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The following are transcripts and video from the Wings of the Goddess mission WG8 - In the Name of the Father.

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La Vaule

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by trading an item to the Goblin Footprint and by talking to Ramblix at the entrance area of La Vaule (S). Select the cutscene "In the Name of the Father".

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Aquila : It's not faaair!
Aquila : What did you do to my Galarhigg!?
Aquila : <Sob>... Haudrale : <Sigh>... This always seems to be the way of things when he loses.
Such a child...
Lilisette : Huh!?
Aquila : <Sob>...
Haudrale Alright, come now, on your feet.
You don't wnat me to have to tell Lady Lilith now, do you?
Aquila : <Sniffle>...
Haudrale : Until we meet again, then.
Lilisette : Hold there!
Lilisette : Halt! Accept your defeat!
Haudrale : ...

Haudrale casts a spell that grants Lilisette a series of visions.

??? : Behold...
??? : For emptiness itself is not to be sustained.
The whole of creation abides right at this point.
Both good and evil, both the sacred and the profane.

Lilisette sees San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst, and Jeuno in ruins.

??? : And all realities...

The King dead... Romaa, Perih, and the Star Sibyl slain... The Shadow Lord reigning...

Lilisette : Wh-what was that!?

Lilisette faints.

??? : ...Lilisette......
Lilisette : Wait... Please wait! Don't go!
I'm here... Right here! Please...
Portia : Lilisette!
Portia : Mr. Mayakov, she's awake! Lilisette is awake!
Lilisette : ...Portia...
Thank the Goddess...you're alright...
Portia : You needn't be worrying about me now, child. I'll be just fine.
Mayakov : It lookth like the'th going to be alright.
Portia : You gave me quite the shock there.
Just fainting like that all of a sudden. I thought you had taken ill by the work of some magic.
Mayakov : With the help of Thir Ragelithe, we were able to carry you here to thafety.
Lilisette : Sir Ragelise... Where is he? Is he alright?
Portia : He's...
Lilisette : No! It can't be! Not again!
Mayakov : Calm yourthelf, child. He ith thtill breathing.
He collapthed there right after carrying you here.
I imagine he mutht be quite tuckered out.
Portia : All the while he was carrying you, he was joking and in good spirits as always.
Lilisette : ...
Lilisette : ...Father! Father, can you hear me?
Portia : Father?
Lilisette : Father, please wake up!
Father! Don't leave me!
Mayakov : Lilithette, I wonder if you haven't gone and banged your head thomewhere.
What are you going on about now!?
Lilisette : ...
Lilisette : The once flourishing roots of the Great Star Tree were all but withered away... I saw...
Portia : The Great Star Tree? What ever are you talking about? Are you feeling alright, Lilisette?
Lilisette : PLAYERNAME, did you see? Did you see it as well?
Ragelise : Oh, don't go puzzling yourself over anything you may have seen.
Those Dark Kindred's stock and trade is deceiving their enemy.
Ragelise : Ugh... Aaaaaah. Man, I'm feeling that...
Portia : Sir Ragelise!
Ragelise Worried...much...?
Portia : He's passed out again! Oh my, I do hope he's alright...
Whatever could be wrong...
Mayakov : Let uth get him back to the thity, quickly.
The royal doctorth there will be able to do thomething for him.
Lilisette : No! We mustn't move him. Look at his wound.
It will only eat away at his body as he becomes weaker.
If we attempt the journey to the city walls now, his condition will only worsen!
Mayakov : How could you potthibly know tho much about thith?
It doethn't thound like thith ith your firth time theeing thuch a wound...
Portia : Very well, then. Let us take him back to the monastery.
Many of the holy men there are knowledgeable in the ways of medicine.
Mayakov : A good idea.
Are you able, Lilithette? Come, then.

At the monastery...

Lilisette : PLAYERNAME, I wonder if you haven't already noticed by now.
I realize there is no use in trying to hide it from you.
Lilisette : I'm an adventurer, just as you are.
I've come here from the Vana'diel of many years past...
Lilisette : That man, Ragelise of the house of Baloumat and leader of the Knights of the Ironcrest Hawk.
He is my...father.
Lilisette : Ten years or so from now, that...wound, or curse, or whatever it is...
It will cause my father to fall irreparably ill...and eventually claim his life.
Lilisette : So when I heard about the cavernous maws and those bygone days of Vana'diel, I had but a single thought.
Lilisette : My mother once told me that my father suffered his wound serving at the Battle of Jeuno.
I thought that if only I could somehow prevent him from going into that battle... If only I could...
I thought the wound could be avoided.
Lilisette : It made such perfect sense to me. I already know what has happened in this world.
I already know what will happen after this. I have learned all of these events as history in the future.
Lilisette : And yet...there was nothing I could do. He has still been struck by the same blow.
Lilisette : But things are changing! History is changing, PLAYERNAME.
Like the events we witnessed back at La Vaule. My father's diary contained no such entries or recollections. Not even in passing!
Lilisette : But still...
Lilisette : That mysterious feline...!
Lilisette : She too is attempting to change the course of history.
Only if she were to have her way, things would sway in favor of the Beastman Confederate!
Lilisette : Just you watch!
I am going to make that cat wish that she never crossed my path!
Lilisette : And I will save my father!
Lilisette : And what are your plans from here, PLAYERNAME?
Do you intend to keep the promise you made?

