the center of the map.) We probably killed 7 or 8 Blood Demons to get the drop, and it probably took 1.5~2 hours to do the whole thing.

Preparation & Equipment: I bought 1 Meat Chiefkabob, 3 Hi-Potion+3's, 2 Pear au Lait, and an Icarus Wing. (I only ended up using the Chiefkabob, 1 Hi-Potion, and 1 Pear au Lait, though.)
As for equipment, I took Onikiri, full set of Hachiman armor, Spike Earring, Fowling Earring, Amemet Mantle, Life Belt, Chivalrous Chain, and 2 Puissance rings +1.

Fighting Maat: I entered the Burning Circle naked, just in case it did have some effect on his stats as mentioned above. Once inside, I used Meditate right away to start the recharge, then equipped myself and ate my Meat Chiefkabob. Once the Meditate timer was almost charged again, I drank the Pear au Lait, used Seigan + Third Eye, and charged in!

Tachi: Yukikaze >> Meikyo Shisui >> Tachi: Gekko = Fragmentation
Used Hi-Potion
Tachi: Yukikaze . . .

And that was it; Maat fell after 3 weapon skills.
Overall, the fight was very fast; probably less than 30 seconds once I'd engaged him. He hits hard and fast, though. At the start of the fight he pops Meikyo Shisui himself, and plows through your HP. When it was all said and done, I was left with 79 HP.

I'll be the first to admit I went a little overprepared, but it doesn't hurt to be ready for anything. Just prepare yourself mentally and have your actions mapped out in your mind. You'll be sure to succeed. ^^

# Jan 20 2007 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
it took me 4 tries to beat Maat but i got him! i didnt even have a chance to use potions. i use tav. tacos and the opo opo necklace. after necklace i used a wing gorget for more tp. then i ran in to vorpal blade him. i got that one off then i used icarus wing to vorpal blade him again. i then used sentinel and i ran around as he used invincible. i also flashed him as he invincibled. after his 2hr ran out i used mine. to my disappointment he didnt ws while i used my 2 hr. finally he used his ws and it did me 19 points of dmg. thank goodness he didnt asuran fist me!!! then i used my ws vorpal blade to finish him off. i found this fight alot easier the fourth time. maybe cuz the first three times i was under lvl 70 but once i hit 70 it seemed alot easier. anyway i hope this helped some of u plds out there. take care and good luck^^ hopefully u can beat him in 1 try and not 4!
Limit 5
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For those of you fimilar with my BLM L5 video here is my Ranger Video and the rest of the Job Videos coming soon as i am 5jobs away from Maat cap.

Ranger Video

Black Mage Video

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Limit 5
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Nice Video! congratulation!!!!
meat fight
# Jan 14 2007 at 10:53 PM Rating: Decent
I LOST TODAY fighting meat as a paldin 68 going to get anouther testamony i hope anney way he was not that easy first time fighting him if some one could give me some good tips would be very nice
meat fight
# Jan 15 2007 at 1:04 AM Rating: Decent
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2 words:

Get one crafted, buy off AH, borrow from friend, doesn't matter. You only need 1 charge.

Enchantment: Phalanx (for 2 minutes)

I did maat the old school way mentioned above, then attempted him again @ a later date using the shield. I didn't use a single Hi potion, just Yag Drinks.
Seriously, all I needed was food, yag drinks, and the Sleep pots for TP (didn't even need 2 hr.)

This shield makes him a joke. pick one up
# Jan 11 2007 at 9:09 PM Rating: Decent
ok this is for all those people who lvl thf without thinking about maat. if your not elvaan or rich, melee will get you killed. doesnt matter what you try. I was 0/7 on him and i read up on some strategies (which are hard to find for thf). Everyone thinks its easy to steal from him. Its not. Doesnt matter what moon is, how many +steal you have. I tried every solution except for 1. I finally beat him tonight with a steal. And its confirmed by me that the best time to d othe whole limit break is earthsday. I stole 1/1 testimony earthsday after a 2 hour unsuccessful hunt and 1/1 steal on maat 10 minutes later. Earthsday is the day to fight him as thf. I'm a Mithra THF. This is the only thing taht has worked for me. I hope this helps all those who struggle with the thf G5. Good luck!
May the Force be With You
# Jan 11 2007 at 3:19 AM Rating: Decent
ok I beat Maat tonight on the very first try. This is what I took.
Af gear all the way.
2x Phalanx Rings
Light Staff
2x High-Potions+3
2x High-Ethers
Vile Elixir+1
Tavnazian Taco
2x Yagado Drinks
Divine Seal

