Trial Size Trial By Water  

Start Area: Norg
Start NPC:Verctissa (H - 9)
Type:Job Related
Related Areas:Cloister of Tides
Related Mobs:Leviathan Prime
Min Level:20
Max Level:75
(Average from 7 ratings)
Items Required:Mini Tuning Fork of Water
Last Updated: Thu Mar 10 17:40:08 2005

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The Rhinostery has developed a new "mini" tuning fork of water. Ringing it upon the protocrystal in Den of Rancor will open the path to a one-on-one battle with the beast that awaits inside. However, only summoners are allowed to take up this challenge.


Things to remember:

  • This is a solo battle.
  • There is a level 20 cap on this battle.
  • There is a 15-minute time limit.
  • You can only use Carbuncle.

Speak to Verctissa in Norg, standing next to Edal-Tahdal at (H-9). You must have at least level 3 fame in Norg before she will allow you to do this quest.

If you meet the requirements, she will present you with a Mini Tuning Fork of Water.

  • This is not a key item, like the Tuning Fork of Water, and therefore requires a space in your inventory.

When you have made your preparations, trade the Mini Tuning Fork of Water back to Verctissa. She won't keep it. Trading her the Mini Tuning Fork of Water will warp you directly to the Cloister of Tides for the fight.

Try to fight Leviathan on Lightningsday and do not fight him on Watersday

Upon defeating him, you will receive the ability to summon Leviathan to your side.


Final Fantasy XI

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# Jan 13 2009 at 9:19 PM Rating: Decent
35 posts
One things tthat may help, is go to a field of valor book and get the refresh enchantment then do the fight, little xtra mp helps
Warp Broken?
# Dec 28 2007 at 3:21 PM Rating: Decent
I was helping some of my LS members get the whispers for Fenrir. I did all of the avators as my BRD75, but this time I was too lazy to switch from SMN56. I got all of the pacts from the prime fights except Leviathan, whom I got in a level 20 fight.

So after the 4th avator fight, we went after the big snake. I had level 20 warped to every one so far, but the woman would not warp me. I got the mini-fork from her today, traded it, everything. I could not get a warp to save my life.

Wondering if there is something broken, or you just don't get free warps anymore. If you have any info, please give me a sanity check.

Edited, Dec 28th 2007 11:39pm by Darthporisius
# Feb 03 2007 at 11:54 AM Rating: Default
I used a bolied crab before but not really necessary...

anyway, this is what i do

1. buff before entering (i buff myself) protect aquaveil shell etc...
2. run up hill, summon carby, assault the avatar. wait in case it uses an ability.
3. tell carby to use poison nails( i stand quite close in case my command gets aggro and it walks away from carby.
4. run down the hill after poison nails hits.
5. wait and resummon carby. he will attack automatically. use yag drink, 2 hr, and searing light (not too far in case it turns for me)
6. run away, back up the hill, or down if im only half way down anyway.
7. use an ether, resummon carby when he dies, use astral when i have enough mp.
8. run, ether, resummon, astral again etc...

they are usually dead by now but if they werent i would just keep going with poison nails

i take
2 yag drinks
2 ethers
2-3 hi potions

note that u cant really say at which exact points u will take damage, so i use them when i need to.
Leviathan Strategy!
# Jan 15 2007 at 12:10 PM Rating: Decent
I basically followed the technique used in the Avatar Section of http://www.summoner.info/ … GREAT! site btw I recommend checking it out… its got pics and all… answers a lot of questions and then some…

Instead of me yammering on and on about what I did… just go the site and read the strategy and ur good to go cus that’s the exact strategy I used… oh btw u have Barwatera as SMN20/WHM10 so use it… Happy Hunting!

If u look like this o.O when battling Ramuh… fell free to read my post about what I did in the “Trial Size Trail by Lightning” section… <found in Quest>By Realm>Other>… made some tweaks but basically same strat as the site given!

