Wings of the Goddess Missions  

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The Wings of the Goddess missions have finally begun in earnest. Read on to discover how the story was set in motion...

Cavernous Maws

Ominous statues known as cavernous maws have suddenly appeared all across Vana'diel. After passing through these mysterious portals, adventurers meet with the talkative catlike being known as Cait Sith. After accepting her request to help lessen the "tidal wave of tragedy" bearing down on Vana'diel, Altana's champions are sent directly into the chaos of the Crystal War.

But what excitement do these missions promise from this point onwards? Let us delve into the upcoming events...

Troupe Mayakov Cometh!

The kingdom of San d'Oria is astir with the news of the arrival of Troupe Mayakov. Adventurers encounter the dashing Sir Ragelise as they search for a ticket to attend the performance...

Is This the End!?

Adventurers once more chance across the enigmatic Cait Sith. However, the conversation is interrupted at a vital juncture by the unexpected appearance of the dancer Lilisette...

In Closing

What is the true nature of Troupe Mayakov? What is Lilisette's ultimate purpose? What secrets does this tumultuous age conceal?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in the continuing Wings of the Goddess missions!

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