Finding Faults  

Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Start NPC:Hishahma (K - 8)
Related Areas:Caedarva Mire
Mount Zhayolm
Wajaom Woodlands
Related Mobs:Lamia Deathdancer
Mamool Ja Mimicker
Troll Speculator
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Reward:200 Imperial Standing
(From 1 rating)
Items Granted:??? Box
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
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Journey to the lands where dangerous monsters reside and investigate their weak points. According to previous research, each type of monster should possess two weak points.


Talk to Hishahma and he'll ask you if you'd assist him in researching certain enemies weakness. Say yes and you'll get to pick either Lamia, Troll, or Mamool.

The weakness of the enemy changes every week. If you intimidate it it counts as a weakness.

Depending on what mob you decide to pick he will tell you where to go. Here is a list of the NM locations:

  • Lamia - Go to Caedarva Mire and check the ??? at (I-7) to spawn an NM.
  • Troll - Go to Mount Zhayolm and check the ??? at (L-6) to spawn an NM.
  • Mamool - Go to Wajaom Woodlands and check the ??? at (E-13) to spawn an NM.

There are two possible weakness of the enemy.

  • Weaponskills
  • Weaponskills from a specific angle
  • An Element
  • Sound (Lamia only. Check Peculiar Plants nearby)
  • Low Strength (Lamia only. Intimidation from melee attacks)
  • Scent (Troll only. Check Peculiar Seeds nearby)
  • Movement Speed (Troll only. Low movement speed than normal)
  • Irritant (Mamool Ja only. Check Peculiar Buds nearby)
  • Landing (Mamool Ja only. Fall off a ledge to test if it can land properly)

Once you are done fighting return to Hishahma and report the weakness. Wait one real life day and return for your reward of 200 IS if you got one weakness correct, and a ??? box as well if you got both correct.

You can repeat this quest each conquest.

To read the transcripts for this quest, see the Finding Faults Spoilers page.

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# May 05 2007 at 1:59 AM Rating: Decent
126 posts
Soloed the Troll task as a 75BST/37NIN.
Any Mountain Clot will make this PUP NM a joke, even my DC slime was hitting it
for 100s and taking 10-20 damage in return. It got slightly more complicated when it summoned its pet and the automaton managed to steal hate by hitting ~40s. I would suggest letting your pet get hate at this point and assist it when you can do so safely. You may wish to avoid this at night, I believe ghosts spawn in the area nearby.
Soloed the Lamia task as a 75BST/37WHM.
Charm a T-VT fly and familiar. Once again it should be a piece of cake, the spawn area is nearby some treants and you may need to have sneak or silent oils to be able to reach the Peculiar Plants. I've also done this via 3~4 Oil Slicks if one's 2hr is down.

Soloed the Mamool Ja task as a 75BST/37NIN
This part was more troublesome of the 3 as you have to run through Mamook to get to E-13 in Wajoam Woodlands. I went in through the E-12 entrance in Wajoam which starts you off at M-9 in Mamook. Be wary as you cross from L-9 to K-9 as there are two True sight NMs there guarding an Archaic Mirror that don't really stop much. Your goal is to reach the exit at L-10 to get to the ???.

The NM itself is also slightly more annoying than the others since it is a BLU type. I used familiar on a nearby Woodland Runner upon exiting Mamook and meleed with it. The mob has shown the following moves in its ******* when I fought it:

1000 Needles
Awful Eye
Claw Cyclone
Feather Tickle
Filamented Hold
Forceful Blow
Hydro Shot
Jet Stream
MP Drainkiss
Pinecone Bomb
Radiant Breath (Did 1.5k to pet)
Sickle Slash
Sound Blast
Sprout Smack
Terror Touch
Voracious Trunk
Wild Oats

As for the weakness part, all 3 I more or less had to guess on- it was relatively difficult to do much with my pet tanking and generally my subjob was needed to get to the destination. I think the Landing, Low Str or Sluggish Movement one is generally a good choice if you don't know- I'm 1/2 at best on these.

*EDIT* I think you have to be 2/2 on both weaknesses for all 3 beastmen types to be able to open Art of War, I'm currently 1/2 on all 3 and can't flag it but I will try again later.

*EDIT* Ignore the last bit on the guessing, it's more or less random on which choices are correct. As a side note, if you can test the "elements" via magic be careful NOT to use a WS of the same element (and very careful that your mob isn't using an elemental type move via Sic) as it will also intimidate but under the category "A certain Element" instead of a WS.

*EDIT* There seem to be a LOT of spawn points for a certain irritants, I'm not sure if some have the same message.

*EDIT* Just cleared all 3 quests 2/2 on weaknesses and I still can't flag "The Art of War" after the conquest tally...

*EDIT* Several months later.. I'm finally able to flag the next quest after being promoted to Superior Private

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