Ramuh 1/2
Shiva 1/2
Ifrit 1/2
Leviathan 1/2
Garuda 1/2
Titan 1/1

That site again is http://www.summoner.info/ … make sure u check it out…
Avatar didn't DIE
# Jan 06 2007 at 8:37 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
I started this last night, completed four of the mini fight so far. Did the buff, crab food, enter zone, & popped carby & drink and away we go. We'll carby hit with first Searing light for 210 damage, second time Searing light did 110 damage, ok a little concerned, third Searing light 110 again, now very worried, Leaviathan has over 1/3 health left. I popped the two spare ethers & Hi-Potions, called carby out and changed weapon, but still died anyway. I checked the log to see if Leaviathan casted a buff, didn't see one. Just wondering if anyone else had this happen before. Oh yea, this was a Lightening day too.
Avatar didn't DIE
# Jan 15 2007 at 12:06 PM Rating: Decent
This happened to me too but with Garuda... idk why this happened myself... the only thing i can suggest is go on Lightsday when carby is more powerful...
Time to warp again?
# Aug 08 2006 at 6:45 AM Rating: Decent
44 posts
Leviathan was stupid, but Carby even more. First I didn't know of Levi's gravitation effect. Scared the hell out of me when I tried to run away... But things went totally easy (for a while). Levi was almost dead and I tried the 3rd Searing Light. But Carby didn't do anything..... After that Yagudo and Astral Flow wore off, I had 1Mp, no Hi-ether and Carby died.... I soon after...
Still don't know what really happened, i read the Log and there was the Yellow message that Carby tries Searing Light but he didn't hit Leviathan.... Anyway, how long do I have to wait till I can try again? Can't warp to the Crystal
# Jul 25 2006 at 6:26 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
I turned in 12 sets of Zinc Ore (48 ores) and did the Tenshodo Membership quest and I was able to do this quest. I had 0 Tenshodo fame when I began. The price for Rice Balls for me after doing the quests was 161 gil each. It's probably irrelevant but I had level 3 fame in Bastok and San D'oria and I had level 2 fame in Windurst. For any Summoners that want to get Leviathan I suggest turning in Zinc Ores because it takes less time and there's no risk of death (If you're low level, that is). I mined for the ores myself because it was much, much cheaper than buying them from the Auction House, which were 2k apiece at the time. With level 3 fame and Rank 3 in Bastok, Pickaxes cost roughly 2.5k for a stack. I went into Zeruhn Mines with 0 mining skill and got an average of 5 Zinc Ores per stack of Pickaxes (And a crapload of Iron Ores, which I sold for a bit of money). I hope this information helps, as I had a very tough time finding the information I needed regarding Tenshodo fame ^^
the RIGHT way
# Jun 27 2006 at 12:34 PM Rating: Decent
ok, if you want to do this right, listen to me. basically, ur equipment can suck as long as ur smn magic skill is capped *vital* and u have to have the hermit wand and sub whm. ok, this is what you do, b4 you get warped get buffs, all you need is protect II and shell, if you want better, be my guest, and the bar spells help too. you don't need to do it on any specific days either, although it does help to do it on lightsday or the day that the avatar is weak on. ok, this strategy has never failed me, it was given to me by my ls leader, sareena.

items: 2 ethers
1 boiled crab
1 hi-potion
1 yagudo potion
*that's all you NEED, but if you want to bring more just to be safe....well, it's ur gil*

okay this is what you do....

1. right after you get teled to the cloister *the place the taru warps you to, not where you actually fight the avatar* use your boiled crab and pop aquaviel.
2. trade ur mini fork to the crystal and enter the arena.
3. run up the hill a lil bit and summon carby and pop your yagudo potion.
4. get as far from the avatar as possible and yet still be in range for assault and have carby assault him
5. immediately use your 2hr and searing light
6. run down the hill like hell, and pop an ether.
7. wait for carby to die and then re-summon.
8. when you have at least 44mp searing light, make sure carby has enough health.
9. at this point, the avatar will probably 2 hr, and carby will die a horrible and painful death and you will take a ******** of damage unless you are out of range, so RUN LIKE HELL BACK UP THE HILL IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU SEARING LIGHT!
10. when up the hill, pop an ether, also if you got hit by the 2hr, summon carby, and pop your hi-potion.
11. wait for carby to die and then re-summon him
12. when you have at least 44mp, searing light the *******.
13. at this point, the avatar should be dead, if it's not, one of your searing lights misfired and didn't do the normal ******** of damage, don't wrry it happens. if the avatar is still standing, take out your club and just beat the **** out of it. it happened to me with ramuh, just use banish and dia, that sort of thing.

that's all you have to do, if you don't think it works, then you are an idiot. not only have i never lost with this method, but i also hold the record times for beating ifrit and garuda on the asura server. w00t, rate me up if you want.oh, and by the way, it IS lv 2 fame for the solo fights, i kno this for a fact.
the RIGHT way
# Nov 12 2006 at 8:20 AM Rating: Decent
Aaaaannnnnddddd......you're dumb!

First of all, your method does not work and is flawed even if you do it the way you say you do!

It should be blantently obvious to anyone who has tried these Avatar fights that you're dumb, and probably hadn't even tried these fights at the time you wrote your little piece!

First of all the supplies you listed?! Way under stocked! 1 hi-pot and 1 Yag Drink(which you refered to as "Yag Potion"?! LOL!) LMAO!!!

In NO way would an Avatar fall after you use 3 SL's right off the top, even if they hit for 210 each time you'd still have to do some meleeing and Dia-Banish's. Especially with Ramuh, it's pointless to start off the match using the 3 SL method as soon as you attack. Why? Because he casts Thunderspark right off the top and that Thunderspark includes the effect of Paralyze, so you run the risk of having all 3 SL's not go off, cuz Carby is Paralyzed(if Ramuh misses Carby several times, or if he casts Thunderspark 3 times in a row, like he's done to me before).

Also even if you do use the 3 SL's right off the top, you will have hardly any(if any) MP left after the 3rd SL. Why? Because you'll be using the 2 Ethers on the previous 2 SL's, and even on those 2 you'll have to wait longer because Astral Flow->Searing Light uses ALL your MP, even if you have 190 MP, it'll be GONE!!!!!! And regular Ether only gives back 30 MP/per. So even if you're able to get off a 3rd Searing Light before you're dead, you wont have any MP to cast Dia or Banish with only 2 ethers. Because by then your Yag Drink would've wore off. And you might as well say Goodbye to Carby, cuz even if you magically still have the Yag Drink flowing after that Carby will still be eating up MP, and he'll be gone in a few seconds.

So basically it'd be You vs. Avatar. And if you're dumb enough to use this method, you'd better be prepared to melee the Avatar for awhile, all on your lonesome.

