Quests for Windurst

Name Min Level Starting Area Starting NPC Reward Title Granted Type
A Crisis in the Making (R)10Windurst Waters Ranpi-Monpi (E - 9) 400 Gil  General  
A Discerning Eye (Windurst) (R)1Port Windurst Pygmalion (M - 7) 500 Gil  General  
A Feather in One's Cap (R)20Windurst Waters Baren-Moren (H - 7) 1500 Gil  General  
A Greeting Cardian1Windurst Woods Kororo (H - 9) Tourmaline Earring  General  
A New Journey20Ru'Lude Gardens (Your Mission NPC) Rank 4, 5000 Gil   Mission  
A Pose by Any Other Name6Windurst Waters Angelica (F - 10) Ancient Blood Super Model General  
A Smudge on One's Record1Windurst Waters Hariga-Origa (F - 8) Map of Fei'Yin, 3000 Gil  Map  
A Testing Time25Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 2-3  Mission  
Acting In Good Faith1Windurst Waters Gantineux (E - 10) Scroll of Teleport-Mea Pilgrim to Mea Spell  
All at Sea1Port Windurst Paytah (I - 7) Leather Ring, Dhalmel Mantle  General  
As Thick as Thieves - THF AF2 (R)50Windurst Woods Nanaa Mihgo (J - 3) Rogue's Bonnet,    Artifact  
Avian Apostates (R)1Balga's Dais Menhit Leggings,    KCNM  
Awakening of the Gods60Windurst Woods Any Gate Guard Book of the Gods, Rank 8, 60000 Gil  Mission  
Blast From the Past25Windurst Walls Koru-Moru (E - 7) Great Club  General  
Blood and Glory - Staff Weaponskill71Windurst Walls Shantotto (K - 7) Retribution  Weaponskill  
Blue Ribbon Blues1Windurst Woods Roberta (I - 13) Blue Ribbon, 3600 Gil Ghostie Buster General  
Can Cardians Cry?20Windurst Woods Apururu (H - 9) 5000 Gil Deliverer of Tearful News General  
Carbuncle Debacle - SMN AF3 (R)50Windurst Walls Ripapa (I - 9) Evoker's Horn Paragon of Summoner Excellence Artifact  
Catch It If You Can! (R)1Port Windurst Ohruru (E - 7) , 1 Gil   General  
Chasing Tales1Windurst Waters Tosuka-Porika (G - 8) 2800 Gil Savior of Knowledge General  
Chocobilious10Windurst Woods Kuoh Rhel (K - 12) 1500 Gil  General  
Class Reunion - SMN AF2 (R)50Windurst Walls Evoker's Spats  Artifact  
Creepy Crawlies (R)3Windurst Woods Illu Bohjaa (H - 6) 600 Gil Crawler Culler General  
Crying Over Onions1Port Windurst Kohlo-Lakolo (G - 5) Star Necklace  General  
Curses, Foiled A-Golem!?1Windurst Walls Shantotto (K - 7) Scroll of Warp II Doctor Shantotto's Flavor of the Spell  
Curses, Foiled Again!1Windurst Walls Shantotto (K - 7) Brass Rod  General  
Curses, Foiled...Again!?1Windurst Walls Shantotto (K - 7) Misery Staff Hexer Vexer General  
Divine Punishers (Hard) (R)1Port Jeuno Shami (H - 8)    SKCNM  
Doll of the Dead1Windurst Woods Any Gate Guard  Guiding Star Mission  
Early Bird Catches the Bookworm1Windurst Waters Tosuka-Porika (G - 8) 1500 Gil Savior of Knowledge General  
Eco-Warrior (Windurst) (R)1Windurst Waters Lumomo (F - 10) Dragon Chronicles, 5000 Gil Emerald Exterminator General  
Escort For Hire (Windurst)1Port Windurst Dehn Harzhapan (G - 6) Miratete's Memoir, 10000 Gil  General  
Fire and Brimstone - RNG AF250Windurst Woods Perih Vashai (K - 7) Hunter's Beret  Artifact  
Flower Child1Windurst Walls Ojha Rhawash (C - 13) Exit mog house to any area  Storage  
Food for Thought1Windurst Waters Kerutoto (J - 8) 1000 Gil Fast Food Deliverer General  
From Saplings Grow - Archery Weaponskill72Windurst Woods Perih Vashai (K - 7) Empyreal Arrow  Weaponskill  
Full Moon Fountain1Windurst Woods Any Gate Guard   Mission  
