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An Orc
An Orc
A savage tribe of conscripted warriors hungry for war.

Occupying the Northern territories, the Orcs are a bloodthirsty empire of beastmen. Their main forces reside on the continent of Quon. The tribe is mainly divided up into units, where all members of all ages must train and fight. They physically train themselves almost fanatically in anticipation for battle.

Lust for combat drives most of the Orcs to join the ranks of their Imperial Army. All Orcs--male and female--are required to participate in years of military training, and even their social structure is based on military ranks.

Common Orcish Gear

Expedition Gear Christened in fresh blood and raised on the battlefield; such is the life of an expeditionary Orc. This everyday set of clothes includes gaiters for travelling and allows the Orc to carry around necessary provisions. A shawl made of animal skin covers the face, while a leather vest provides minimal protection to the torso.

Invocation Gear The social status of a Wizard-class Orc is generally low. They are thought to be inferior to those who master physical skills and techniques. Therefore, they hide their face out of shame.

Brawling Gear These types use human skin made into leather as decorative armor. This includes their wrist bands, which serve to increase their defensive capabilities. This particular material choice, as well as the color, is intended to appear threatening to adversaries.

An Orcish War Machine
An Orcish War Machine

Orcish War Machines

Constructed from wood and leather, this is the Orc’s ultimate battle fortress. These machines are imitations of the magically propelled tanks used by Demons in the Great War. However, this model must be moved through brute force by the rider. All war machines have the capability to hold a variety of weapons.

Orcish Heroes

This brigade was once the Orcish army’s disciplinary force. They would consistently be put in the vanguard unit for battle. The casualty rate is extremely high, and the only way to make it back to your original unit is to kill every enemy in sight.

The Quon Host of the Orcish Empire

These are the descendants of Orcs dispatched hundreds of years ago in an attempt to conquer the continent of Quon. Due to the extreme distance from their homeland, it seems like a strange decision. These original troops were pioneers, so to speak, and were able to spread their influence far across the land. However, during their defeat in the Great War, they lost many of their strongholds. Despite this, in recent years they have been coordinating large scale plans with their home country.

Council of Commanders The highest ranking generals and officers on the Quon continent, which includes the top battle strategists. They resent the savagery and recklessness in which their brethren are known to act. However, they still boast of their many campaigns of harassment against their long-time rival, the Knights of Sand’Oria.

Valdeaunia Horde An elite defensive force in charge of guarding Castle Zvahl. Originally, Orcs were stationed in Valdeaunia in order to make it their home. However, after a battle against the Shadow Lord, it seems they were forced to surrender and then incorporated into his personal guard. After the fall of Castle Zvahl, they eluded capture and fled back to their homeland. Recently, they have been noticed making secret plans to regroup and return.

Norvallen Horde Boasting the greatest battle power of the Quon Host of Orcs, this is the main Orcish force of the continent. Confirmed units attached to this horde include, Gwajiboj’s Gutrenders, Gochakzuk’s Gravemakers, and Vatgit’s Vilebloods. Their influence spreads far and wide, across Norvallen, Ronfaure and Zulkheim. Once, their thirst for war even brought about the destruction of the Tavnasian Marquisate.

Vatgit’s Vilebloods This is the battle unit affiliated with the Norvallen Horde and led by Chief Vatgit. With their Fort Ghelsba in close proximity, they continue to threaten Sand’Oria day and night. Originally, they had command over the Violaters, but recent reports show they have accumulated more clans. Their strength appears to grow by the day.

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

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