Talacca Cove ISNM - Compliments to the Chef  

Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Start NPC:Shajaf (F-8)
Max Party:6
Related Areas:Talacca Cove
Related Mobs:Angler Orobon
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
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Items Required:Secret Imperial Order
Items Granted:Ahriman Wing
Behemoth Horn
Bitter Corset
Brass Tank
Charisma Potion
Chocobo Egg (Somewhat Warm)
Dragon Talon
Icarus Wing
Intelligence Potion
Kawahori Kabuto
Khroma Ore
Luminium Ore
Mind Potion
Orobon Meat
Rainbow Cloth
Red Grass Cloth
Requiem Flute
Scroll of Blizzard IV
Scroll of Dispel
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Protect IV
Scroll of Protectra IV
Scroll of Reraise III
Scroll of Water IV
Sieglinde Putty
Wamoura Cloth
This Quest is Repeatable
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
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In-Game Text


Defeat the Angler Orobon to claim your prize! To get to this BCNM, you must first go to Nashmau, head out the western exit, and head north through the cemetary into Talacca Cove (E-9,The zone where the COR quest ends). Touch the Rock Slab at (F-6) in Talacca Cove to start the battle.

The fight is a 6 on 1 uncapped battle against an Angler Orobon. The orobon likes to spam TP moves. He will use one every 7-9 seconds throughout the fight. It it recommended the melees sub Ninja unless they will be killed.

The moves are:

Hypnic Lamp: Small AoE sleep, always followed by Deathgnash. Buy poison pots, because you don't want to be asleep when someone gets Deathgnashed.

Deathgnash: A move like throatstab, it will *always* bring a person into critical HP, but never kill them. It will bypass shadows, is stunable, but he WILL use it again right after he is un-stunned. It resets hate on the person who is hit, which should be the tank. Your shadows will not dissapear if hit.

Seismic Tail: One of the most important moves to look out for, this move can be a hard hitter. It takes away 2-3 shadows, and if it lands, it will hurt. This is the reason everyone should sub Ninja.

Leeching Current: AoE drain move. Unsure if Barwater affects the damage it does. It doesn't use this move often.

Seaspray: Cone attack that delivers damage as well as a form of Slow that overwrites Haste. You must Erase slow before you recast Haste.

Abominable Belch: AoE Damage and Paralyze,Silence, and 10Hp/Tic Plague. It is hard to stun. The damage isn't high, but you will need melees to buy Echo Drops. Have any mages sub Whitemage and macro Paralyze and Viruna.

The monster is very hard to tank, and if you do, you will need a Ninja and a Blue Mage. Have the Blue Mage stun every time the Angler Orobon starts using a TP move. If he has decent haste gear it shouldn't be hard and he should be able to use Head Butt for every stunable move, minus Deathgnash and Abominable Belch. The mages will be focused on Cureing from Deathgnash and erasing status effects. Melees stand behind the Orobon and keep Utsusemi up.

If the bluemage does his job correctly, the hate from the Stun will keep the orobon focused on the Bluemage until the Ninja re-establishes hate. Other strategies include keeping the Orobon gravtied (it is weak to this) and have Blackmages nuke or melees Arrow Weapon Skill it while the tank is kiting.


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RDM solo
# May 15 2009 at 12:31 AM Rating: Decent
Soloable by a very competant RDM/NIN who knows what he's doing.

Kited with Gravity and occasionally bound. Bio III Dot, and Blizzard and Thunder III as Nukes. All necessary buffs aswell.

Buff, gravity, chainspell BlizzIII and run away after each cast, convert keep going till chainspell wares or you have half MP left. Rebuff, and kite Bio III till convert is back up, kite by going from entrance to end stopping at each end to cast an uts ichi. When convert timer is close, occasionally you can bind and nuke it. Takes time and dedication but it's possible.
Fighting the Fish
# Feb 27 2007 at 5:05 AM Rating: Decent
It's a very difficult fight, but the method is easy. I went with the following setup
75WHM/37(can't remember heh)
Well, so far, straight tanking is the key. Advised items to take in are reraise items, remedies and echo drops. he uses adomidable belch, which paralyzes, silences, and plagues (this drains 10% tp a tick so whm's watch this and use viruna), he uses a water breath attack which averaged about 300-500 to our PLD, it does damage in a narrow cone.Also he has an AoE push attack which I evaded maybe 3 times out of six fights, it did from 500-1000 damage, mostly around 800 and was obviously a major cause of death. then there is the main problem. his moce rhythmic lamp, will put everyone whos facing him to sleep, so mages MUST FACE AWAY AT ALL TIMES!!!!at this point, mages should use sstun. in most cases, stunning before he used the follow up attack caused it to miss. the follow up attack is a throat stab attack which he always uses after the sleep, it does 95% hp damage and resets hate(whether it hits or not hate DOES reset, making PLD 2-hour almost useless). The PLD and I had a skillchain of Savage Blade > Wheeling Thrust = Light Magic Burst Burst II for maybe 1300-1500 damage total. this skillchain would cut out maybe 1/10 of this guys life. if things get too hot, resort to kiting for a little bit, but note HE STARTS RESISTING GRAVITY AFTER A WHILE(aren'y you glad we had to learn for you?). we went for our bard to get a flute, but out of the 3/6 times we won, no drop. he does drop some very valuable ores however. that is all, happy fishing everyone.
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