Gods (FFXI)  

Legend says that the powerful Zilart race was descended from the mighty gods that created Vana'diel. Many citizens of the nations of Vana'diel worship the Dawn Goddess Altana, while some among the beastmen hordes follow the Twilight God Promathia. The likenesses of both of those gods can be found on either end of the Hall of the Gods in the ancient ruins of Ro'Maeve.

Several other gods remain in deep slumber in the realm of Vana'diel, and they can be awakened -- and battled -- if properly summoned.

Adventurers can use this page to discuss Altana, Promathia and the other gods of Van'diel. Please make links using the names of each god.

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Gods of Al'Taieu

Gods of Tu'Lia

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