Start Area: Pashhow Marshlands
Start NPC:Suspicious Hume (E - 12)
Related Areas:Northern San d'Oria
Port Bastok
Port Windurst
Related Mobs:Suspicious Elvaan (L - 8)
Suspicious Galka (J - 12)
Suspicious Tarutaru (M - 4)
Min Level:1
Max Level:99
Items Required:Lizard Tail
Rabbit Hide
Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Title Obtained:
Items Granted:Ring of Supernal Disjunction
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Quest Description

You can expand the horizons of your soul, and it all begins by bringing either a rabbit hide, lizard tail, or two-leaf mandragora bud to one of the oddly accented and suspicious personages in Northern San d'Oria, Port Bastok, or Port Windurst.

Quest Walkthrough

Travel to (E-12) in Pashhow Marshlands and speak to the Suspicious Hume, who will instruct you to collect any of the three following items.

After obtaining any one of these, you will then trade that item to one of the three Suspicious NPC characters in the starting cities, the Suspicious Elvaan at (L-8) in Northern San d'Oria, the Suspicious Tarutaru at (M-4) in Port Windurst, or Suspicious Galka at (J-12) in Port Bastok.

Trading any one of the items to any one of the NPCs will result in them giving you the Ring of Supernal Disjunction key item and the ability to participate in Monstrosity

Quest Rewards

Final Fantasy XI

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