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About the Eggs

Chocobo Egg (A Bit Warm)

Chocobo Egg (Faintly Warm)

  • Description:This large chocobo egg is covered by a thick shell. It is faintly warm to the touch.
  • Obtained:Sold from Dabih Jajalioh F-9 Ru'Lude Gardens.

Chocobo Egg (Slightly Warm)

  • Description:This large chocobo egg is covered by a thick shell. It is slightly warm to the touch.
  • Obtained:Sold from Dabih Jajalioh F-9 Ru'Lude Gardens.

Chocobo Egg (A Little Warm)

  • Description:This large chocobo egg is covered by a thick shell. It is a little warm to the touch.
  • Obtained:100% drop in ISNM - Making a Mockery.

Chocobo Egg (Somewhat Warm)

About Care

Ok you got an egg. Now what? You have to turn it in, in one of the 3 towns.

Chocobo raising NPCs -

  • Hantileon - Is at (I-11) in Southern San d'Oria. He's the San d'Orian Chocobo Raising NPC.
  • Pulonono - Is at (K-12) in Windurst Woods. She's the Windurstian Chocobo Raising NPC.
  • Zopago - Can be found at Bastok chocobo stables. This is Bastok's Raising NPC.
  • Arvilauge - Is at (I-11) in Southern San d'Oria. He gives all the information about Chocobo Raising you could possibly want. And which is why I've left this so bare because you can just get the information from him.
  • Kiria-Romaria - Is at (K-12) in Windurst Woods. He gives information on Chocobo Raising.
  • Gonija - At the Bastok stables explaining Chocobo Raising.

The Chocobo Raising Menu

The Chocobo Menu

Inside the Menu there are a few options.

  • Care for your Chocobo - See more info in paragraph 2.1.1.
  • Check my Chocobo - Here you can hear about the status of your chocobo. (gender, attributes level, affection level, personality,weather preference and if it knows any abillities.
  • Care Schedule - Here you can plan what type of care you want the NPC to use for your chocobo. See paragraph 2.1.2 for more info.
  • Give up Chocobo Raising - This obviously discards the egg you're currently raising.

The Care for Your Chocobo Menu

Types of care

Watch over the Chocobo Available from egg phase

  • Strengthens bonds of affection. Places very little stress on the chocobo. This also depletes your Chocobo's stamina not very much mind you but if your trying to take your chocobo on walks try to refrain from doing this since it might cost you a walk.

Go on a walk Available from chick phase

  • Strengthens bonds of affection, but depletes stamina. The chocobo may meet someone on its travels!

Tell a Story Available from adolesense phase

  • Strengthens bonds of affection and trains mental faculties. Telling various stories may have a beneficial effect for the chocobo.

Scold the Chocobo Available from chick phase

  • Disciplines the chocobo. Slightly weakens bonds of affection. Will also wake up your chick when it goes in to "Chocoma" when choosing the rest plan.

Compete against others Available from adolesense phase (after CS)

  • Strengthens bonds of affection, but depletes stamina. Entertains a bored chocobo.

The Care Schedule

Care Plan Attribute Overview
Plan TypeStrEndDisRecAffEngPayment
Basic Care 1 1 1 1 -1 -1 0
Resting 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
Taking a Walk 1 1 -1 -1 -1 -1 0
Listening to Music -1 -1 1 1 -1 -1 0
Exercising Alone 1 0 -1 -1 -1 -1 0
Exercising in a Group 0 1 -1 -1 -1 -1 0
Playing With Children -1 -1 1 0 -1 -1 0
Playing With Chocobos -1 -1 0 1 -1 -1 100-200
Carrying Packages 2 2 -2 -2 -3 -2 100-200
Exhibiting to the Public -2 -2 2 2 -3 -3 100-200
Delivering Messages 3 0 0 -2 -3 -3 200-400
Digging for Treasure 0 -2 3 0 -3 -3 200-400
Acting in a Play -2 0 0 3 -3 -3 200-400
Care plans

As the chocobo matures you will be able to select a care plan for your chocobo. Here you can boost his stats according to your plan. If we look at the attributes and you want your choco mainly for travel you want to boost his STR and Endurance. Perhaps in the future we will find out what will be the attributes used for digging, racing etc.

