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The following are transcripts and video of cutscenes from the Windurst mission The Sixth Ministry.

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Gate Guard

Janshura-Rashura: Hi, there, I have a mission-wission from the Optistery for you to tidy up the book vault.

Janshura-Rashura: With all the ruckus-wuckus around here you wouldn't think the ministries would be issuing missions right now. You gottaru hand it to the Optistery, nothing upsets their routine!

Janshura-Rashura: With Minister Tosuka-Porika's dislike of Ajido-Marujido though, I guess he's feeling on top of the world about what happened.


Tosuka-Porika: Hrm. Hrmmm... Hrrrmmmmmm... hrm!

Tosuka-Porika: ...Hrm!? Aren'taru you the adventurer who completed my last mission?

Tosuka-Porika: Heh-heh-heh... Actually, the mission I issued to the gatehouse was justaru a cover-up.

Tosuka-Porika: Since the incidentaru with Ajido-Marujido, the Sibyl Guards have been paying too much attention to the mission statements...

Tosuka-Porika: ...Rightaru, down to business. Do you remember the mission I issued last time?

Tosuka-Porika: The Book of the Gods... We had no idea of its location for all those years after the way. That was the time you recovered for us from the dastard-wastardly Cat Burglar.

Tosuka-Porika: Ajido-Marujido then swiped the book, and delivered it to the Star Sibyl himself.

Tosuka-Porika: Then a few days ago... The Star Sibyl summoned me to Heavens Tower and handed the Book of the Gods over to me.

Tosuka-Porika: I was ordered to never letaru that tome see the light of day again.

Tosuka-Porika: ...Hrmmm... That's what the Star Sibyl ordered, so I mustaru obey! But I... that is something I just cannot do!

Tosuka-Porika: The pages of the Book of the Gods are blank! I cannot turn my eyes from the truth. As the name of the Optistery suggestarus, we are the eyes of Windurst!

Tosuka-Porika: If I ignore the truth before me, how can I call myself the Minister of the Optistery?

Tosuka-Porika: Here is the deal. What I am aboutaru to tell you must be in the strictest-wictest of confidence. You mustn'taru leak a word of it to anyone.

Tosuka-Porika: When I was still justaru a student, I heard about the Book of the Gods from the minister at the time... Minister Karaha-Baruha.

Tosuka-Porika: The Book of the Gods refers to the "True History" written by the first Star Sibyl for the benefitaru of the Star Sibyls that would succeed her.

Tosuka-Porika: The truth contained in this book can be extremely-wemely dangerous, and it has been passed down through generations of Minsters.

Tosuka-Porika: Consequently, the Book of the Gods is sealed by powerful spells. This seal can only be broken through the expenditure of huge amountarus of magic while employing the "Diza Star" that hangs from the neck of the Star Sibyl.

Tosuka-Porika: ...I don't know how he did it, but Minister Karaha-Baruha managed to obtain the Star Sibyl's permission to open the Book of the Gods.

Tosuka-Porika: To breach the seal on the tome, the minister utilized the power of the Horutoto Ruins' magical towers...

Tosuka-Porika: ...And from the Book of the Gods, he learned a certain truth. This truth was indeed a dangerous ting.

Tosuka-Porika: Karaha-Baruha carried outaru his research in a laboratory hidden within Toraimarai Canal...

Tosuka-Porika: You mightaru call this laboratory the sixth ministry of Windurst. ...The Animastery...

Tosuka-Porika: Adventurer, find that minstry. If you enter the Animastery, you may find something from Minister Karaha-Baruha's research. We mustaru discover the reason why the writing contained in this tome have vanished.

Tosuka-Porika: Ah yes, I mutaru give you this. You should be able to enter the Animastery using this ring. Itis the Optistery ring. Try your bestaru not to lose it.

Toraimarai Canal

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Ramblix at the Goblin Footprint in the Toraimarai Canal. Select the cutscene "The Sixth Ministry".

Star Sibyl : You mustn't touch that!
Star Sibyl : That book is forbidden.
As an experienced adventurer, you should be able to sense the danger. The ominous power that lurks within...
Star Sibyl : How did you come to be here? No one can enter this room except through my private chambers in Heavens Tower.
Star Sibyl : You need a special key to enter that other chamber...
The Optistery Ring...
Star Sibyl : ...Is it possible you have...? Have you found Karaha-Baruha's ring? The one that was lost all those years ago?

Did you find the ring?

  • Yes.
  • No.

Star Sibyl : Well, then. I should explain about this place.
Star Sibyl : This is the Animastery. It is the hidden sixth ministry, and was built almost twenty-five years ago.
Star Sibyl : The one who conducted his research here said this to me thirty years ago:
"The art of drawing magical energy from the well of nature has been taken as far as it can go."
Star Sibyl : He formulated a theory for drawing magical power from living beings, as opposed to nature. This magic would manifest the same amount of power as the creature it was drawn from.
Star Sibyl : ...This new magical theory had the potential to threaten the lives of living beings, and so there were voices of opposition from among the five existing ministries.
Star Sibyl : However, we were in need of power. The power that could be gained from normal creatures was insufficient. We needed the near limitless energy that could be harnessed from a truly awesome entity...
Star Sibyl : Windurst was delivered from obliteration by that very power. But the price we paid for it... I'm sure you are aware of what we lost...
Star Sibyl : Please take the time to read the books here before you leave. If it was Karaha-Baruha's star that led you to this place, then I will not hold this trespass against you.
Star Sibyl : However, citizens of Windurst are forbidden to proceed past the Sealed Portal of the central tower. If you continue past this point, I will reconsider the matter of punishment.
Star Sibyl : I see it now, PLAYERNAME...
You have a star to guide you.


Tosuka-Porika: Hrm!? Oh, you finally made it back.

Tosuka-Porika: How did it go!? Did you find anything!?

Tosuka-Porika: Wh-wh-wh-wh-what!!! The Star Sibyl was there!?

Tosuka-Porika: Oh, my goodly Goddess... Charges could be brought against me... If they throw me in the Dark Dungeon, all is lostaru!

Tosuka-Porika: Hrm, adventurer! My life is in your hands. Take this and keep it safe.

Tosuka-Porika: I-i-if I am imprisoned in the Dark Dungeon, take it to the Star Sibyl and use it to secure my freedom.

Tosuka-Porika: Hrmmm! This is not blackmail. ...This is negotiation! Yes, you will negotiate my freedom with the Star Sibyl!

Tosuka-Porika: Don't breathey-weathe a word of this to anyone! Now quickly, get yourself away from here!

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