FFXI QUEST:Mom, the Adventurer  

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Bring Nbu Latteh's daughter a copper ring as a gift from her mother.


Talk to Nbu Latteh in Bastok Markets at J-9. She wants a Copper Ring for her daughter, Roh Latteh. She will give you a Fire Crystal with which to synthesize the ring. You may either synthesize the ring, buy one from the Auction House, or buy one from either Teerth or Visala at the Goldsmiths' Guild.

Go to Roh Latteh in Bastok Mines at H-7 and trade her the Copper Ring. She will give a letter that reads:

"Dear Mom,

Thank you for all the presents you bring me, I like them a lot...but I'd be more happy if you came home early sometimes, even if you don't bring me anything." -Roh

Return to Bastok Markets and talk to Nbu Latteh. She will give you 100 gil if you read the letter or 200 gil if you did not read it.

Quest Series

This quest is a part of a series of quests. See the list below to find out which quest comes next.

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