You're dumb dude, and you were probably just spouting off what you read on your LS as fact, without trying it out first. I've been through several of these fights, and I can tell you that even (EVEN) if your lucky enough to get 3 SL's off right at the top for 210 a piece, you'll still be doing a little meleeing of your own. And if you're smart enough to bring more than 1 Yag Drink, and 2 Ethers, you'd still have to cast a couple Dia's and Banish's.

If you were to do the 3 SL method right off the top you'd need at least 3 hi-pots, 2 Yag Drinks and 3-4 ethers, to make it through alive.

I personally found that the 2 SL method works best, especially if something goes wrong with a SL. That way you still have 1 SL left to finish the Avatar off with. Cuz you're screwed of any of the SL's arent done do to Paralyze, Avatar out of range etc., or they only hit for 50-60 points on any of them.

I KNOW for a fact that when you posted this you hadnt fought any of them or you were wasted when you posted it and hit the wrong keys, because your method is complete trash and does not work any or everytime. But hey you might get lucky and win a match using this once, but I can gaurentee (especially with Ramuh) that your luck would run out on the next fight, and the next, and the next using your insane method!!

You should really find out the facts before you post. Don't just take someone else's word for it, especially when it's as dumb as the one you posted!

These Avatars aren't packing only a 100HP Dude!!! Though I wish they were!
the RIGHT way
# Nov 12 2006 at 4:53 PM Rating: Decent
umm... you definitely fail at ffxi moron. My method DOES work and it is the cheapest, quickest, easiest, and most fullproof way of doing it. I have fought all the avatars with this method, and beat the record time on a couple of them. I am 1/1 on every avatar except titan, which I am 1/2 on because I didn't know what i was doing the first time, then I was told about this technique. EVERY AVATAR GOES DOWN AFTER 3 SL'S UNLESS ONE MIS-FIRES! Don't say that they don't, because I've done it with every single one. Notice how noone else agrees with you? First off, I'm aware that all of your mp goes to 0 after you SL, that is what the *yagudo drink* is for. Astral flow makes it so that it doesn't cost you any mp/per tick to have your summons out moron, so after you do the first SL, run down, use an ether, wait for carby to die, re-cast, and assault, you have over 44 mp again. Do your homework next time. Oh, and about ramuh and his paralyze thing. Yes, he does paralyze you, but you don't change the strategy. If you are quick about it, carby will SL him before he paralyzes you. That's when you run down, cure your paralyze, and then use the ether. Know what you are talking about next time.
the RIGHT way
# Nov 14 2006 at 8:55 PM Rating: Decent
I'm sorry I've tried the 3 SL's method. And no Avatar takes a dive with only 3 SL's and nothing else. Like I said you'll still have to do a little meleeing after the 3rd.

Also like I said if one of them does misfire, which does happen, or hits for less than 210?!, then you're screwed, cuz all you brought is 2 ethers, 1 Yag Drink, and 1 Hi-pot. You'll be outta mp after the third, only a hi-pot worth 100hp, and by the time the third SL hits you'll be outta the Refresh Effect. So basically you'll be soloing an Avatar that still has more hp than you do.

If you have gotten away with gettin all your Avatars this way then more power to you, cuz geuss what?!!! YOU"RE THE LUCKIEST SUMMONER IN FFXI!!!!! Hands down. Because no one can do Avatar fights the way you have listed, period! Anyone would have to be extremely lucky to get even 1 with the supplies you have listed, and besides these Avatars have more than 630 HP without a doubt. And I highly doubt that you even done these fights the way you have listed.

The 2 ethers you might be able to get away with cuz that's all I use but I use the 2 SL method. But only 1 hi-pot, and 1 Yag Drink(Potion, to you)??????

I'm sorry but with as low as the hp is on SMN, theres no way, unless you escaped every single attack that the Avatar threw at you.

So basically I'm calling you on your list, I never said the 3 SL method didnt work. I see the record times. I"m calling you on your list because it's obvious you hadn't done any Avatar fights before you posted that.

And the reason ppl don't respond is the same reason there are months at a time between posts from ppl. LOOK AT THE DATES! Your geuss is as good as mine with why ppl dont post more.

Here's my fights so far, for you to be critical of:

All fought on Lightsday except Ramuh, and Titan(my win on him),

Titan 1/2(he was my first as well)
Shiva 1/2
Ifrit 1/1
Ramuh 0/1
Garuda 1/1
the RIGHT way
# Jul 22 2007 at 11:05 PM Rating: Decent
To let you know, If you go on the day that the avatar is weak, ie: watersday on Ifrit, it will die in 3 SL's. Thats how it went for me on all but Shiva.
Safe way
# Feb 21 2006 at 9:02 AM Rating: Decent
Of course theres 2 methods to doing these fights, I call em "Safe" and "Gamble". Gambel is 3 SL with Astral Flow at the start. One mistake or a miss and things get tough fast as generally ppl have not set up for a longer fight. But it works, and works well.

The safe mode is summon, assualt and run, sacrifice Carby about 7 or 8 times and the Avatar hits 50% and astral flows carby. Now you summon and astral flow, 2 hits kills it easily. I did them all this way, no fails. I suppose it depends on your play style as yo what suits you. I find the safe mode turns the battle into something mucch more on my terms, Im used to such pet sacrifice and other prolonged methods for solo such as kiting, bind and nuke etc etc, just makes me more confident and that makes more success.
Nemuiko's suggestions
# Feb 02 2006 at 9:31 PM Rating: Decent
Well, I just beat my my last trial-size, so I might as well throw in my two cents.

