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Shredded Labels are locations throughout the past areas of Vana'diel where adventurers can spawn Allied Notes Notorious Monsters, also known as ANNMs.

Shredded Label Locations

Shredded Labels can be found in the following locations:

Shredded Label Location Enemies Spawned Key Item Needed
I-9, East Ronfaure {s} Queenbug, 6 Ancilla Beetles Red-Labeled Crate
G-7, North Gustaberg {s} Feeorin, 6 Fays Blue-Labeled Crate
G-10, West Sarutabaruta {s} Cosmos Cocora, 6 Cosmos Stamens Green-Labeled Crate
G-4, Vunkerl Inlet {s} Procrustes, 6 Jotunn Ruffians Red-Labeled Crate
D-8, Grauberg {s} Simorg, 6 Hippocentaurs Blue-Labeled Crate
E-9, Fort Karugo-Narugo {s} Amaranth, 6 Honey Flies Green-Labeled Crate
E-11, Jugner Forest {s} Zmag Ognjeni Vuk, 4 to 8 Greater Gnoles Red-Labeled Crate
K-7 at Batallia Downs {s} Scythefang Liger, 6 Tusked Tigons Red-Labeled Crate
I-10, third map of Eldieme Necropolis {s} Ellylldan, 6 Dhouls Red-labeled crate
G-8, Pashhow Marshlands {s} Groot Slang, 6 Poison Peistes Blue-Labeled Crate
E-9, Rolanberry Fields {s} Gummy Guillaume, 6 Kloesses Blue-Labeled Crate
G-10 in the basement of Crawlers' Nest {s} Goldcap, 6 Cap Chompers Blue-Labeled Crate
Intersection of H-8, H-9, I-8 and I-9 in Meriphataud Mountains {s} Brummbar, 6x Brummer Green-Labeled Crate
L-8, Sauromugue Champaign {s} Iqi-Balam, 6x Raid Raptor Green-Labeled Crate
H-8 of Map 3, Garlaige Citadel {s} Khadem Quemquoma, 6x Wildfire Green-Labeled Crate
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