22-25 Lower Delkfutt's Tower  

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Level 22-25

How to Get to Camp

From Port Jeuno:

Cross Qufim Island and zone into Lower Delkfutt's Tower. Remember to bring sneak oils to avoid undead on Qufim Island.

Camp Info

  • Supports 2 parties, see map to right for details.

Target Mobs

Giant Gatekeeper, Giant Guard, Giant Lobber, Giant Sentry

  • Mob Level: 28-32
  • Mob Family: Gigas
  • Aggros to sight
  • Links by sight
  • Strong vs. Ice, very strong vs. Thunder

Goblin Gambler, Goblin Leecher, Goblin Mugger

  • Mob Level: 27-30
  • Mob Family
  • Aggros by sight
  • Links by sight
  • Weak vs. Light


To reach these camps, enter the tower and head to the first intersection. The goblin camp is down the east hallway, and the gigas camps are down the north and west hallways.

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