Moa Constrictors  

Start Area: Balga's Dais
Max Party:6
Related Mobs:Giant Moa
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Atropos Orb
Items Granted:Absorbing Shield
Adaman Ingot
Black Beetle Blood
Cockatrice Skin
Damascus Ingot
Dodo Skin
Evoker's Boots
Heart Snatcher
Orichalcum Ingot
Ostreger Mitts
Philosopher's Stone
Phoenix Feather
Pineal Hat
Tracker's Kecks
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Trade an Atropos Orb to the burning circle in Balga's Dais to enter this fight. There is no level restriction, and a time limit of 30 minutes. Mobs: 2x Giant Moa (Cockatrice-type mobs). Both of the birds can be slept, but are highly resistant. A 75 RDM will usually be able to get off an un-assisted Sleep II once or twice, but will need to use Elemental Seal to land it reliably, especially after the first sleep. Both are susceptable to gravity and bind, but they do have an AoE gravity TP move which makes kiting difficult. It is also highly advised that you do NOT debuff/enfeeble the mobs or buff your party unless you are prepared to deal with Contagiation Transfer. Both mobs have all normal cockatrice TP moves, as well as the following: - Absorb-TP added effect to attacks - AoE gravity, paralyze, dia, bio, and a very strong poison (approx. 30hp/tick). Only 3 of the 6 are used per mob, apparently.* - Contagion Transfer: a single-target swap of the mob's and player's current status effects. Maximum number of swapped statuses is unknown. Food can also be absorbed. Things to watch out for: - The Moas hit hard and fairly quickly. Double attacks and Contagion Transfer may make it difficult for a ninja to tank. - Sleep seems to wear quickly and they become highly resistant after one or two sleeps, so having two members capable of ES + Sleep is probably a safe bet. However, a single sleeper can handle one mob as long as the first goes down quickly. - The AoE poison is extremely strong, and your mages will be hard-pressed for MP and time if they have to worry about poisona on top of all the other status ailments. Antidotes are highly recommended. - Once one of the Moas is killed, the other seems to get stronger. You will have time to wipe and reraise after the first one if the second wakes before you are ready.


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# Jan 24 2007 at 8:02 AM Rating: Good
625 posts
We completely annihilated this KC with:

BST/WHM (later changed to a BLM/WHM)

No Damascus Ingots though. BLU completely owns the Moas, not needing TP, and doing damage at an alarming rate while keeping the Moa stunned. RDM (that was me) runs in, ES Sleep II on the Right Moa, then running away towards the entrance. Other 5 people then converge on the left one and zerg it.

RDM can either kite the second while it wakes up, or someone else with an ES can Sleep II it again, while everyone restores MP for the first one.

We didn't use any food, and didn't buff the melee or debuff the mobs (except for Mezraq's add effect, and Evasion Down didn't bother us), which kept the swapping and spreading of debuffs not a problem.

3 Heart Snatchers, 1 Morgenstern!!!, 2 Gravediggers!!, and an Expunger in 7 runs we did. Average time was about 6 and a half minutes, and we had one death only. (Taru BLU got double Hammer Beaked). Do bring a good WHM that can Cure V in response to Hammer Beak and cure Status effects fast!
37 NIN/37 WAR/37 DRK/37 THF/37 PLD
37 RNG/37 DNC/43 WHM/59 NPC

Bastok, ZM,CoP, ToAU complete
Read my Nyzul Isle Guide at
http://priphea.livejournal.com/profile !

toxic pick
# Dec 08 2006 at 5:29 PM Rating: Decent
3,896 posts
Toxic pick is not as someone says below, paralyzega, it is actually poison + gravity single target. It may be disease too but that doesn't transfer with contagion transfer.

When we did this just now we went 4/6 on wins- losing first 2 as we had never done it before.

Some tips:

Do not fight the mobs in the circle. If you kill one you can wipe, raise up and go at the 2nd one, unless (as we did) you die in the circle, because tractor doesn't work, so even if whm is outside circle you out of luck.

PLD tank works well. (We didn't use nin because we were scared of the mobs stealing the shadows and haste). It's worth having the tank have their own supply of antidotes so they can take poison off fast because whm is often midcast and if the evil mob contagion transfer, everyone will get 40 hp a tick poison. Not pleasant.

Don't have some cute idea like we did that mnk should tank to start with and use counterstance to get it stolen by mob. loldeadmnk.

Once first mob is dead, 2nd one goes mental crazy and spams hammer beak, contagion transfer, baleful gaze etc. This means if you can- keep 2nd mob asleep a bit so your main healer can get some MPz back.

The sellable drops we got were not that good on the 4 runs we won. One shield, a few tracker's kecks, adaman ingot, oric. ingot.

As for rare/ex we got a gravedigger, a morgenstern, 2 expungers and a dodo skin.

