icon Pumpkin Pie +1  

Stacks to: 12
This item is Food that lasts 60 min.
Auction House: Food - Meals - Sweets

Pumpkin Pie +1
[Inventory] All Races
A deliciously baked pumpkin pie.

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Food Effects

  • MP +45
  • INT +4
  • CHR -1
  • MP Recovered While Healing +1

Final Fantasy XI

Category: Final Fantasy XI
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Guild Level: Adept

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Added icon, AH category, guild, and guild level.
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Correct stats?
# Nov 01 2004 at 12:47 PM Rating: Decent
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Both apple and melon pies give MP while healing +2, doesn't seem like this should have +1. (Also, it has -1CHR, doesn't seem like a +1 item would have that.)

Can anyone confirm these stats?
RE: Correct stats?
# Jan 19 2005 at 12:52 PM Rating: Decent
I ate a +1 Pumpkin Pie just to verify its MP Regen abilities.

I can 100% confirm that the MP Regen per second is just (1) and not (2) like the +1 Apple and Melon pies. That to me is 100% bogus and needs to be fixed. Makes no kind of sense. So after much thought, I think the +1 Melon Pies are the best BLM leveling foods as of now.

It’s a trade off, do you want the +1 Pumpkin Pies (extra 15MP) or sacrifice that MP for an extra point of (INT and MP Regen)? I chose the latter.
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