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Garland of Bliss Damage

  • Level 90 - level 95 - Increases Garland of Bliss's damage by 15%
  • Level 99 - Increases Garland of Bliss's damage by 30%

Historical Information

A powerful staff imbued with the state of gnostic enlightenment that its name implies. Once a sacred relic of the Walahra Temple, it was stolen by Balrahn to combat the twisted thaumaturgy of the denizens of the evil realms. After bonding to Balrahn and making his will its own, it was no longer able to be returned, and remained in his possession. The exact circumstances of this phenomenon are not altogether clear and shrouded in esoteric mystery.

Nirvana, or "Nibbāna," the closest meaning of the word Nirvana in Western culture would be "Heaven". Nirvana is a word used by the Buddha to describe the perfect peace of the mind that is free from craving, anger and other afflictive states (kilesa). This peace, which is in reality the fundamental nature of the mind, is revealed when the root causes of the afflictive states are dissolved. The causes themselves lie deep within the mind (that part of the mind that Western psychology calls the subconscious) but their undoing is gradually achieved by living a disciplined life. In Nibbana, the root causes of craving and aversion have been extinguished such that one is no longer subject to human suffering (dukkha) or further states of rebirths in samsara (cycle of reincarnation).

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Mythic Weapon long term goals
# Sep 17 2008 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
118 posts
Approximately 10 times better than the claustrum from what I see here.

I'm gonna start working on this right away. Apparently it may take at least a year if not 2 years to acquire.

The laundry list seems to be:

- Get the Nyzul Weapon: Scepter staff

- Defeating floor 100 of Nyzul Isle while you're hold the Runic Disc

- Defeat 8 specific NMs. And you have to get the title from those NMs

- Get 100,000 Therion Ichor from Einherjar in order to get Balrahn's Eyepatch

- Get 150,000 Token from Nyzul Assualt in order to get Wyrmseeker Areuhat

- Apparently you must trade a certain item to the rune of release in all assaults So basically I guess you gotta complete every assault I guess.

- Get 30,000 Alexandrites from Salvage. These can be bought from bazaars unlike the ichors or tokens this time. They seem to be about 5k to 10k a piece right now. looks to add up to at least 150 million gil........... :( It could always go lower so I wouldn't dare buy this right now until I completed the other stuff. Maybe they'll go for 1k but that's still 30 mil.

Beyond that it seems that no one could know what to do until someone completes it and tells the community about it. But honestly it seems that the known objectives are sadistic enough so it could very well be it.

Ja! Mein leappin!

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