The numbers don't represent its value the numbers are:

  1. Minor
  2. Avarage
  3. Major
We have to find out the real value of them
  • STR = Strengh
  • END = Endurance
  • DIS = Discernment
  • REC = Receptivity
  • AFF = Affection
  • ENG = Energy

The Attributes

Chocobo attributes


  • Strength: Affects the chocobo�s running speed.
  • Endurance: Affects chocobo riding duration.


  • Discernment: Affects the chocobo�s potential to learn abilities. (For example chocobo digging)
  • Receptivity: Affects the chocobo�s ability to communicate with fellow chocobos.

Other attributes

  • Energy: The power the chocobo needs to remain active. Affects the success of care plans and the frequency of care options.
  • Affection: The most important part of chocobo raising. Greatly affects the success of care plans.
  • Satisfaction: Changes with feeding and affects energy recovery.

The Attributes Levels

When you start all your chocobo attributes level will be poor. Raising your chocobo will change these levels. This info is datamined by Gsarivan(KI).

  • Level 1 - "Poor"
  • Level 2 - "Substandard"
  • Level 3 - "A bit deficient"
  • Level 4 - "Average"
  • Level 5 - "Better than average"
  • Level 6 - "Impressive"
  • Level 7 - "Outstanding"
  • Level 8 - "First-class"

Chocobo Abilites

Your chocobo can learn special Abilities (speculation: By reading to it, or inherited from parents in breeding)

These abilities are:

  • Gallop - Burst of speed. Is learned from the Impatient story.
  • Canter - by defenition faster than trot but slower than the gallop. Is learned from the curious story.
  • Burrow - Dig? Is learned from the Worriesome story.
  • Bore - Better version of dig? Is learned from the Young story.
  • Auto regen - Improves rate of recovery. Is learned from the Happy story.
  • Treasure Finder - Adds another range icrement in Chocobo Hot and Cold game and increases the chances of finding items when taking your chocobo for a walk. Is learned from the Diligent story.
Each chocobo is limited to a maximum of 2 abilities.

Chocobo Illnesses

  • Injury
  • Minor illness
  • Stomachache
  • Serious illness
  • Loneliness
  • Happiness
  • Confusion
  • Spoiled chocobo
  • In love
  • Crying at night
Complete stop
  • Runaway
  • Laziness
Not giving your chocobo enough affection will cause the ailment loneliness.

Chocobo Food

Vegetables Raise affection, and satisfy hunger.

Wildgrasses Don't taste very good, but cure status abnormalities.

Carrots High in nutrition and effect strength and discernment.

Worms Multiple effects Warning: Worms have side effects.


  • Chocolixir ~ Restores energy to full
  • Celerity Salad ~ Cures most status abnormalities, restores some health.
  • Tornado Salad ~ HQ version of Celerity Salad, with similar beneficial effects.

Pastes Food ground into paste is for chicks to eat.

  • Worm Paste ~ This food adds a little energy to your chocobo. will raise energy bar a bit for that extra walk ^^

Growing, Crafting Your Own Food

Save some gil by crafting those pastes!


Vegetable Paste Carrot Paste Herb Paste Worm Paste

The "special" items to craft these paste are bought from NPC's


The Egg Phase

It will take 4 real life days to hatch an egg despite what kind of egg it is. All Chocobos hatch Yellow. I'm doing research about the skills of the chocobos per egg. While it is an egg the only thing you can do is care for your chocobo. This will raise your affection.

After your egg hatches your allowed to name your Chocobo. The names has a max. of 15 characters. You can pick your name out of a list with words. You can find the list Here. Or if you cant decide use Valadhurs Name generator.

The Chick Phase

Now that it is hatched its time to care for the little baby. You need to care for it, take it for walks and feed it. You can also set up a care plan.

Going for a Walk (Short)

Going for a walk will raise your affection level and make your "chick" stronger. But it will drain its energy/stamina. So you can only take him for so many walks a day.

