72-75 Lufaise Meadows  

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Level 72-75

How to Get to Camp

Fastest ways to reach this camp:

Camp Info

  • Camp at K-7 on either the SW or NE side of the clearing.
  • Camp supports two parties
  • White mage is strongly recommended

Target Mobs


  • Mob Level: 80-83
  • Mob Family: Giant bird
  • Aggro to sight
  • Links by sight
  • Weak vs. Ice
  • Weak vs. Light
  • Weark vs. piercing weapons
  • Strong vs. Wind

Tavnazian Ram

  • Mob Level: 81-83
  • Mob Family: Ram
  • Aggro by sight
  • Links by sight
  • Strong vs. Ice


Careful about linking abraxas while pulling because they resist sleep. Also, they have quick attack rates, so be careful.

Rams have petrify moves and AoE max HP reductions, so whm is needed for erase.

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