29-31 Rolanberry Fields  

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Level 29-31

How to Get to Camp

From Lower Jeuno

  • Zone out of Lower Jeuno and head south to camp.

From Kingdom of San d'Oria:

West Ronfaure -> La Theine Plateau -> Jugner Forest -> Batallia Downs -> Rolanberry Fields

From Federation of Windurst:

West Sarutabaruta -> Tahrongi Canyon -> Meriphataud Mountains -> Sauromugue Champaign -> Rolanberry Fields

From Republic of Bastok:

South Gustaberg -> North Gustaberg -> Konschtat Highlands -> Pashhow Marshlands -> Rolanberry Fields

Camp Info

  • Camp at K-7
  • Watch out for magic agro.

Target Mobs

Target Mobs

Evil Weapon {blm} and Evil Weapon {war}

  • Mob Level: 36-38
  • Mob family: Weapon
  • Aggro to sound and magic casting.
  • Non linking
  • Weak vs. Light, Fire


Have mages stand back to avoid AoE from weapons. Also be aware that other weapons might aggro if mages aren't standing back far enough.

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