My advice is do not focus on Eva gear as whm has low eva anyway (assuming you are only a whm) so a bit more is not gonna make that much difference. I tried to use a shield at first but Light Staff proved to be a much better choice. My defense was around 406. Something to help against spell interuption would be nice and maybe something to cure Paralyze as he does cast it. The high-ethers I would not suggest. It took a really long time to use one and it only got me 50mp. so get something faster. I did not use any DoT spells or any attack spells of any kind. I just stood there and healed and somehow I lived. So good luck White mages.

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blm70 X maat
# Dec 27 2006 at 11:48 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok, I fought Maat 4x
the first time, it was a shame! he cast Firaga III and it did 786 damage! i died! The second time my Burst did 236 damage and freeze 125, he killed me with regular attack of 125 and Thundaga II 632 damage. Third time I almost got him! I had reraise on! he was on the red when he kill me! I thought: " now i'll accept the reraise and i will cast burst again and he will die with that!" i was wrong 8( he recover his HP to 90% and guess what! i died again!
On the 4th fight with Maat, i was luck! 8)
- first i entered in the burning cicle naked! once inside, i equip everything back, eta Rolamberry pie, used a Blink band (very importante) and reraise (just in case). I healed myself and went face Maat!
- Landao start casting Firaga III!
- Landao cast Firaga III, Maat take 568 damage
- Maat hit Landao, 1 of Landao Shadow takes damage and disapper
- Maat start casting Burst
- Landao use Elemental Seal
- Landao cast Sleep II
- Maat cast is interrupted! Maat is sleep.
(i went to the other side of the arena)
- Landao use Manafont (cast a spell as fast as you can! don't waist time)
- Landao start casting Burst
- Landao cast Burst, Maat take 436 damage
- Maat is awake
- Maat start casting Thundaga II
- Landao cast Stun
- Maat is Stuned. Maat cast is interrupted.
- Landao cast Firaga III , maat take 69 damage ~_~
- Maat cast Bind, Landao is Bind
- Maat start casting Flood
- Landao Manafont wear off 8(
- Landao Cast Aeroga III, maat take 125 damage ~_~
- Maat Cast Flood, 1 of Landao shadow takes damage and disapper 8)
- Landao start casting Stonega III
- Maat start casting Stonega III
- Landao cast Stonega III, Maat take 472 damage ^_^
-Landao defeat Maat
End of fight!

i forgot to cast Bio II! if i was killed, maat wouln't be able to recover his HP because of Bio II, and it would be easyer to kill him with another spell!
i was luck! i didn't take any damage this time! The blink band SAVED me! and Please don't forget to Stun Maat after he is awake!

Good Luck!

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What Must I Do?
# Dec 24 2006 at 4:40 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, i fought him twice in one day, the first time was a joke and i got wiped all over the floor. The second time i brought with me:
Boiled Crab
Yagudo Drink x2
Persikos au laite
I entered the fight casted all my buffs (pro, shell, aquaveil, SS, and blink)
I get half way to Maat pop up a Persikos au laite.
i go in the SS and blink last like 5 seconds and are gone before i know it, but while they were up i casted paralyze on maat which stuck but didnt ever paralyze any of his moves. This is when i take a beating. After every hit i cure 3 myself while having regen 3 up. Maat hits me 2 times before i can get off a cure, so i cure in this order:
Maat hits x2
Cure 3 211
(Above process about 5 times)
He scores a critical of about 250 then i start casting Cure IV since i was at half hp i didnt want to take risks, then he scores another critical interupts my next cast critical again and im out. when i tried to use benediction, it said Unable to use job ability at this time. Which costed me the battle, which lasted approximately 4 and a half minutes.
My Gear Was:
Dark and Light Staves
Antivenom earring and black earring
electrum rings
druids rope
blue cape
promise badge.
If anyone has any suggestions can you please tell me what to improve.
(Also my def was roughly 350 with pro and food as a Tarutaru)
# Dec 23 2006 at 8:06 PM Rating: Decent
WHM is quite simple if you´re well prepared. You won´t need either bene or divine seal. Here my gear:
-Earth staff
-noble´s crown
-AF gear
-2X bat earrings
-2X phalnx ring
-flagelant rope

I bought about 8 hi potions, 1 tav taco, 1 stack of Mulsum, 2 x hi ethers, 2 yag drinks, 2 blinding potions.

