One Good Deed?  

Start Area: Port Windurst
Start NPC:Chipmy-Popmy (C - 8)
Related Areas:Bibiki Bay
Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle
Related Mobs:Peerifool
Shikaree Z
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Grants Gil:1200
(Average from 18 ratings)
Items Required:Deed to Purgonorgo Isle
Title Obtained:Deed Verifier
Items Granted:Map of Attohwa Chasm
This Quest requires Promathia
Last Updated: Sat Mar 29 16:44:49 2008

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A mysterious character living on Purgonorgo Isle in Bibiki Bay insists that the island belongs to him. Chipmy-Popmy wants you to participate in the next "debate" over ownership, set to take place in the center of the island.


After talking to Chipmy-Popmy, you need to go to the Manaclipper in Bibiki Bay. The clipper does three tours. You want the tour that goes out to Purgonorgo Isle (there is enough time between tours to buy another ticket if you're fast). Once on the Isle follow the path to H-9 near the center of the isle. There is a ???. This will pop 6 Peerifools (Mandragora type mobs). Watch for linking from other mobs in the area. Once defeated, examine the ??? again for a cutscene and the key item "Deed to Purgonorgo Isle".

Go back to Chipmy-Popmy for another cutscene. Now you need to track down one of the Mithran Trackers in Attohwa Chasm. You will need to zone into Boneyard Gully. Attohwa Chasm, even with a map, is very confusing. Fortunately, most of the tunnels are one way or have very short dead-ends. Be careful. Mobs in the center of the map (chasm/mountain area) con TW to lvl 59). Mobs in the eastern part of the map con TW-EP (most EPs are in the lower South-East corner) to lvl 59. Mobs in the western part of the map con VT-IT+ to lvl 59. You need to go through all three areas to get to the Gully.

Enter Attohwa Chasm from the Maze of Shakhrami. Follow the path to the chasm. Cross the bridge (very important) and follow the path. At (H-10) there is a dead end. Head east from this point and it will take you into the lower level eastern side of the map. Follow the mountainside north to (I-8). There is a cave to take you back into the mountain/chasm area. Follow the path (there is another dead end shortly into the area, head south not west). The path winds in all directions and takes you all over the chasm.

At (G-7) there is another dead end, head north. You will cross three bridges before you get to the end. Be very careful once you see the tunnel exit because antlions come very close to the mountain. Use Sneak/Invisible and follow the mountain north. At (F-6), there is another tunnel entrance. Follow this tunnel and cross one bridge to the Boneyard Gully zone, in the eastern part of (G-6). Once you zone, you will have another cutscene.

After the cutscene, you receive the key item, Map of Attohwa Chasm. Return to Chipmy-Popmy for another cutscene and 1200 gil.

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75 pwn
# Apr 02 2009 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
Just did this 75mnk/30blm. Chose to go /blm so I could warp out, and I figured I'd sleepga them just in case. But when I got there I discovered I didn't even have sleepga, not that I needed it anyway. Cast ice spikes before I popped them, then I pulled them behind the rock. I'd say they have just above 2k hp as asuran fists did 800-1k dmg and brought them almost half way down. My merited evasion + dodge made their accuracy a joke (poor mandies /comfort). I hit them for around 100, crits around 150. They didn't land any of their ws, and hit me for 4-13 dmg (guarded some of it), the hardest crit they landed did 18. All in all they brought me down to 1069/1573, and the fight was over in 5 minutes. Never used chakra or drain. And I must add that my gear is some what gimped :P

