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General Information

Dexterity is linked with the element of Lightning in FFXI. Dexterity or DEX is used to determine a character's melee accuracy at a ratio of 2 DEX to 1 Accuracy, except in the case of classes using 2-handed weapons where 4 DEX translates to 3 Accuracy.

Dexterity is also another stat favored by melee classes because it determines whether or not you will land a critical hit based on enemy Agility. The higher a character's DEX becomes, the more likely a critical hit will occur.

This is particularly important to the Thief class when calculating Sneak Attack damage. When performing Sneak Attack the Thief will gain 1 base weapon damage for each point of Dexterity attributed to the character. However, when Thief is being used as a subjob, the DEX damage modifier no longer works.

Dexterity by Race

DEX is an attribute valued by most melee classes, especially the Thief because of the aforementioned Sneak Attack damage modifier and critical strike increase. Although any race can preform the duties of a THF with exceptional skill, many players who choose this job path choose a Mithra because of their naturally higher DEX when compared to other classes. The breakdown of starting Dexterity by race on a level 1 Thief is as follows:

Elvaan: 8
Galka: 8
Hume: 8
Mithra: 10
Tarutaru: 8

Boosting Dexterity

The majority of Dexterity Food comes from the oceans of Vana'diel in the form of fish.

Adventurers may also choose to boost their DEX via Merit Points, should they decide that a permanent upgrade would benefit their class.

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