Sigil is a a beneficial Status Effect that allows the acquisition of Allied Notes from defeated enemies that grant Experience Points, whilst inside zones from the Wings of the Goddess expansion.

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Sigil Effects

Whilst an adventurer is in a Campaign region with Sigil effect active, the following will happen:

Sigil is one of the few beneficial that cannot be removed by the player; once Sigil is received, you must wait until it wears off or until you replace it with Sanction or Signet. Sigil will not provide any benefits in areas outside of those in the Crystal War, including areas subject to Sanction or Signet.

Sigil Effect Duration

Sigil initially lasts 3 hours 15 minutes, and lasts an additional 15 minutes for each additional level of medal you own.

Obtaining Sigil

There is presently only one way to obtain Sigil, by talking to an Allied Officer in any of the three Allied Nations. It does not matter which nation you have signed up for.

There are three Allied Officers currently:

Sigil Bonuses

The following effects are always granted whilst under the effects of Sigil:

  • Experience Points bonus when in a party of less than 6 people.
  • No TP loss whilst resting.
  • HP recovery rate whilst resting is increased.

For 50 Allied Notes each, a character can purchase the additional following bonus buffs:

If Titania has been freelanced to your Allied Nation, you may for an additional 100 Allied Notes purchase: Decreased EXP loss

The bonus on Sigil are dependent on how many Campaign areas your Allied Nation is currently controlling. Example: Regen (up to 65% of HP) with 2 areas controlled, (up to 70% of HP) with 5 areas controlled (including Allied Nation itself).

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