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If your character's status changes, such as being poisoned in an enemy attack or using an ability to increase your attack power, it will be reported in your log window and an icon will appear at the top center of the screen. There are various icons used to indicate the different types of status effects. To view the details of a given icon, press the Δ button on the DUALSHOCK™ analog controller, the Y button on an Xbox 360 controller, the + key on your keyboard's numeric keypad, or f key on compact keyboard twice and move the cursor over the icon. An explanation of the icon will appear in the upper window. If a status effect wears off, it will be reported in your log window, and the icon will disappear from the top of the screen. -- FFXI Game Manual

Status effects are conditions that directly affect your character in-game, whether it be in a positive, negative, or completely neutral way. These status effects can be caused by monsters' abilities or spells during a battle. They can also be caused by spells, songs, or dice effects cast by fellow party members, as well as quests and items from NPCs in the game.

All status effect timers, except for Boost, pause whilst in dialogue with an NPC or a cutscene.

The three categories for status effects are as follows:

Negative Status Effects (Debuffs)

Accuracy DownReduces accuracy.
AmnesiaPlayer cannot use abilities or weaponskills.
Attack DownReduces attack power.
Attribute DownLowers an attribute. (STR, DEX, VIT, etc...)
BaneReduced HP, MP, and weight.
BoundPlayer cannot move.
BioReduced Attack and DoT.
BlindReduced melee accuracy.
BustNumber of possible active Phantom Roll effects reduced by one. Also experiencing a penalty effect.
ChainboundReadies target for a skillchain.
CharmFor a time, your actions are controlled by a monster.
CurseReduced HP, MP, and weight.
DazeVarious detrimental effects.
DebilitationThe severe hampering of attributes. (Salvage)
Defense DownReduced defense.
DiaReduced defense and DoT.
DiseasePlayer cannot recover HP or MP from healing.
DoomCountdown to death.
EncumberanceInability to equip armor and weapons.
EncumbermentInability to equip armor and/or weapons. (Salvage only)
Elemental Debuff
(Shock, Rasp, Choke, Frost, Burn, or Drown)
Lowers an attribute and DoT.
Evasion DownReduced evasion.
FlashSeverely reduced accuracy.
Gradual PetrificationCountdown to petrification.
HelixDamage Over Time inflicted every 3 ticks.
ImpairmentInability to use job abilities. (Salvage)
Level RestrictionReduces effective level.
Magic Accuracy DownReduced magic accuracy.
Magic Evasion DownReduced resistance to magic.
Magic Attack DownReduces magical damage.
Magic Defense DownReduces magical defense.
Max HP DownReduced HP pool.
Max MP DownReduced MP pool.
Max TP DownReduced TP pool.
MedicatedCannot use some Medicines.
MutePlayer cannot cast spells, nor remove the effect.
ObliviscenceInability to use a support job. (Salvage)
OmertaInability to use magic. (Salvage)
OverloadPuppet is in a weakened state.
ParalyzedChance of interruption for each action.
PetrifiedPlayer cannot act.
PlaguedDoT that affects MP and TP.
PoisonDoT that affects HP.
SilencedPlayer cannot cast spells.
SJ RestrictionCannot access support job.
SleepPlayer cannot act.
SlowIncreased weapon and spell delay.
StunnedPlayer cannot act.
TerrorPlayer cannot act.
WeaknessSeverely reduced HP and MP.
WeightReduced movement speed and Evasion.

Positive Status Effects (Buffs)

Accuracy BoostIncreases accuracy.
AftermathEffect varies based on Relic/Mythic weapon.
AquaveilIncreased resistance to spell interruption.
Arrow ShieldImmunity to ranged attacks.
Attack BoostIncreased attack.
Attribute UpIncrease to an ability. (STR, DEX, VIT, etc...)
Bar ElementalIncreased elemental resistance.
Bar Status EffectIncreased resistance to status effects.
BerserkIncreases attack, reduces defense.
BlinkShadow images may absorb attacks.
BoostEnhances power of next attack.
ChocoboIncreased movement speed while riding a Chocobo.
Circle ProtectionsResistance to certain monster types.
ConcentrationIncreased casting speed and decreased recasts.
Copy ImageCopy image absorb attacks.
Damage SpikesDamages opponents when hit.
DedicationPercentage increase of EXP gained.
Defense BoostIncreases defense.
DeodorizePlayer is harder to track by scent.
EnchantmentEffects vary, depending on the source.
EnspellAdds elemental damage to attacks.
Evasion BoostIncreases evasion.
FlurryDecreases weapon delay (without affecting TP gain).
FoodEffects vary.
FleeIncreased movement speed.
HasteDecreases weapon delay (without affecting TP gain) and recast timers.
HidePlayer is difficult to detect by sight.
InvincibleImmunity to physical damage.
InvisiblePlayer is difficult to detect by sight.
IntensionMagic accuracy is increased.
Magic Attack BoostMagic attack is increased.
Magic Defense BoostMagic defense is increased.
Magic ShieldImmunity to magic spells.
ManeuverElemental maneuver being used by your puppet.
PhalanxGrants damage reduction.
PotencyIncreases critical hit rate.
ProtectIncreases defense.
QuickeningIncreases movement speed.
RefreshGradually restores MP.
RegainGradually increases TP.
RegenGradually restores HP.
ReraiseAllows self-resurrection.
Roll EffectHas many different positive effects.
ShellIncreases Magical Defense.
Shining RubyIncreases Defense and Magic Defense.
SneakPlayer is difficult to detect by sound.
StoneskinGrants an extra skin to absorb damage.
Synthesis Image SupportIncreases effective crafting skill level.


Allied TagsWhen involved in a campaign battle.
BattlefieldWhen involved in a BC battle.
BesiegedWhen involved in a Besieged battle.
CostumeChanges a player's appearance.
Finishing MoveGained by using Steps. Used to perform Flourishes.
IllusionYour true appearance is veiled with an illusion. The illusion cannot be maintained for long periods of time.
Level SyncCurrent level is matched to a party member's level.
PaxEnmity generation is reduced. (Besieged / Salvage).
SignetAllows you to receive crystals from monsters.
SanctionTreasures of Aht Urhgan version of signet.
SigilWings of the Goddess version of signet.
SongGrants various effects.

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