Have fun with these mandies, they're too cute^^
# Oct 15 2008 at 1:10 PM Rating: Decent
1,083 posts
72bst/36whm done without taking any damage. Sic'd Carrie on a couple with Stoneskin/Aquaveil up. Halfway through fight had to put stoneskin back up once but it stayed up until the end. Carrie ripped through mobs @ 250dmg each like she usually does ^_^

semi solo'ed
# Sep 19 2008 at 10:31 AM Rating: Decent
did this quest about a month ago as a 52rdmg/26blmg and with my trustie npc smoothing healer 50. Ice spikes was the key for me, and of course all the other reagular spells + refreshing me and npc slept only one or two at the givin chance, the effect sleep those guys have can be a pain! however thier hits where not hard as you would think even when stone skin and phalax wore off it was like 20-35 damage each. anyhow one the fight. no worries. good luck to ya :)
fun stuff
# Dec 26 2006 at 10:07 AM Rating: Good
26 posts
Did this with my 73 Blu/whm. I set up the 11 point auto refresh (no sea :(, Frightful roar, Cold wave, Self-destruct, and Voracious trunk) /whm for auto refresh and divine seal. Built up TP with the 2 Alraune right by the "???", buffed up with warm-up, refuling, Protect2, Shell, Cocoon and popped them. First Peerifool ate Savage blade > Cannonball = Light and died :D, threw a Sandspin and targeted next one. Idk the accuracy increase in Warm-up or if sandspin really hurt'em but they missed at an astonishing rate, most dmg I took came from the Alraune that repopped >_>. Second Peerifool ate Hysteric Barrage's and dropped, third I saved up TP and Solo'd light again for 925 this time <3, just kept recasting Regen and buffs, and kept Sandspin going when their effects wore. Only had to use Divine seal > Magic fruit once, that was around the fourth one, got me back to full.

So I killed off the Peerifools with 60 Mp left, yellow HP arround 500-600, and still had the two Alraune's that popped on me, which I Sword poked them to death. This quest was fun, I'd like to redo it with someone ;D
fun stuff
# Apr 15 2007 at 11:06 AM Rating: Decent
211 posts
If you have adds from the Alraunes, they will lose hate when you click the ??? after defeating the Perifools. There's no need to waste the time killing them.
# Dec 06 2006 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
ok i have a question, on this quest it says, "Related mobs: tiamat" how is he related to this quest? is that just an error?
# Feb 15 2007 at 3:38 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
It's not an error. Doing the quest will answer your question.
DRG Fight
# Oct 11 2006 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
Just won with 120 hp left as a 61 drg/war. It's hard. Remember to use Super Jump to shed aggro to your wyvern to take hits from one of them. After you super jump target a different one. I used my offensive type NPC who is lvl 40. Use Skewer, not penta thrust. I had to 2 hr too.
# Oct 04 2006 at 9:12 AM Rating: Default
A few days ago, I dropped my bibiki seashell. I talked with the NPC that was part of the quest to get it and he said he missed bibiki bay a lot. So I figured I would go to bibiki bay and try to find something he would like and trade it to him.

I stumbled upon this ??? and stupidly clicked on it. Unaware that 6 peerifools would spawn.

Pld 64/thf 30 I panic'd and started to run (not flee thank goodness).

Picked up 2 more along the way and I had a happy family of 8 following me for the field trip of the Isle with tour guide Cloce. :(

My MP was at 60/221 and I had no warp way out. So I decided if I'm going down, might as well go down fighting. > <
They were hitting me for 3 to 6 normal with crits in the 12 to 16 area. Popped a shallops tropical, yag drink, and called out Karyn. 2 hour'd (which wasn't very effective, they slept me and I didn't wake up till after 2 hour wore :( )

Wasn't really even close after I took out the first 4. The shallops buffed up my def pretty well so I was only getting hit for 2's and 3's. (Crits still 12).
Ended the fight with 1123/1260 HP and 150 mp.