There were 2 of us who wanted morgenstern but my friend galluf let me have it- so thanks to him!
# Aug 10 2006 at 12:25 PM Rating: Decent
138 posts
My friend had an extra Orb so we only did one run last night and we positively smoked this one:
Our set up this go-around was RDM/BLM BRD/WHM WHM/SMN WAR/NINx2 MNK/NIN. It was all about the sleeps. I markedly improved my gear since our last attempt and Sleep II>>ES Sleep II kept one of the mobs slept until the other was dead. Once they did Contagion Transfer when one of the WARs had Berserk up they went down fast.

I can't stress it enough: DO NOT BUFF YOUR MELEE OR HAVE THEM USE FOOD and DO NOT DEBUFF THE MOBS AT ALL. Contagion Transfer will steal all the buffs and debuff everyone within it's AOE range. This includes bard songs and JAs.
Easy Win with 2 Tank, 2 DD, 2 WHM
# Jul 24 2006 at 8:39 AM Rating: Good
I had previously done Contaminated Colleseum with 3 SMNs+1WHM+1 RDM+1 Random DD. While we won 5/8 of the orbs, we never saw a drop of the club, and we died more times than I care to remember.

After feeling disheartened at the BC, I looked into doing Moa Constrictors instead. 2 Cockatrice who absorb your positive effects and give you their negative effects. Our set-up was 2 WHM+1 PLD+1 NIN+1 MNK/NIN+1 DRK/NIN. We used 6 orbs. Lost the first one due to a failed strategy (having a tank+dd+whm each kill one). We decided to have the PLD+WHM kite one, while the NIN, DRK, MNK, and WHM killed the other. Casted no buffs aside from Utsusemi, and the only debuff used was gravity on the one cockatrice. Not only was this strategy INFINTELY more successful, but we broke the record twice. Got 4 Shields, 2 Damascene Cloths, and 2 MORGENSTERNS!!

If its easier for you to snag 2 tanks, 2 melee, and another whm than a bunch of SMNs, give this BC a shot. Honestly, I don't know why more people don't do it.
Tried it and won after tweeking.
# Jun 12 2006 at 2:35 PM Rating: Excellent
138 posts
I took some friends and tried this KS last night.
The biggest problem is keeping 1 Moa slept while the other is killed. After a bad run this is what we did.
RDM: Sleep 2 (Sticks usually)
BLM: Sleepga 2
RDM: ES Sleep 2
(At this point the first Mob should be dead or close to dying or you're in trouble.)
BLM ES Sleepga 2 (Recovery Time)
Gravity will also stick, but is HIGHLY resisted after the second or third cast.

During the fight there are really only a couple things that you really need to look out for.

Hammer Beak: Will do 900+ dmg to a lvl 75 NIN
Baleful Gaze: Perta
Contagion tranfer: This is the tricky one. It actually swaps buffs/debuffs with the target. For example. If you stick blind, para, slow, Dia II on the mob, and your NIN has ProIV, ShellIV, Haste, Shadows, and Sole Sushi on, the mob Steals the buffs from the NIN(Including food and shadows) and gives the NIN all the detremental statis effects it had.
This move works both ways however, so if the Moa uses it back-to-back the target will get all the buffs back and the mob will receive all the negitive effects again.

I would recommend pulling one mob back to the beginning of the BC and keeping the other slept in the middle so the mages can keep and eye on the slept one and still debuff/burst/heal.

We wiped once then went 2/3 on Grave Digger 0/3 on Morgenstern 1/3 on the Bow. 2/3 on O.Ingots and 1/3 on D.Ingots and 1/3 on Absorbing Shield among other low money drops.

I'm going to try this run again with a paladin, he played white mage during our last run and he's convinced it would be much easier with a PLD tank. I'm also going to try bringing BRD and seeing if the sleeping/kiting goes a little smoother, I'll post after we try again.

Happy hunting!

Edited, Mon Jun 12 14:35:16 2006
First Attempt
# Feb 17 2006 at 11:12 PM Rating: Default
435 posts
Hey, All...

We have a few people in my LS that wanted to attempt this... there was very little on the fight, but we tried to see what it was like.

We wiped with the following setup:

+NIN/war BRD/whm BST/war BLM/rdm BLM/whm WHM/blm

That setup might actually work, if we had been more prepared for the status effects.

We have a feeling it will work a little better with PLD tank, I'll post when we try it that way.

Anyway, here's a basic rundown:

Moa Constrictors KS30 BCNM

2 Giant Moa

Special Moves to watch for:

Toxic Pick: Paralyzega

Contagion Transfer: Poisonga

Contamination: Blindga

Baleful Gaze
: Petrification

Hammer Beak: Single Target Physical Attack

Sleepable *BUT* also fairly resistant before finally sleeping.

They hit very fast and very hard, be prepared for heavy curing.

Recommended Meds:

  • Antidote
  • Eye Drops
  • Remedy
  • Hi-Potions for melee
  • Yags for mages

  • Edited, Fri Feb 17 22:13:29 2006
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