Throwing (FFXI)  

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General Info

  • The ability to equip weapons meant to be thrown at an enemy, especially useful for pulling quickly.

  • Though several classes retain the ability to throw, many of these classes use the throwing ammo slot for a stat boosting item rather than actual ammo.

  • Throwing weapons include boomerangs and chakrams, which will return to the player after they are thrown, and ammo-type items like darts or pebbles that are consumed when used.

Armor That Enhances Throwing Skill

Hold cursor over item name for picture.

Armor Level Slot Jobs
Ashigaru Targe 30 Shield All Jobs
Ninja Tekko 60 Hands NIN
Hurling Belt 60 Waist All Jobs
War Shinobi Gi 70 Body NIN
War Shinobi Gi +1 70 Body NIN
Ninja Tekko +1 74 Hands NIN

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