Man that was scary... hopefully I can find a way to get the bibiki shell back after all this > <
If it wasn't for the link...
# Oct 03 2006 at 12:08 AM Rating: Default
I'm a war level 60. Went out there as war/thf with a single hand axe. Every thing was fine, my bloody bolts kept me alive, until... until I got a link >.< It went bad. I have very high evasion, but that link kept hitting me and hard and I died. If it wasn't for that one mandy link, I woulda beet this. Gunna try again but I'm bringing a friend this time. The whole trick to this is to be at least level 60, have good gear, have eva gear (nothing -eva) and bloody bolts. It also helps to have friends, but in my experience on Ifrit, no one does quests but me :p
If it wasn't for the link...
# Oct 08 2006 at 8:49 PM Rating: Default
I'm now level 62 with new gear. I beat this using the same strategy but I went as war/nin but I forgot to buy Shihei lol. One thing I noticed is that my evasion was a lot lower even with additional eva gear! I also noticed I was getting hit harder. But, using Hi-potions and bloody bolts kept me alive. I also moved out of agro range. I also used Sole Sushi. I was getting worried as they were hitting me a lot with a range of 5-15 with crits at 24-26. But I still owned them and got my deed.
75BLM/37RDM <Long time> <Fight>
# Sep 08 2006 at 9:17 AM Rating: Decent
435 posts
I was surfing Alla the other day and realized there were a couple map quests I hadn't done, and I got bored and decided to try this one at two in the morning. Wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but I'm always up for a challenge.

Got to the ???, killed the two Alraune, rested, and buffed up with Stoneskin/Phalanx/Ice Spikes. I used Blink, too, but there's really no point. Anyway, I attempted to Sneak-pull them, but the Peerifool are apparently too smart for that. All six of them jump off the rock and immediately use Dream Flower ( in perfect unison, which was a little creepy ) and I get slept. So, of course, I start freaking out a little. I figure I'll cast Sleepga II as soon as they break through Stoneskin...but they never did. Sleep wore off long before they ever punched through the Stoneskin/Phalanx combo. In fact, the only time it wore off was when the time expired.

These mobs are incredibly weak. They sleep easily- I started using Sleepga instead of Sleepga II in the interest of MP. Even when Stoneskin was down, they were hitting me for 0 with Phalanx up. Eventually, I gave up sleeping them completely, cast Blaze Spikes, and watched them kill themselves by hitting me. I was worried, because I ran out of MP three times during the fight...but these things are so weak I just dropped and healed in front of them. They did get lucky with a few crits, but I only lost about 30HP during the entire fight.

Here's the funny part: killing them this way took 45 minutes. I was hitting them for 35-40HP, even with high staff skill, and they have a lot of HP. By the time I got to the last Peerifool, it was already half-dead from hitting my Blaze Spikes. I'm sure I could have nuked a little to speed things up, but where's the fun in that?

Tips for soloing as 75BLM/37RDM:

-Use Phalanx, don't worry too much about Stoneskin.
-Use Blaze Spikes, since they're MNKs they take 36dmg per turn ( if they hit )
-Be prepared for a long fight, don't be afraid to Stoneskin/Rest in front of them.
-Expect the Alraunes to repop and link if you use this strategy. They aren't really a threat either, just keep whacking.
-Sleepga if you need time to recast or if you get low on HP ( not likely XD )

Edit: Just thought I'd add that while this quest in fun, and hilarious, the map seems completely worthless to me. It looks like two splotches with a line running down the middle, which makes it look like some sort of Kindergarten art project to me. At any rate, the quest seems to give decent fame- it bumped me up a level when I completed it.

Edited, Sep 12th 2006 at 10:47pm EDT by smurl
# Aug 31 2006 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
THF67/NIN33, solo'd them with ease. They're so cute!!!
Anyway, Bloody Bolts did the trick, and natural evasion, they couldn't land a hit on me. I even linked two Alraune which spawned back after I killed them before the fight, but they posed even less of a problem. Fun fight though x3
WHM75/BLM37 solo
# Jul 27 2006 at 12:27 PM Rating: Decent
143 posts
Took them down easy as a WHM75/BLM37 without needing to cure myself. Here's my strategy:

1) Upon reaching area, I cast Protect4/Shell4, and whacked the two Alraunes in that area to build TP. Killing both got me 300TP.
2) Next, I cast Reraise3 just in case, ate a Tavnazian Taco, then rest up MP to full. TP got down to about 200.
3) I then buffed up with Stoneskin, Blink, Haste, Barsleepra and Blaze Spikes. Once done, I trigger the ???.
4) When all of them popped, they were on the slab of rock. I waited for them to come down before casting Sleepga. I engaged one, Dia it, and hit it with Hexa Strike. They take around 500~ to 700~ damage.
5) Rinse and repeat WS, and when the others wake, just cast Sleepga again. If any buffs wear, cast them back up. Alraunes link, Sleepga them as well.