Mostly I do a pretty conventional "3 searing lights" strategy, but with a couple variations I haven't seen elsewhere.

1. Try going in once without any desire to win it, but just to check things out. Learn how close you can get to the avatar before it will aggro you.

2. You want to get as little hate as possible. It makes things easier if something doesn't go exactly right. Therefore...

3. Go up to the place where you won't get aggored, cast your protect/etc, summon carbuncle, drink your yagudo drink, and hit astral flow.

4. Yes, I said hit astral flow now. It gets a lot of hate, and you don't want hate. 4 minutes will be plenty, as long as you get moving immediately.

5. Target the avatar and use assault. Some people say that this gets you hate. This is wrong. It gets you hate *if* the avatar has already seen you. If you do it before the avatar sees you, you get it for free. Against Leviathan in particular, having the avatar not see you is highly desirable, since he'll usually do Tail Whip first thing. The gravity effect makes life difficult. (I in fact won the time I got hit with this, but it could have easily gone the other way.)

6. From here on out, things are pretty much the same as usual. But if after 3 searing lights the avatar is still up, don't give up! If one's resisted the avatar might still be up, but it won't have much left. Throw dia on it, get a poison nails off if you can. Equip a good staff and start beating on it. (Staff will do a *lot* more damage than hermits wand; for me it did more damage than Carbuncle's physical attacks, and my staff skill isn't even capped.) Throw out banish when it's up, if you have a halfway decent divine skill. Don't be afraid to use up a couple more hi-potions if it'll get you the victory this time; it'll probably be cheaper in the long run.

Now, astral flow first wouldn't be a good idea for Ramuh. Missing a searing light because of paralyze is no fun. (I've had that hit me because of Shiva's frost armor too, but bad luck happens.) I still recommend having Carbuncle assault before Ramuh sees you. Do that and run fast, you might be able to avoid getting paralyzed yourself, which makes life simpler.

Make no mistake, these are tough fights. Bad luck can kill you even if you do everything right. (See also "I should have hit hi-potion one second ago, shouldn't I?") But if you stay sharp, know your strategy and don't panic, you'll improve your chances a lot.

# Dec 10 2005 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
269 posts
Just as something I found astonishing. I did not make this record myself, but someone has the record on Leviathan for killing Leviathan in 3 minutes and 28 seconds...
Easy way to check lev2 Tenshodo fame in Bastok
# Nov 10 2005 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
I was trying to fight Leviathan the other day, went to Norg and discovered I didn't have enough fame! I read about the Shady Business quest in Bastok can help Norg/Tenshodo fame, so I traded one set of four zinc ores to Talib at F-6 Port Bastok and for the heck of it, I talked to the other guy standing next to him, Peaujean. Peaujean pretty much told me to get lost.

So, I went to the Zeruhn mines with a pickaxe and got another set of zinc ores, then bought another 2 sets at AH. I traded those to Talib and then checked on Peaujean again. This time, he gave me the quest for the purple belt. This is how I knew I had level 2 fame and I didn't have to keep trading any more ores. To be sure, I checked the price of rice balls in Jeuno and sure enough, they were cheaper (168 gil). I promptly went to Norg and talked to the NPC for Leviathan and got forked! I got my last avatar, Leviathan that day.

So, if you want to know if you have enough Tenshodo fame without going to Jeuno for the price of rice balls (or worse yet, going to Norg to check fame and find out you don't have enough) just check to see if you can get the quest from Peaujean.
# Oct 03 2005 at 2:05 AM Rating: Decent
i broke the record on this pain in the *** tonight and i broke the record 3:51 on the record has anyone beatten that?
RE: record
# Oct 17 2005 at 2:57 PM Rating: Decent
40 posts
My record on Leviathan was 3:49. Most of my records, and the other records, were within 3-5 seconds of each other. There's only so low you can get on records because of the delay on Searing Light.
# Oct 03 2005 at 2:05 AM Rating: Decent
i broke the record on this pain in the *** tonight and i broke the record 3:51 on the record has anyone beatten that?
mini fights
# Aug 29 2005 at 11:05 PM Rating: Decent
Mini Avatar Fights

What you need: level 20 SMN/WHM

Tuning Fork for Avatar

1 stack of Mulsum

6 Hi-Potions

1 Yagudo Drink

1 Boiled Crab

All equipment that helps with spell interruption

Good Timing

Attention: This is a very different approach to the normal “Cast Carby...wait to die ...Recast Carby” method. This is a very “Guns-A-Blazen” technique.

Step 1 Acquire Tuning fork and accept warp to crystal location.

Use Boiled Crab and cast Protect. (No need to regain MP)

Step 2 Trade Tuning fork to crystal and enter battle field.

Step 3 Run up the path till you are a small distance outside of agro range from Avatar

Summon Carbuncle and use Yagudo Drink.

Step 4 Move close enough to have Carby assault the Avatar. As soon as Carby hits (or misses) the Avatar hit Astral Flow, immediately followed by Searing Light 2hr.

Important!! Never move while using 2hr wait for Carby to hit before moving again.

Step 5 This is where a little luck comes into play. After using Searing Light your mp will drop to zero. As soon as that happens use a Mulsum other wise Carby will disappear and the Avatar will come after you. Be aware of the Avatar’s 2hr, it can kill you in 1 hit. If you see the Avatar ready its 2hr do whatever it takes to get out of range. If you get hit and live through a 2hr use 2 Hi-Potions and you will be in good shape.

