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The following are transcripts and video from the Wings of the Goddess mission Crossroads of Time.

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After the Battle of Jeuno

This cutscene can be viewed by talking to Ramblix at the Goblin Footprint at (F-9) of Batallia Downs (S).

Everbloom Hollow

Ragelise : Is it...over?
Lilisette : PLAYERNAME!
Lilisette : Are you injured? Did you take any wounds?
Romaa Mihgo : A rrrather silly question to ask one of my vicious Cobras, don't you think? The ones we put down today hardly comparrre to the fanatical feathered types we deal with back home.
Lilisette : Hehehe, I suppose you're right.
Nag'molada : Hahahaha...
An award-winning performance by the entire cast. Bravo, bravo.
Lilisette : ...!
Ragelise : My profound apologies for undermining your authority, but seeing how Jeuno need no longer surrender, I'm inclined to say that things worked out for the better. I trust there'll be no hard feelings between us.
Nag'molada : ...
Lilisette : S-Sir Nag'molada...?
Nag'molada : That ornament...
So that's how it is...
Lilisette : ...?
Nag'molada : Today's events will be of no consequence.
The Battle of Jeuno marks but the beginning.
Nag'molada : We shall meet again.

Nag'molada leaves the Hollow.

Nag'molada : What are you all doing here?
Ragelise : What!?
Nag'molada : I traveled to the other nations only to learn upon arrival that reinforcements had already been dispatched to Jeuno.
That such carnage could have transpired here during my brief absence...
Lilisette : Huh? Then, who were we just...
Lilisette : It couldn't be...
Ragelise : Him!?
Ragelise : More importantly, what of the beastman force?
Nag'molada : Ah, yes. They've altered their course and are now heading away from Jeuno. The duchy is in your debt.
Nag'molada : Archduke Kam'lanaut will be making the victory declaration shortly. I will see you all above.

Ru'Lude Gardens

Zazarg : Well, I'll be damned...
This is a ravaged battlefield if I've ever seen one.
Rongelouts N Distaud : The beastmen are supposed to have altered their course.
But, to where...?
Ragelise : ...
Brandolf : Captain of the Ducal Guard, Brandolf, at your service.
Ragelise : Well met, Captain. I am Ragelise B Baloumat of the Knights of the Ironcrest Hawk.
Barnabas : It is to you that Jeuno owes its survival. Thank you.
Barnabas : It isn't much, but please accept this Jeunoan flag as a small token of our appreciation.
Romaa Mihgo : Well, would you look at that.
If it isn't the archduke in the flesh.
Zazarg : Quite the rare treat, so I'm told.
Kam'lanaut : My friends!
Kam'lanaut : It was a long and bitter battle.
Kam'lanaut : In their masses the enemy came. From the darkness they struck.
Wall after wall, fortification after fortification, fell to their ruthless advance.
Kam'lanaut : Driven were we to the farthest precipice of oblivion.
For a time, it seemed to all that Jeuno would never again see the light of dawn.
Kam'lanaut : But!
Kam'lanaut : Their sharpest blades could not cut down our pride!
Nor could their heaviest boulders crush our courage!
Kam'lanaut : Before the impregnable fortress of our resolve, the enemy faltered! They cowered! They ran!
Kam'lanaut : Etch this moment, now, deep in your hearts and minds!
Kam'lanaut : For victory belongs to us--the children of Altana!
Kam'lanaut : Rejoice, for we have triumped!
Zazarg : Triumped? In this wretched state?
You've gotta be kidding me...
Romaa Mihgo : Certainly a poor choice of worrrds.
Rongelouts N Distaud : That archduke...
What could possibly be going through that mind of his?
Lilisette : ...

Jugner Forest (S)

Cait Sith Naoi : Things have gone as planned.
The beastmen have plotted a new destination. Altered their course.
Cait Sith Naoi : To Tavnazia...
Cait Sith Sia : Does this mean that balance has been restored? Situation normal?
Cait Sith Tri : But, but... Ochd and Dha... <Sob>...
Cait Sith Aon : It cannot be helped.
Cait Sith Aon : The project's successful completion takes precedence over our individual survival. Our very lives.
Cait Sith Tri : But... <Sniff>...
Cait Sith Naoi : ...
Cait Sith Naoi : The others sure are taking their sweet time. Getting late.
Cait Sith Naoi : Could something have happened to them? A little trouble befallen?
Cait Sith Tri : Naoi, are you suggesting what I'm thinking? A dreaded thought?
Cait Sith Naoi : Hm?
Cait Sith Naoi : Hmmm?
Cait Sith Naoi : Hmmm! No, no, no! this won't do!
Worrying will get us nowhere. No use.
Cait Sith Naoi : We've still much work to do, so let's step to it, people. Chop-chop!
Cait Sith Sia : If nobody minds, I'll wait here a while longer for the others. Wait and see.
Cait Sith Naoi : Why, how very thoughtful of you. Most considerate.'''
Cait Sith Naoi : (But, how they knew where to find us remains a mystery still... Hmmm...)

Cait Siths Naoi, Tri, and Aon leave.

Cait Sith Sia : ...
Cait Sith Sia : Ah, what took you so--
Cait Sith Sia : !!!

Cait Sith Sia is killed.

Aquila : And that one there, makes number three!
Nag'molada : Number three, you say?
Care you to remind me how many of them there were in total?
Aquila : <Gulp>... No, um, what I meant to say, was...um, errr...
Nag'molada : ...

Nag'molada reveals himself to be Haudrale.

Haudrale : And you deemed it unnecessary to share this little fact with me?
Aquila : Uwaaaaaah! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't get angry!
Haudrale : Be silent.
Haudrale : You have two choices: accepting the consequence here and now, or reporting your failure directly to Lady Lilith.
Which will it be?
Aquila : Noooooo! Not that!
Aquila : I'm sorry! Please forgive me! I promise to be good from now on! I swear it'll never happen again!
Haudrale : Hmph. Consider yourself warned.
We shall have to rely upon "him" again to appropriate the information we need.
Haudrale : I shall tolerate no further failures. Is that clear?
Aquila : Y-yes, sir... <Sniff>...
Haudrale : The situation is grave enough without blundering on your part.
Aquila : <Sob>... Yes, sir.
If I may speak, sir, they've sure gotten cocky lately, just because they won at Jeuno.
Aquila : Some cheek they have, considering they don't even know the truth of things.
Haudrale : ...
Aquila : And, I ran into that odd pair again when I was last seeing to the felines.
Aquila : You know, the ones who bullied my Galarhigg. The PLAYERNAME RACE and the pointy-earred girl.
Aquila : That girl...
Haudrale : Hm.
Aquila : That she's here in this day and age would mean...
Haudrale : It's a distinct possibility.
Aquila : So there are others beside ourselves? I knew there had to be a reason why things weren't proceeding so smoothly...
Haudrale : She will have to be removed eventually. For so long as she exists, our aspirations will never be realized.
Aquila : Awww, that's unfortunate for her.
Haudrale : For now, however, our priorities are clear: the securement of the matron's person...
Haudrale : And the elimination of those meddling felines...
Aquila : Yes, sir.
Haudrale : The time is come. Let us be there to receive her.

Haudrale and Aquila disappear.


A winged being appears from the mouth of Atomos.

Haudrale : We have awaited your arrival, my lady.
Haudrale : The others are afield, carrying out your bidding. NO effort is being spared to ensure that the plan comes to fruition.
??? : ...

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