It was a very simple fight overall and took about 10-15 minutes I think. I didn't have to cure myself or even use regen, and my MP was more than sufficient (Taru WHM, 1161 at max mp.) Prior to that I was panicky about how it would go. But stupid me, I forgot to click on ??? after the fight and now I have to go back to do it again! ><

Edited, Jul 27th 2006 at 1:35pm EDT by rustypup
Aggro at level 72
# Jun 05 2006 at 6:45 PM Rating: Default
The Peerifool were very easy as RDM72/BLM36. But after leaving Boneyard and walking back through Attohwa, I was aggro'd by a Scorpion. It chewed through Stoneskin/Phalanx in a few hits and was knocking up to 103HP off me per hit, averaging around 75HP per hit. Sleep and Sleep II work on it. I warped out of there. So much for checking out the sites.
I also got hit for 339HP by a Cave Antlion Pit Trap and some plant (Gasponia) I went by poisoned me. The poison was nothing though.
Nothing else aggro'd, but be careful.
I also got my Attohwa Ginseng while I was doing the map quest for Attohwa Chasm.
BST60 is sufficient
# May 18 2006 at 9:18 AM Rating: Decent
1,433 posts
I just solo'ed the 6 mandies with as BST60. It was very close, I honestly think it's the lowest possible they can be soloed. My hp and that of my funguar jug were below 100 at the end. And I'm galka. Very fun fight though, and it gave me the opportunity to discover a great area. Never been to purgorogo isle before.
BST60 is sufficient
# Dec 08 2006 at 6:55 AM Rating: Decent
Lmao nice quote for BST! I love it! BST FTW!!!
Duoing it, Fast, Fun and Easy :P
# Apr 22 2006 at 9:14 AM Rating: Decent
This fight was pretty fun.
Actually, I went to Purgonorgo as BLM72 with a MNK75 friend so we both knew it would be a sinch.
I sleepga II the mandies, and he slaughtered through each one. I only nuked twice.
Obviously, at our levels it was pretty easy: a very quick and fun fight,
definitely soloable just a lot more fun with a friend.

Now, I just need to convince him to raise his Windy fame so we can do Opo Opo crown quest together.
Just too boring soloing all those quests. *^^*
# Apr 20 2006 at 12:02 AM Rating: Decent
The reward is 1200 gil, not 2100 gil
# Apr 04 2006 at 1:04 AM Rating: Default
that fight sucked. I looked at FFxisomepage and it didn't say there'd be six. So naturally as a 75 SMN I got over confident. Didn't buff. Needless to say I got knocked to about 460 HP (Orange hp) then decided to bust out some Diamond Dust taking 75% of each Mandy. they died shortly after.

was fun.
Friggin' Pwn'd.
# Mar 26 2006 at 2:23 AM Rating: Decent
515 posts
MNK63/WAR- I went to Purgo with one LS member telling me it was cake for them at 60 rdm and another LS member saying it was incredibly tough to a 75 whm and 63 blm. So... with somewhat of a clear mind, I cleared the room. Got some TP, rested to full. Ate a Dhalmel Pie for more power and HP, used a Memento Muffler, Focus'd and Dodged, Called NPC (Healer lvl 41), spawned and headed to the back of the room. I instantly lined them up for Counter, and proceeded to Hundred Fist. Friggin' overkill. With Dodge up and a dodge earring, nearly all of them missed. Each hit for 5-15 dmg, but with 1547 HP, that doesn't matter too much. I also had my awesome NPC with me who casted haste on me when I Hundred Fisted. I <3 Epi.

I used one Hi-Pot when HP dipped to yellow. I had brought three with me because I had no idea.. Anyways, easy fight for anyone over 60 with good eva, def or HP.

