Quests Involving Maze of Shakhrami

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
Blast From the Past25Windurst Walls Koru-Moru (E - 7) Great Club  General  
Blessed Radiance1Upper Jeuno Luto Mewrilah (G - 8) Max Fellowship Bond 90  Fellowship Quest  
Eco-Warrior (Windurst) (R)1Windurst Waters Lumomo (F - 10) Dragon Chronicles, 5000 Gil Emerald Exterminator General  
Heaven Cent1Windurst Waters Ropunono (F - 7) 4800 Gil Night Sky Navigator General  
Legacies Lost and Found99Eastern Adoulin Octavien (I - 8) Runeist Trousers, Secrets of Runic Enhancement,    Artifact  
Lost for Words11Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 2-2  Mission  
The Geomagnetron1Lower Jeuno Darcia (H - 7) Adoulinian charter permit, Geomagnetron,    Mission  
The Goblin Tailor1Lower Jeuno Guttrix (H - 10) Wonder Clomps, Savage Gauntlets, Wonder Mitts, Custom M Boots, Magna Bodice, Magna M Ledelsens, Savage Separates, Custom Vest, Wonder Braccae, Custom M Gloves, Elder's Braguette, Magna Jerkin, Custom F Boots, Elder's Surcoat, Magna Gloves, Magna F Chausses, Custom Slacks, Savage Loincloth, Magna Gauntlets, Magna F Ledelsens, Wonder Kaftan, Custom F Gloves, Savage Gaiters, Custom Pants, Custom Tunic, Elder's Sandals, Elder's Bracers, Magna M Chausses Goblin's Exclusive Fashion Manne Race Specific  
The Holy Crest (Dragoon Flag Quest)30Port San d'Oria Arminibit (I - 9) Dragoon Flag Heir to the Holy Crest Job Related  
Your Crystal Ball1Lower Jeuno Kurou-Morou (I - 7)   General