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Allied Notes Notorious Monsters are special notorious monsters spawned in areas of the Wings of the Goddess expansion using pop items obtained from allied notes.

Pop Item Acquisition

The pop items used to spawn ANNMs are key items called "crates." They are obtained from NPCs in the three cities of the past. You can only obtain one crate per RL day, with Japanese Midnight marking the end of the RL day.

All members of your party must have a crate in order to participate in the battle.

Crate Costs:

  • 1,000 allied notes in your allied nation.
  • 3,000 allied notes in other nations.

NPC Locations:

Bastok Markets {s}Keenan
Southern San d'Oria {s}Thirkell
Windurst Waters (s)Scotwick

Start a Battle

To start a battle, have all your party members get the appropriate pop item and head to the Shredded Label in the correct zone. The zone cannot be under beastmen control.

ANNM Battlefields

Level caps are imposed on players for entering different ANNM battlefields. There is no experience loss for getting KO'd during one of these battles. Other notes about these battlefields include:

  • Moving too far from the spawn point will cause the NM to lose hate and depop.
  • Players involved in an ANNM fight cannot take actions against other monsters in the zone.
  • Other monsters in the zone will not agro players engaged in an ANNM fight.
  • Pets and avatars are dismissed upon spawning the NM.

60-cap ANNM Battles

Crate Needed Shredded Label Enemies XP Reward Item Drops Augmented Items
Red-Labeled Crate I-9, East Ronfaure {s} Queenbug, 6 Ancilla Beetles 1000 Ebony Log, Walnut Log, Iron Nugget, Max-Potion, Super Ether +1, Pro-Ether, Black Mage Die, Scholar Die, Reraise II, Hi-Elixer, Darksteel Nugget, Elixir, Adaman Nugget, Economizer, Orc Pauldron Heavy Crossbow, Darksteel Mufflers, Scorpion Subligar
Blue-Labeled Crate G-7, North Gustaberg {s} Feeorin, 6 Fays 1000 Amber, Gold Dust, Gold Nugget, Mythril Beastcoin, Platinum Nugget, Pro-Ether, Pro-Ether +1, Super Ether, Toolbag {Kodo}, Toolbag {Sai}, Toolbag {Sanja}, Toolbag {Shihei} Ebony Wand, Silk Cloak
Green-Labeled Crate G-10, West Sarutabaruta {s} Cosmos Cocora, 6 Cosmos Stamens 1000 Darksteel Bolt Quiver, Dhalmel Hair, Hi-Elixer, Max-Potion +1, Wolf Fur, Yagudo Osode Kabutowari, Battle Boots, Beak Jerkin

70-cap ANNM Battles

Crate Needed Shredded Label Enemies XP Reward Item Drops Augmented Items
Red-Labeled Crate G-4, Vunkerl Inlet {s} Procrustes, 6 Jotunn Ruffians ??? ??? ???
Blue-Labeled Crate D-8, Grauberg {s} Simorg, 6 Hippocentaurs ??? Toolbag {Uchi}, Toolbag {Mizu}, Rhodonite, Platinum Ore, Platinum Beastcoin, Bast Parchment Tiger Mask
Green-Labeled Crate E-9, Fort Karugo-Narugo {s} Amaranth, 6 Honey Flies 900 ??? Kazaridachi, Darksteel Harness

