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About the Avatar

One of the five Terrestrial Avatars of Vana'diel, all of its Blood Pacts are tied into the element of Light.
This colorful creature appears as a teal green, three-tailed rodent with a ruby embedded in the center of its forehead.
It is also the first avatar that Summoners learn to summon.

Summoners learn to summon Carbuncle when they complete the quest, I Can Hear A Rainbow, which is also when players unlock the SMN job. Carbuncle Prime is able to be fought during the Waking the Beast quest.

Blood Pacts

Blood Pact Type Level MP Skillchain Y/N Burst Y/N Description
Searing Light*Rage1Special YMinimum MP cost is (level of caster)x2. Uses all MP and deals light elemental damage to enemies within Area of Effect.
Healing RubyWard16 Restores target party member's HP.
Poison NailsRage511Y Poisons target.
Shining RubyWard2411 Gives party members with Area of Effect the effects of Protect and Shell.
Glittering RubyWard4462 Randomly enhances one attribute for party members within Area of Effect.
MeteoriteRage55108 YDeals light elemental damage.
Healing Ruby IIWard65124 Restores HP for party members within Area of Effect.

Outside Vana'diel

The Vana'diel Tribune wrote up an article on Carbuncle here. (Issue 19, Vol. 1)

Carbuncle is also the name of a FFXI World Server.

Final Fantasy XI

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