38-41 Gustav Tunnel  

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Level 38-41

How to Get to Camp

The fastest way to reach this camp is to either outpost warp to Valkurm, or get a choco from the craig of Holla or Dem.

From Kingdom of San d'Oria:

West Ronfaure > La Theine Plateau > Valkurm Dunes > Gustav Tunnel

From Federation of Windurst:

East Sarutabaruta > Tahrongi Canyon > Buburimu Peninsula > Mhaura > Selbina > Valkurm Dunes > Gustav Tunnel

From Republic of Bastok:

South Gustaberg > North Gustaberg > Konschtat Highlands > Valkurm Dunes > Gustav Tunnel

Camp Info

  • Camp at K-7
  • Supports two parties.

Target Mobs

Hell bat

  • Mob level: 44-48
  • Mob Family: Bat
  • Non Aggro
  • Links by sound
  • Weak vs. Light
  • Weak vs. Wind
  • Weak vs. piercing weapons
  • Strong vs. Dark


  • Mob level: 45-48
  • Mob Family: Fly
  • Not Aggro
  • Links by sound
  • Weak vs. piercing weapons
  • Weak vs. Ice
  • Strong vs. Wind

Goblin Poacher, Goblin Reaper, Goblin Robber

  • Mob Level: 46-49
  • Mob Family: Goblin
  • Aggro to sight
  • Links by sight
  • Weak vs. Light


Use caution when pulling, as there is a high potential for links.

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