75-cap ANNM Battles

Crate Needed Shredded Label Enemies XP Reward Item Drops Augmented Items
Red-Labeled Crate E-11, Jugner Forest {s} Zmag Ognjeni Vuk, 4 to 8 Greater Gnoles 1500 Adaman Ingot, Adaman Ore, Ambrosia, Darksteel Ingot, Damascus Ingot, Divine Log, Divine Sap, Elm Log, Imperial Wootz Ingot, Jacaranda Log, Jacaranda Lumber, Hi-Ether Tank, Khroma Ore, Kindred's Seal, Mahogany Log, Steel Ingot, Tavnazian Salad, Tin Ingot, Vampire Juice, Willow Log, Wind Cluster, Wootz Ore Manoples, Rasetsu Sune-Ate, Yasha Samue
Red-Labeled Crate K-7 at Batallia Downs {s} Scythefang Liger, 6 Tusked Tigons 1500 Adaman Ingot, Adaman Sheet, Adaman Ore, Agility Potion, Bloodwood Log, Carbonara, Damascus Ingot, Darksteel Ingot, Darksteel Sheet, Darksteel Ore, Divine Sap, Divine Log, Dryad Root, Ebony Log, Hi-Ether Tank, Hi-Potion Tank, Hi-Reraiser, Imperial Wootz Ingot, Iron Ore, Iron Ingot, Jacaranda Log, Khroma Ore, Lacquer Tree, Sap Marble, Paktong Ingot, Remedy, Reraiser, Steel Ingot, Tama-Hagane, Tavnazian Salad, Tin Ingot, Tonno Rosso, Vampire Juice, Wootz Ore, Water Cluster, Wind Cluster, Willow Log Gully, Barone Manopolas, Panther Mask
Red-labeled crate I-10, third map of The Eldieme Necropolis {s} Ellylldan, 6 Dhouls 900 Adaman Ingot, Ambrosia, Damascus Ingot, Darksteel Ore, Divine Log, Hi-Ether Tank, Hi-Reraiser, Kopparnickel Ore, Marble, Vitality Potion, Willow Log Gendawa, Adaman Cuirass, Platinum Bangles,
Blue-Labeled Crate G-8, Pashhow Marshlands {s} Groot Slang, 6 Poison Peistes 1500 Aht Urhgan Brass, Bottled Pixie, Divine Log, Dragon Bone, Dragon Steak, Gold Ingot, Granite, Hellsteak, Helmet Mole, Hi-Reraiser, Luminium Ore, Mythril Ingot, Orichalcum Ingot, Orichalcum Ore, Pigeon's Blood Ruby, Platinum Ingot, Remedy, Reraiser, Star Sapphire, Southern Pearl, Tufa, Vitality Potion Bhuj, Adaman Cuisses, Cardinal Vest
Blue-Labeled Crate E-9, Rolanberry Fields {s} Gummy Guillaume, 6 Kloesses 1500 Aluminum Ingot, Ambrosia, Chrysoberyl, Dexterity Potion, Divine Log, Dragon Bone, Dragon Soup, Dragon Steak, Electrum Ingot, Gold Ingot, Hellsteak, Hi-Potion Tank, Hydra Kofte, Kindred's Seal, Luminium Ore, Mythril Ingot, Orichalcum Ingot, Orichalcum Ore, Orpiment, Platinum Ore, Remedy, Reraiser, Snapping Mole, Southern Pearl, Star Sapphire, Sulfer, Sunstone, Tufa, Zincite Tabarzin, Dance Shoes, Demon Helm
Blue-Labeled Crate G-10 in the basement of Crawlers' Nest {s} Goldcap, 6 Cap Chompers ??? Aht Urhgan Brass, Aluminum Ingot, Ambrosia, Charisma Potion, Dark Cluster, Dragon Soup, Gold Ingot, Helmet Mole, Hi-Potion Tank, Kindred's Seal, Luminium Ore, Mythril Ingot, Sulfur, Topaz, Tufa Anelace, Dragon Mittens, Errant Pigaches
Green-Labeled Crate Intersection of H-8, H-9, I-8 and I-9 in Meriphataud Mountains {s} Brummbar, 6x Brummer 1500 Angel Skin, Antacid, Cream Puff, Beetle Blood, Cilice, Damascene Cloth, Gnole Claw, Hi-Ether Tank, Hi-Potion Tank, Icarus Wing, King Locust, Linen Thread, Mushroom Locust, Moblin Thread, Panacea, Raxa, Red Grass Cloth, Remedy, Scorpion Claw, Skull Locust, Silk Thread, Silver Thread, Vampire Juice, Vitality Potion, Wool Cloth, Wool Thread, Yoichi's Sash, Zephyr Thread Mythic Pole, Elite Beret, Errant Houppelande,
Green-Labeled Crate L-8, Sauromugue Champaign {s} Iqi-Balam, 6x Raid Raptor 1500 Angel Skin, Antacid, Beetle Blood, Chocolate Cake, Cilbir, Crimson Jelly, Damascene Cloth, Fire Cluster, Gnole Claw, Gold Thread, Hi-Ether Tank, Hi-Potion Tank, Hi-Reraiser, Ice Cluster, Linen Thread, Platinum Silk, Rainbow Cloth, Rainbow Thread, Raxa, Red Grass Cloth, Remedy, Silk Thread, Sieglinde Putty, Silver Thread, Strength Potion, Velvet Cloth, Yoichi's Sash Ice Lance, Clown's Subligar, Igqira Manillas
Green-Labeled Crate H-8 of Map 3, Garlaige Citadel {s} Khadem Quemquoma, 6x Wildfire ??? Ambrosia, Angel Skin, Beetle Blood, Bloodthread, Cilbir, Cream Puff, Gold Thread, Light Cluster, Mushroom Locust, Panacea, Rainbow Cloth, Red Grass Thread, Remedy, Skull Locust, Vampire Juice, Yoichi's Sash Death Scythe, Roshi Jinpachi, Vendor's Slops
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