Vana'diel Bestiary: Doggomehr  

Found in:Northern San d'Oria
Found at Location:E - 5
Mob Functions:
Updated: Fri Apr 17 02:17:28 2009

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trying to get bronze scales
# Mar 29 2012 at 10:35 AM Rating: Decent
they do not sell bronze scales... this is bull.
Price List
# Sep 21 2006 at 9:18 PM Rating: Decent
Sandy mule, who has no fame or rank.
Asura Server.
Sandy in 1st, Bastok in 2nd and Windy in 3rd.

Doggomehr had: (with prices)
Copper Ore (9)
Tin Ore (31)
Iron Ore (675)
Mythril Ore (9,920)
Bronze Ingot (319)
Iron Ingot (2,700)
Steel Ingot (25,620)
Bronze Sheet (158)
Iron Sheet (4,050)
Bronze Scales (95)
Iron Scales (20,664)
Steel Scales (43,904)
Mythril Claws (22,320)
Baselard (23,365)
Bronze Sword (1,307)
Spatha (6,100)
Longsword (38,707)
Rod (12,941)
Mythril Pick (75,429)
Bronze Mace (789)
Mace (16,483)
Bronze Zaghnal (1,582)
Zaghnal (57,684)
Faceguard (7,070)
Iron Mask (41,860)
Iron Visor (100,154)
Scale Fng. Gnt (20,120)
Iron Fng. Gnt. (20,120)
Scale Greaves (5,164)
Steel Greaves (343,454)
Mandrel (75)
Workshop Anvil (75)
# Jan 28 2005 at 3:16 PM Rating: Decent
307 posts
My, how informative.

I'm afraid someone else will have to handle making a complete price list. However, this is what I do know:

This guy is one of the two people in San d'Oria's Smithing Guild store. He obviously sells mostly metal weapons and armor, but he also sells Copper, Tin, and Iron Ore (9g, 30g, and I don't know, respectively), along with Bronze Ingots/Sheets/Scales, Iron Power, Iron Chains, Iron Sheets, and I think Iron Ingots.

I've heard that he also sells Mythril Ore, but that must be when Sandy's in first in Conquest, 'cause in Phoenix, it isn't there now (and we're currently last...lame).

Edited, Fri Jan 28 15:25:21 2005
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