When you take your chocobo for a walk you will meet the chocobo NPC with his chick (every town has their own chocobo NPC with their chick). We are still investigating how to get the Cut Scene with the NPC until now it seems pretty random.

On the 3th meet you will get a key item: Chocobo story wich you can use later on.

  • San Doria: Story of an Impatient Chocobo.
  • Windurst: Story of a Young Chocobo.
  • Bastok: Story of an Worrisome Chocobo.

Asking the chocoboy about "Tell a Story" gives you: "You can tell a chocobo a story you know. This will foster the animals sensibilities. I've heard that by listening to a story, the chocobo might even realize it has powers it never noticed before." This makes me think it will raise its attributes or learns it an ability.

Feeding Your Chocobo

Checking on your Chocobo will tell you what the hunger level is for your chocobo.

The hunger levels are:

  • Level 1 - "Starving"
  • Level 2 - "Quite hungry"
  • Level 3 - "A little hungry"
  • Level 4 - "Neither hungry nor full"
  • Level 5 - "Neither hungry nor full" (no this is not a typo)
  • Level 6 - "Almost full"
  • Level 7 - "Quite full"
  • Level 8 - "Completely full"

To feed your chocobo you trade food to the chocobo NPC.

The Adolescent Phase

It takes 19 days to grow your egg into a young chocobo.

The Colours in the Adolescent Phase

What Feielle found out by datamining is:

Once your choco gets to the adolescent phase, there are 4 colour combinations it can have:

  • Yellow with white tips
  • Yellow with Black tips
  • Yellow with purplish tips
  • Brown with Yellow tips.

Tell a Story

Strengthens bonds of affection and trains mental faculties. Telling various stories may have a beneficial effect for the chocobo. You can tell general chitchat or tell one of the Key item: Stories. I believe telling the key item stories will unlock abilities as described in paragraph 2.3.

We have three confirmations of getting an abillity while rieading the story its:

  • Auto-Regen from the Happy story
  • Gallop from the impatient story
  • Burrow from the worrisome story
  • Canter from the curious story
  • Bore from the Young story

Going for a Walk (Regular)

Regular walks go to the teleport zones. La theine/Konshot/Tahrongi. After getting a CS with 3 other chocobo raisers you will get the option Compete against others.

Also its possible to meet up with chocobo trainers for the 2 others towns and get their story (Impatient, young, worrisome)

Scold the Chocobo

All we know so far is: "Your chocobo hangs it head with shame"

Compete Against Others

When you select this you get a race in town. The facts say that this entertains a bored chocobo. So when you get a message that your chocobo is bored I suggest this option.

After winning 3 races you will get a new story to tell your chocobo.

Winning the race seems random at the time.

The Adult Phase

After 29 days you will have an adult Chocobo. It is possible to get a coloured chocobo out the 1st generation eggs. Its still under investigation how to.

Full grown, you have 2 sizes: Large and Medium (the largest difference being the head sizes)


  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Purplish


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Obtaining the Chocobo Whistle

To obtain your chocobo whistle follow this small guide. (link was broken, need a new Chocobo Whistle guide.)

Going for a Walk (Long)

Long walks go one zone further than the teleport zone. You have a chance to meet up with Dietmund and Brutus (Both speculated to give you the last 2 stories).

Confirmed: Brutus will give you the Curious story, you can meet the NPC breeder from the final town here too.

Registering Your Chocobo for Riding it

In the root of the Chocobo menu you can register your chocobo to the whistle.

Breeding (Soon to Come)

I want to know a lot more about breeding before putting up the info. Its kind of complicated with the generic code. All though I will put up the how to soon.

Special Thanks

  • Risae
  • Liltrouble & TenFifteen
  • Caerai
  • Darkffxi
  • ShenanigansTitan
  • LeinadiOdin
  • Demetres the Charming
  • Dazzy
  • Craftermath
  • Captzee
  • Moritaru
  • Kirol
  • Sonded
  • Jadeskies
  • Gsarivan (KI)
  • Strangeone
  • Feielle
  • Valadhur
  • TheHulk

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