Step 6 Time to prepare for the next Searing Light. Carbuncle needs at least 40 mp to use Searing Light again, so use as many Mulsums as needed. Wait for the recast timer to run out and use Searing Light again. Remember do not move till Searing Light is done. I have defeated Avatars in 2 Searing Lights but not all fall that easy. If need be use Mulsum, avoid 2hr (if Avatar hasn’t used it already) and prepare for another Searing light same as before. No Avatars have lived through 3 Searing Lights.

Note: If at any time carbuncle dies or disappears simply summon him again. If Avatar hits you and interrupts your cast use Hi-Potions as needed and try again. This is why the Spell interruption gears are needed, and believe me it helps a lot.


Mulsum- /item “Mulsum” <me>

Hi-Potion- /item “Hi-Potion” <me>

Yagudo Drink- /item “Yagudo Drink” <me>

Astral Flow- /ja “Astral Flow” <me>

Carbuncle- /ma “Carbuncle” <me>

Assault- /pet “Assault” <bt>

Searing Light- /pet “Searing Light” <bt>

Banish- /ma “Banish” <bt>

Best Day to fight Avatar:

Shiva- Firesday

Ifrit- Watersday

Ramuh- Earthsday

Leviathan- Lightningday

Garuda- Iceday

Titan- Windsday

Lightday is Carbuncles day. Fight any one on that day.

Hope this helps and Good Luck ^^

Iceiss, Titan server.

RE: mini fights
# Dec 07 2005 at 6:16 PM Rating: Decent
435 posts
No Avatars have lived through 3 Searing Lights

I hate to disagree, but this is simply untrue. The first time I fought Garuda, Leviathan, and Titan they lived through 3 Searing Lights. It is possible for the avatar to resist the damage. I fought Leviathan ( Lightningday ) ten minutes ago and my first and second Searing Lights did 102 damage, with capped Summoning Magic skill. Only the third did the regular 210, and it wasn't enough to give me the win.

My first Searing Light against Garuda did 51. And this was on Iceday! I don't know how many HP she has, but its more than 153.

On the flip side, when I fought Ramuh, my Searing Lights were doing 230 consistently. For the record, I chose to fight him on Lightsday for that very reason.

Edit: Oh, and for what its worth, this has happened several times to my friends who are also collecting the avatars, so it isn't just me. :P

Edited, Wed Dec 7 18:19:37 2005
RE: mini fights
# Oct 17 2005 at 10:17 AM Rating: Decent
40 posts
If you want to make these fights INCREDIBLY easier, find yourself some Hi-Potion +1 to replace the Hi-Potions. Also, the strat for Ramuh is slightly different. For Ramuh, you will need to summon Carbuncle and wait this time until Ramuh paralyzes you. Run away, cast paralyna until unparalyzed, then summon carby and continue the strat as before.

If you try to fight Ramuh while paralyzed, and get your Astral Flow off before he paralyzes both you and Carbuncle, chances are VERY very low of winning this fight, and very high of tearing your hair out in frustration as you watch another 20k in items going down the drain ><.

Pick up Hi-Potion +1 (it will save you money in the long run, trust me)
Alter the strat on Ramuh (you'll thank me for it later ^^)

Oh, and one final note:
As long as you have your refresh going and have Astral Flow up, Carbuncle will NOT disappear after using Searing Light. You can trade in the Mulsum for Ethers (preferably Ether +1 or Ether +2) and use them after you have recast Carbuncle and he has engaged the avatar. Happy hunting ^^
RE: mini fights
# Sep 14 2005 at 6:13 AM Rating: Decent
may be just me but wouldn't it seem more practical to fight ifirit on Iceday, Garuda on earthsday, ramuh on watersday?
RE: mini fights
# Sep 30 2005 at 5:41 PM Rating: Decent
110 posts
No - Fire > Ice > Wind > Earth > Thunder > Water > Fire

So if you faught Ifrit on Iceday, you'd be having him do more damage. Fire is Strong to Ice - Fire is weak to water.
# Aug 14 2005 at 6:21 PM Rating: Decent
311 posts
Has anyone tried subbing Ninja on this, so you can equip 2 x Hermit wand?
RE: Ninja?
# Oct 17 2005 at 10:09 AM Rating: Decent
40 posts
Yes, I subbed Ninja on these fights.

It actually went quite well, and I broke the record on 4/6. The problem with having NIN sub, of course, is not having paralyna...but I'll get to that in a minute.

All of these fights, to me, were quite difficult. I at first just went in thinking it would be easy. A bruised ego and 50k in potions later, I decided I'd be a little more methodical. I had tried just going in with /whm at first, and found that the whm didn't do me any good. Whatsoever. I revised my strat and subbed Ninja. Went much better, but I still died within 1 Searing Light of beating the given avatar I was fighting.

Once I got the method down, I only died once more fighting any avatar. That was against Ramuh, and I'll tell you why. One of his attacks, can't remember which, causes paralysis, and it has a fuber range. Without WHM, you're screwed (paralysis = no searing light). The strat on this fight changes as follows: Cast carby, let ramuh paralyze you both, run the hell away, cast paralyna until unparalyzed, cast carby, astral flow, continue strat as before.

