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About the Avatar

One of the five Terrestrial Avatars of Vana'diel, all of its Blood Pacts are tied into the element of Dark.
A gigantic purple wolf, with a flowing white mane and tail. His piercing gaze reminds onlookers of the night sky and the celestial bodies above, including the Moon, to which Fenrir's powers are tied.

Summoners learn to summon Fenrir when they complete the quest The Moonlit Path, fighting Fenrir Prime in the process.

Blood Pacts

Blood Pact Type Level MP Skillchain Y/N Burst Y/N Description
Howling Moon*Rage1Special YMinimum MP cost is (level of caster)x2. Uses all MP and deals light elemental damage to enemies within Area of Effect.
Moonlit ChargeRage517Y Blinds target.
Crescent FangRage1019Y Paralyzes target.
Lunar CryWard2141 Lowers target's accuracy and evasion.
Lunar RoarWard3227 Removes two beneficial magic effects from enemies within Area of Effect.
Ecliptic GrowlWard4346 Enhances attributes of party members within an area of effect.
Ecliptic HowlWard5457 Enhances accuracy and evasion of party members within an area of effect.
Eclipse BiteRage65109 Delivers a threefold attack.

Outside Vana'diel

The Vana'diel Tribune wrote up an article on Fenrir here. (Issue 22, Vol. 1)

Fenrir is also the name of a FFXI World Server.

Final Fantasy XI

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