Of course, this earned me bragging right over the whm and blm that had supposedly had trouble with it...
too close
# Feb 02 2006 at 8:20 AM Rating: Decent
I was doing this quest last night as 75whm/nin. This was my first time at this island so I walked around for a while to see what it is like, nice place. anyway, I get to the ??? and I clear the 2 mandys in that area. my MP was about 630/800 and full health, so I decided to go ahead and try it. I hit the ???, and message comes up "look out, it's a trap" then the 6 mandy's pop. it was a VERY LONG battle, and I took them down one by one. I had 2 mandy's left and 100 MP plus 2 links >< so I watch my stoneskin and only used Ni, when stone skin dropped. the last mandy took for ever to kill. I killed the last NM mandy (still with the 2 links) and hit the ??? again. Boom CS (lucky) I get out and there are the other 2 mandys there, I hit Ni again and use instant warp. I make it back with like 500 HP, DAMN what a night. ima finish this later on this week

Edited, Thu Feb 2 08:22:27 2006
# Jan 22 2006 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
120 posts

Related Mobs: Peerifool
Shikaree Z

Tiamat O.o

EDIT: argh just saw that it was posted

Edited, Sun Jan 22 11:47:05 2006
Me and buddy
# Jan 03 2006 at 8:32 PM Rating: Decent
Just finished fight as 59rdm/nin with my buddy npc 43/healer and had a blast. Used normal buffs (skin/phalanx/icespikes/haste/enbliz). Tried to keep blink up as much as pos. Slept a couple mandies, usually just one at a time. Really most useful was phalanx as we were either being missed or being hit for less than 10dmg. Spent a fair amount of time sleeping...lol That turned out ok though as my refresh maintained mp over 300 throughout. Off to the Chasm and then the mountain run.
No Match At ALL
# Dec 27 2005 at 8:48 PM Rating: Good
229 posts
Came in as a 72BST and called CC and 2hr just for the fun of it. Had two links and I never lost a tick of HP. Had to recast blink twice and stoneskin once. Sic pet on every mandy and then picked them off one by one. CC tanked like a champ and I couldnt even get hate back on the ones I was fighting. Over in like 5 mins. I had regen on as well but didnt matter, they missed a whole hell of a lot. Easily soloable.
More directions/map to help get to Boneyard Gulley
# Dec 25 2005 at 1:53 AM Rating: Decent
1,085 posts
After killing the Perifool, the next major step is to get the map by entering the Boneyard Gulley. Honestly, the directions in the quest direction were not 100% clear to me, so I worked these up. I hope they help.

  • 0. Enter Attohwa Chasm at F-5 in the Maze of Shakhrami.

  • MAP: Attohwa Chasm

  • 1. You will enter the Chasm at G-10 (middle). Continue down the tunnel and you'll enter at H-9 (Eastern side).

    NOTE: This is a safe area for jobs level 60 and above. Everything should be to weak to be worthwhile.

    [li]2. Go to I-8, look for and enter the tunnel. This tunnel takes you to F-7 (Western side).

    NOTE: Level 60+ character need to worry about aggro in this area.

    [li]3. Travel north to find the tunnel entrance at F-6 and enter it. This will lead you to the Boneyard Bulley, the cutscene, and the map.

  • Looking back at the these directions and the quest's directions, my problem was all the personal story telling. The extra information was wonderful, but having a distinct list of instructions (in addition to the experience) is what I found most reassuring before starting out.

    IBHalliwell - Hoping these directions help you get there safely!
    RE: More directions/map to help get to Boneyard Gulley
    # Dec 25 2005 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
    17 posts
    Thanks for these directions! I also find them simplier.
    Level 5 fame
    # Nov 28 2005 at 12:52 AM Rating: Good
    597 posts
    I tried helping my wife with this quest and she couldn't trigger it until she obtained level 5 fame (she's from sandy).

    Hello there, [Name]! There aren't many Windurstians who don't know that name. We're all proud to have you on our side! Keep up the great work!
    = level 5
    but see... that's what I'm talking about! Now Venture will send Sampson after the rest of us and he'll go totally sickhouse on our ********

    ...and I like my ***** gentlemen.
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