Just thought I'd give this one word of warning where /nin is concerned. Other than that, happy hunting, and go break some records ^^
RE: Ninja?
# Oct 17 2005 at 11:06 AM Rating: Decent
remedy will cure paralized status as well.
also yagudo drinks recover 2mp per tick for 3 minutes, and vampire juice will recover 2hp/mp per tick for 2 minutes, chances are you will want the hp as well, and as far as cost goes both drinks are around 2k on fenrir.
RE: Ninja?
# Sep 11 2005 at 5:23 PM Rating: Decent
84 posts
I was considering this for a while, and I think I'm going to try it. of course, you don't get that protect :(,. I'll tell you how it goes if I do. ^^
Bad Luck
# Jul 24 2005 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
180 posts
Leviathan is the last avatar i need and both times i've fought him i've had HORRIBLE luck. Things would be going great till he either: uses Water 2 which one-shots carby. Or he uses his 2 hour the EXACT moment i hit searing light. Both time he did this and killed carby right before he used Searing Light, he'd come after me with about 50 hp and obviously i was totally screwed at that point. These avatars are 50% skill and 50% total pure luck lol.
so far i'm 1/2 titan, 1/2 garuda, 1/2 ifrit, 1/1 Ramuh (O.o) 0/2 Leviathan
Bad Luck
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dont you need shiva also...?
bad luck
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Leviathan is the last avatar i need and both times i've fought him i've had HORRIBLE luck. Things would be going great till he either: uses Water 2 which one-shots carby. Or he uses his 2 hour the EXACT moment i hit searing light. Both time he did this and killed carby right before he used Searing Light, he'd come after me with about 50 hp and obviously i was totally screwed at that point. These avatars are 50% skill and 50% total pure luck lol.
so far i'm 1/2 titan, 1/2 garuda, 1/2 ifrit, 1/1 Ramuh (O.o) 0/2 Leviathan
Cheap Strategy
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First off, I'm not cheap, I'm poor.

I go into these battles with the following:
2x Melon juice
2x Yagudo Drink
3x Yagudo drink

That's all, even did Garuda and my successful Ifrit in the nude, save for Friar's Rope and Windurstian Ring. Just got the fame for Leviathan and screwed up the first time.

I like to let carby fight and die til the avatar is at about 2/3 hp, then wait for it to use a blood pact (hopefully not insta-killing carby), then use Astral Flow + Searing Light. I find that they use their 2-hr at the time that they drop below 1/2 hp, but if their blood pact timer isn't ready...they can't! I haven't seen one do it after that point either. Doing it this way, the 2nd SL kills the avatar (baring their elemental strong day), I take 2, maybe 3 hits.

Ramuh 1/2 (My first attempt, no drinks)
Shiva 1/2 (Mistimed, ate a Diamond Dust)
Titan 1/1 (Earthsday too, I'm pretty sure)
Garuda 1/1 (Lightsday, too easy)
Ifrit 1/3 (SL mp/distance problems)
Leviathan 0/1 (Tried 3x SL, took Tidal Wave)

I ain't fast, but that's not the purpose. Will edit when I get Leviathan.
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This is the only Trial-Size Thread, so I'm going to post what I did for Shiva even though it's Leviathan's thread.

Just defeated Shiva yesterday on Remora and broke the record on a neutral day (Not Ice, Fire or Lightsday), so none of us had the advangage.

Here's what I took and what I did:

Weapon: Hermit's Wand -25% Spell Interruption Rate
Ranged:Happy Egg VIT+1 HP+1% (Recommend taking this instead of Fortune Egg because Searing Light will take away all MP anyway)

Head: Compound Cirlet EVA+5
Body: Priest's Robe
Hands: Scentless Armlets EVA+5
LEGS: Mage's Slacks
Feet: Light Soleas EVA+3
Neck: Black Neckerchief
Waist: Heko Obi+1 -8% Spell Interruption Rate
Back: Mist Silk Cape DEF:3 MND+1
Earring: Physical Earring(x2) Convert 25mp to hp (50total)
Rings: Balance Rings+1 DEF:1 LR+5 DEX+2 Each (took them off my warrior for the Def and LR for Ramuh, nice to have but if you don't no biggie. At any rate, any of the LVL14 +1 rings would be good for the extra 2 DEF)

This was the best HP/DEF set-up I could come up with shopping around the AH. It's only a suggestion and some of these things are really expensive. Worked great for me.

As far as items I took:
Hi-Potion x3
Ether x3
Yagudo Drink x2
Boiled Crab x1

Before I went into the battle I had a RDM cast Protect III and Shell II on me.