I buffed myself with protect iv, shell iV, stoneskin, blink, rested full then to aquaveil me, i drank a yag drink, I ate taco, and i blinded myself, i cast paralyze on maat and i kept curing myself in the beginning only with hi potions.
Then some mulsums to recover my mp as needed. Then after hi potions were over i started to use cure 3, but pay attention dont let ur hp get too low. If it does use cure IV. Pay attention if ur still blinded, and if refresh wore off. Also I used regen 3 to help me heal.

And a very important thing: macros of paralyna, erase, all items,bene, divine seal, blink, stoneskin,cure, etc .

I made it in 8 minutes and some seconds. =D
I hope this helps no gil totally poor whm. That was the cheapest way i could do it(earth staff was borrowed btw!).
see ya
Lakshmi Server - WHM 70, BLM40,SMN36,RDM26,PLD17,BST16,NIN10,WAR10,DRG4,BLU3
# Dec 23 2006 at 8:00 PM Rating: Decent
WHM is quite simple if you´re well prepared. You won´t need either bene or divine seal. Here my gear:
-Earth staff
-noble´s crown
-AF gear
-2X bat earrings
-2X phalnx ring
-flagelant rope

I bought about 8 hi potions, 1 tav taco, 1 stack of Mulsum, 2 x hi ethers, 2 yag drinks, 2 blinding potions.

I buffed myself with protect iv, shell iV, stoneskin, blink, rested full then to aquaveil me, i drank a yag drink, I ate taco, and i blinded myself, i cast paralyze on maat and i kept curing myself in the beginning only with hi potions.
Then some mulsums to recover my mp as needed. Then after hi potions were over i started to use cure 3, but pay attention dont let ur hp get too low. If it does use cure IV. Pay attention if ur still blinded, and if refresh wore off. Also I used regen 3 to help me heal.

And a very important thing: macros of paralyna, erase, all items,bene, divine seal, blink, stoneskin,cure, etc .

I made it in 8 minutes and some seconds. =D
I hope this helps no gil totally poor whm. That was the cheapest way i could do it(earth staff was borrowed btw!).
see ya
Lakshmi Server - WHM 70, BLM40,SMN36,RDM26,PLD17,BST16,NIN10,WAR10,DRG4,BLU3
Maat fightfor all you Bst
# Dec 11 2006 at 6:51 AM Rating: Decent
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I defeated Maat on the second attempt yesterday wooot :) The first fight i made the mistake of healing my pet during battle, resulting in Maat using his 2 hr and then getting wiped after his pet raped me. LOL/slap own face.

2nd fight: I stripped off all of my armour & equipment as suggested in the guide notes, and handed over the testomy. Once in the fight i ate my fish kabob thingy ( The one suggested in the guide ) and re-equiped all of my gear. I then called my Panzer jug and proceeded into battle and stuck it on Maat, whilst taking on his black pet of death. Evil little ******* lol. I fought the pet down to 60% and the used my one and only icarus wing, and used rampage to finish the pet off. At this stage my pet still had 30% health so i then healed my pet upto 50%, ran out of range and healed up using my 4 heal potions. Finaly i returned to battle to fight beside my pet and finish Maat off. My pet survived ( just ) and i was then given a warp scroll to return to home. I cannot confirm if the stripping of armour before the fight gives you an advantage over maat as the dmg seemed even on both sides. This suggests may not....great idea though :)
Red Mage
# Dec 09 2006 at 11:15 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm a Red Mage, defeated Maat a short while ago today~

My second try... But my first REAL try, the first time I went in, it was a test run, I had no idea what to do lol.

I got ethers, potions, and drinks. Barely needed them.

Maat only hit me once, with a Stone III that I resisted. (73 damage)

I used the sleep-nuke technique until about halfway, then converted and chanspelled the rest out of him. Killed him in 5 mins, 37 sec.

Here are screenshots of the chat log of my fight - in case any RDMs would like to see what I did:


Good luck!
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