2012 Adventurer Appreciation Campaign  

Start Area: Bastok Markets
Start NPC:Moogle
Type:Special Event
Related Areas:Bastok Mines
Northern San d'Oria
Port Bastok
Port San d'Oria
Port Windurst
Southern San d'Oria
Windurst Walls
Windurst Waters
Windurst Woods
Related Mobs:Aspiring Adventurer
Min Level:1
Max Level:99
Title Obtained:
Items Granted:Banquet Table Blueprint
Decennial Coat
Decennial Coat +1
Decennial Crown
Decennial Crown +1
Decennial Dress
Decennial Dress +1
Decennial Hose
Decennial Hose +1
Decennial Ring
Decennial Tiara
Decennial Tiara +1
Decennial Tights
Decennial Tights +1
Memorial Cake
Set of Banquet Table Fabric
Set of Banquet Table Wood
Last Updated: Thu May 17 00:59:52 2012
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