The battlefield is shaped like an inclined "L". I stopped at the corner after entering. There I used my Boiled Crab, Casted Aquaviel, then inched my way up the path to where it narrows before reaching Shiva. There I used my Yagudo Drink and proceed to cast Carbuncle. As soon as you do this, Shiva starts coming for you. Carbuncle will automatically engage. You do NOT need an "Assault" macro at all during the battle. As Soon as Carby took the 1st hit I started running to the bottom (Where you come in) By the time I reached the bottom Carby had but a thread of life left, soon as he died I recasted. It took Shiva a couple seconds to get there. Again Carbuncle engaged Shiva as she came down the ramp, I put the Crystal between Shiva and me and Used Astal Flow, at this point I didn't get any hate and Carby was at 3/4. I ran around the crystal, Stood next to Shiva and used Searing Light(She took a swing at me and missed). As Carby jumped in the air, I started running up top to where Shiva was when I first came in. By the time I got there Carbuncle was just about dead again and I recasted him and then used 1st Ether. Again, I had plenty time and by the time Shiva got there, Carby had engaged her before she engaged me. I let Carby take 2 hits and used Searing Light#2 , Again she took a swing and missed (gotta love that EVA) and again as soon as Carby jumped in the air I headed to the bottom. There I recasted Carby and popped a 2nd Ether and 2nd Yag Drink. Once she reached the bottom I used Searing Light again(#3), like I described the first time, here I took my first(and only) hit =/. And ran up to the top. (Just because you're doing SL3 don't get confident Avatar will die, run like you do the first 2 times) Not to my surprise (since it was a neutral day) she survived the 3rd Searing Light -.- So I recasted Carbuncle up top and used my 3rd Ether. Soon as Carby had her attention when she reached the top, I Banished her and that was the end of it. 162/198HP left. Congrats me! New Record on Remora, and it was my 1st try.

This is what I did, and it worked well. I really don't think it's a good idea to do Searing Light at the top as soon as you enter, because that just would've made the battle harder in the end. The couple hits that Carby got off at the top as I ran down before firest SL made it easy to kill her when she survived the 3rd SL, because had I not done that, she would've had a lot more HP left. And at the start of the battle before 1st SL you have a lot more MP then you're gonna have toward the end using Ethers to recast him. If anything, I'd recommend doing 2 rounds of "letting Carby die normally", before depleting mp for SL. At least on a neutral day, since the avatars have greater chances of surviving those SLs.

Edited, Fri May 13 13:17:56 2005
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I sub Thief for evasion. I've considered White Mage for Magic Defense and Paladin for Vitality and Physical Defense. With /thf I get a lot of "Leviathan misses Geforcefx."

This is what I bring:
4 Hi-Potion (2.5k in Bastok on Garuda)
2 Hi-Ether (2.5k in Bastok on Garuda)
(because it is cheaper than normal ether o.O)
1 Melon Juice (800g on Garuda)
1 Boiled Crab (1k on Garuda)

I'm a Tarutaru, so I tend to need those Hi-Potions sometimes; Leviathan's Water II and 2hr bring me down into the orange/red. First I get a Protect II/ Shell II from a random person. When I get in, I use my Boiled Crab, then Summon Carbuncle (before I climb the hill). I let carby attack, run all the way down, wait for it to die, and immediately recast. Carbuncle will automatically attack Leviathan when it gets near. When this carbuncle dies, I cast a new one, and head to the top of the arena, and cast one again. This is where I start the 3 Searing Light thing. I pop my Melon Juice, engage Leviathan in melee (make sure it is not "locked on") and use Astral Flow. I time the Searing Light to either when I have hate, or right before carbuncle gets hit, so it won't get interrupted. After it hits, {Run away!} With enough distance, use Hi-potion if needed. If I"m lucky and carbuncle is still alive when I get to the bottom, I use the opportunity to use hi-ether, otherwise, I spam a new carbuncle and then use the hi-ether. Leviathan may or may not kill this carbuncle with one of its specials, if carby survives a special, and I get hate, I use the opportunity to launch the second searing light (making sure I have most of my health left, because Leviathan will likely use its 2hr after this). Then I try to run away as far as I can when it inevitably slaughers my carbuncle and brings me into red health. I immediately use a hi-potion and continue running. Once I can resummon carbuncle, I stop and do so. I let this carbuncle fight and get hate, then run away and use another hi-ether. By around this time, the third searing light should be ready, and the melon juice would have worn off (doesn't matter since under 2hr effect, my avatar doesn't cost anything to keep out). I have about a 30 second window between the time it is ready, and the time that the Astral Flow effect will end. I go up to carbuncle and use "Steal" (to hopefully get hate) and let loose!

This is the part where I die if I had bad luck. I have to let mine out before it lets out a water II on carbuncle or myself. If it doesn't die, then rawr! Melee mode! Unfortunately this part may require lots of Hi-Potions for a Tarutaru SMN/THF. I then pray that I let out my weaponskill fast; that usually finishes them off.
First On Carbuncle!
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Apparently on Carbuncle, I was the first person to ever beat this mini-battle. The record time is now 4 min and 43 seconds.

This is the guide I used to beat all the avatars on the first or second try after Shiva beat my *** 6 times in a row.

Thiefcat's Guide to Level 20 Avatar Fights.

Edited, Sat Apr 16 17:10:49 2005
Shaowstrike (Retired - FFXI)
Cooking/Fishing 100

"We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary."
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Need help?
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Okay, there's no doubt about it... these fights are UNBELIEVABLY annoying. Don't worry though you WILL eventually get throught them, and the reward is worth the effort =)

Okay so after getting my butt kicked numerous times when I first started out, I've developped what has become an almost 100% successful method for these battles.

Now it costs a lot (depending on your server, for me this method can cost from 15k to 22k PER fight on Asura).
Here's what you need:

Potion X 5
Hi-Potion X 2
Ether X 5
Yagudo Drink X 3
Selbina Milk X 12 (just a clump of em will last for a loong time, and they're cheap too, only about 200G for 12)

Okay so very simple strategy. Get your hand on a Hermit's Wand and ANY other equipment that lowers spell interuption rates (like Heko Obi +1 for example), the rest of your equipment try to find things that raise your EVAsion stats, otherwise anything with the highest defense.