What will you do?

  • Reduce suffering in the world. <--
  • Alleviate the pains of wars.

Lilisette : Are you even listening to me? After everything I've just told you?
Isn't that exactly what that stupid cat told you to do!?
Lilisette : But wait! Oh, oh, oh, wait just a second.
That's so crazy...it just might work!
If we pretend to be doing what she has told us...
Lilisette : That's it!
By making it appear as though we are doing her bidding, she will surely make it a point to contact us again!
Lilisette : Nice thinking, PLAYERNAME! You may be a bit more clever than I gave you credit for.
I just might keep you around!
Lilisette : Not a bad team, you and I!
Lilisette : So we do exactly as she tells us, and then we go to a place she is likely to show herself and maybe make a little noise.
And then as soon as she shows her little face, we've got her!
Lilisette : So she wants us to stop the flow of tears, does she?
Hmph! Well, I don't suspect a single one will be shed over her. So no harm done!
Lilisette : Hehehehehehe.

Meanwhile...in Atomos...

Cait Sith : When the Harbinger cometh...
Cait Sith : The Champions of the Dawn shall descend...
Cait Sith Coig : Naoi, Naoi!
This is certainly no time to be idly singing prophecies. No time at all!
Cait Sith Seachd : It's as Coig has just told us. Just informed us.
How is it those two have come to be here?
Cait Sith Tri : And what say you, Ceithir?
Are we to think that they simply passed through Atomos? Right on through?
Cait Sith Naoi : Hah!
Cait Sith Ceithir :Nyahahaha!
Gone and forgotten to close the door behind you, have we? Left it wide open?
Cait Sith Ceithir : Naoi, dear, simple Naoi.
Always and ever lacking in tact and thoroughness. Never thorough nor tactful.
Cait Sith Naoi : Oh well, so sorry to have bothered.
Most important is that we stay the course at hand. Our hands on course.
Our work here will not be compromised. No compromises.
Cait Sith Aon : We mustn't forget that we are all for one.
Our cooperation is required to see our plan to fruition. For the plan to bear fruit.
Cait Sith Dha : Unsure, I am. All this talk of...Champions, was it?
Sounds a bit off to me. Not too right.
Cait Sith Naoi : Aon and Dha, that's enough out of you two.
Nothing but complaints from the both of you. All I ever hear.
Cait Sith Seachd : Enough!
Silence, silence, silence! Quiet!
Cait Sith Seachd : If you please, Tri is attempting to say something. Speaking up.
Cait Sith Tri : Have we not all overlooked a terribly important issue? Quite forgotten.
Cait Sith Tri : Aon and ochd's brushes with danger are quite the cause for concern. Quite the cause.
Now, of all times, we cannot afford to be careless.
Cait Sith Ochd : You have no idea! I nearly had my tail ripped off at the base.
Traumatic to say the least. Terribly traumatic.
Cait Sith Tri : Then there is indeed someone attempting to impede our work? To slow us down?
Cait Sith Naoi : Now that you mention it...
Cait Sith Naoi : I do seem to recall, there was a brazen young lass. Accused me of being nothing more than a common cat, she did.
Chased me about for quite a spell before I was finally able to lose her. Lost her, I did.
Cait Sith Coig : A common cat, you say? Such impudence!
In what capacity could one possibly mistake our regal stock for that of a mundane feline!? A commmon cat!?
Cait Sith Seachd : That is most perplexing. Most intriguing.
Cait Sith Tri : Intrigues and perplexes...
Cait Sith Ceithir Nyahahaha! Look at you all, idling away. Idle, idle thoughts.
Surely she is up to something. Plots and plans of her own.
Cait Sith Naoi Indeed? Indeed?
Then I shall see to keeping an eye on her and her underling. A careful cait's eye.
I leave our endeavors elsewhere up to the rest of you.
Cait Sith Naoi : Then see to it! Take care of it!
Cait Sith Coig : Work to be done!
Cait Sith Naoi : That is all for now. For now, that is all.

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