Now, when you enter the battlefield IMMEDIATELY cast Protect and Aquaveil (if using a SMN/WHM, I haven't tried any other combo), or you can try to get a Protect II or III from some nice player before entering the battle. Now having macros set for these fights helps a lot (I will post my macro list right after this).

Run up the ramp until you can see the avatar in the distance and cast Carbuncle right away. Use a Yagudo Drink RIGHT AWAY after summoning (it restores MP).

Use assault of the avatar where you summoned Carby (MAKE SURE that the avatar if busy with Carbuncle before moving) now run to the top and hide beside the crystal. Try to run far enough away so you no longer target the avatar and you can no longer see Carbuncle's health, only his name, you know then you are at a safe distance.
Now that you have a chance, use the Selbina Milk (it gradually restores HP). Be very alert during these battles, and restore anything that wears off if you feel you are safe to do so.

After a minute or so Carbuncle will be defeated by the avatar. DO NOT PANIC, this will happen MANY times during the fight, so get used to it. When you see Carbuncles name dissapear from the bottom of the screen summon him again RIGHT AWAY, DO NOT WASTE TIME. Once he pops out again, mash the Assault macro, and once the avatar has targeted Carby again, run back to the place you summoned Carby for the first time (a lot of people say to run back down to where you enetered the battlefield, personally I found this a waste of time, and it actually caused me MORE difficulty, so just do what you feel comfortable with).

Keep letting Carby get wooped until you either:

A) Have the avatar's health down to about 3/4's
B) Have less that 70 MP remaining.

Now's when you break out the 2-Hour.
Once Carbuncle has been freshly summoned, let the avatar come close to you and use Astral Flow, it WILL come after you, but don't worry. Now hit the Searing Light macro, and WAIT until Carby hit it before running away, otherwise you'll completely miss the target. This is EXTREMELY important!!! USE at LEAST 2 or 3 ethers IMMEDIATELY!!! Otherwise Carbuncle will dissapear due to lack of MP, and you will most likely DIE! After using the Ethers run to a safe spot (as mentioned before by viewing only Carby's name nd the bottom) and use potions as needed (Hi-potions if in the yellow and regular potions if you are below 75%HP).

Make sure you have at least 40MP remaining and continue the "Carby dies, you re-summon" method until you can re-use Searing Light. Follow the same directons as before, stay CLOSE to the avatar and wait for Carby to use it.

Using this method, the second Searing Light should do the avatar in. If for some reason it doesn't, then follow the same directions as before, and pray you have enough time to get another Searing Light in before the 2-Hour wears off.

And there you have it! This method has worked for me 90% of the time. Why 90%? Because I once continued hitting the wrong macro thinking there was some glitch with the game rather than using Searing Light, which lead my 2-hour to expire and Shiva to kick my bum. Other than that extremely stupid mishap, I've won every other time.

Don't worry you CAN do it! It just takes practice, it's very rare that anyone can get an avatar on their first try. Good luck!

RE: Need help?
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Here's the Macro list I promised:

1. Carby (/ma "Carbuncle" <me>)
2. Astral Flow (/ja "Astral Flow" <me>)
3. Searing Light (/pet "Searing Light" <bt>
4. Potion (/item "Potion" <me>)
5. Hi-potion (/item "Hipotion" <me>)
6. Ether (/item "Ether" <me>)
7. Milk (/item "Selbina Milk" <me>)
8. Assault (/pet "Assault" <bt>)

Now in case you're wondering <bt> isn't a typo... it target the closest mob, so you don't have to target the avatar all the time.

One thing I forgot to mention before...
Sometimes Carby dies too quickly, and you cannot summon him again from a safe distance. The avatar WILL come after you and WILL interupt your summoning. Here's where the Hermit's Wand and the Heko Obi+ 1 come in handy, as well as any equipment that raises evasion (like Scentless armlets or Compound Eye Circlet). Raising your SMN Magic skill will also help with this situation, you'll want to try to get it to at least 40 before attempting these battles, it doesn't take too long, and it helps quite a bit.

Don't worry, it'll happen at one point with at least one of the avatars you fight. Don't lose it, just keep trying to summon and eventually (hopefully) Carby will pop out.

I wish you the best, any questions feel free to contact me at lion_heart3050@pol.com or just send a message online to Svalitz (Asura server)

Good luck!
Cheap strat
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Ok heres a nice cheap strat, works awesome. All you really need is 3 melon drinks, 1 pair au lauite, and a boiled crab. Its also good to take a few mulsum too.
Using standard avatar fighting strategy fight the avatar, then before using 2hr, or when you take enough damage, take that pair au laite. You'll get 3 hp a tick off of it. And the effect last a long time too, you get tons of hp off of it, it last a heck of
of a lot longer that regen. This will last for the remainder of your battle and then some. Oh and one more thing, most avatars use thier 2hr after you resummon carby the 2nd time, so make sure you use carby's 2hr when you on the edge, run like crazy, resummon, run like crazy, then while your away avatar will use 2hr and you'll have enough time to resummon carby before the avatar gets to you usually, and you wont get hit by avatars 2hr.
Another bit of information...
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I did all of these quests a while ago, mainly using the very good and comprehensive information provided on www.summoner.info. Read the forums, you will see all of my trails and tribulations against the avatars (I beat all of them on my first attempt aside from Ramuh...). Have fun!

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