Glyph Hanger1Windurst Waters Hariga-Origa (F - 8) Map of Horutoto Ruins  Map  
Hat in Hand (R)1Windurst Waters Baren-Moren (H - 7) Windshear Hat, up to 300   General  
Heaven Cent1Windurst Waters Ropunono (F - 7) 4800 Gil Night Sky Navigator General  
Hitting the Marquisate - THF AF3 (R)50Windurst Woods Nanaa Mihgo (J - 3) Rogue's Poulaines  Artifact  
Hoist the Jelly, Roger1Windurst Waters Maysoon (E - 9)   General  
I Can Hear A Rainbow (Summoner Flag Quest)30Windurst Walls Ajido-Marujido (G - 3) Summoner Flag Rainbow Weaver Job Related  
In a Pickle (R)1Windurst Waters Chamama (F - 10) Bone Hairpin, 200 Gil  General  
In a Stew1Windurst Woods Kuoh Rhel (K - 12) 900 Gil  General  
Inspector's Gadget!1Port Windurst Kohlo-Lakolo (G - 5) Heko Obi Fake-Mustached Investigator General  
Know One's Onions4Port Windurst Kohlo-Lakolo (G - 5) Scroll of Blaze Spikes S.O.B. Super Hero Spell  
Legendary Plan B1Windurst Woods Kopuro-Popuro (H - 10) Scentless Armlets, 700 Gil  General  
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie1Windurst Waters Mashuu-Ajuu (K - 6) Hypno Staff Spoilsport General  
Lost for Words11Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 2-2  Mission  
Lure of the Wildcat (Windurst)1Windurst Woods Ibwam (G - 10) Green Invitation Card  General  
Magicite (Windurst)20Ru'Lude Gardens Ambassador in Jeuno Rank 5, Airship Pass, 10000 Gil Have Wings Will Fly Mission  
Making Amends1Port Windurst Hakkuru-Rinkuru (E - 7) 1500 Gil Quick Fixer General  
Making Amens!14Port Windurst Kuroido-Moido (E - 7) 6000 Gil Hakkuru-Rinkuru's Benefactor General  
Making Headlines1Windurst Waters Naiko-Paneiko (C - 11) 560 Gil Editor's Hatchetman General  
Making the Grade1Windurst Waters Fuepepe (L - 6) Scroll of Aspir  Spell  
Mandragora-Mad (R)1Windurst Walls Yoran-Oran (E - 5) Monetary (Varies)  General  
Mihgo's Amigo (R)1Windurst Woods Nanaa Mihgo (J - 3) 200 Gil Cat Burglar Groupie General  
Moon Reading1Heavens Tower Windurstian Flag, Rank 10, 100000 Gil  Mission  
Nothing Matters1Windurst Walls Koru-Moru (E - 7) 10000 Gil  General  
One Good Deed?1Port Windurst Chipmy-Popmy (C - 8) Map of Attohwa Chasm, 1200 Gil Deed Verifier Map  
Onion Rings1Port Windurst Kohlo-Lakolo (G - 5) Bouncer Club Star Onion Brigader General  
Orastery Woes - Club Weaponskill71Port Windurst Kuroido-Moido (E - 7) Black Halo  Weaponskill  
Overnight Delivery1Windurst Waters Kenapa-Keppa (J - 9) Power Gi  General  
Paying Lip Service (R)1Windurst Woods Tapoh Lihzeh (I - 8) 150 Gil Kisser Make-Upper General  
Reap What You Sow (R)1Windurst Waters Mashuu-Ajuu (K - 6) Stationery Set, 500 Gil  General  
Recollections - BLM AF2 (R)50Heavens Tower Chumimi Wizard's Sabots, Bag of Seeds  Artifact  
Rock Racketeer1Windurst Woods Nanaa Mihgo (J - 3) 2100 Gil  General  
Saintly Invitation1Windurst Woods Any Gate Guard Ashura Necklace, Rank 7, 40000 Gil Victor of the Balga Contest Mission  
Say It with Flowers (R)1Windurst Waters Moari-Kaaori (C - 9) Iron Sword Cupid's Florist General  
Scooped!1Windurst Waters Naiko-Paneiko (C - 11) 1500 Gil  General  
Sin Hunting - RNG AF1 (R)40Windurst Woods Perih Vashai (K - 7) Sniping Bow  Artifact  
Something Fishy (R)1Port Windurst Tokaka (C - 8) 70 Gil  General  
Star Struck1Windurst Walls Koru-Moru (E - 7) Compound Eye Circlet  General  
Teacher's Pet (R)1Windurst Waters Moreno-Toeno (L - 6) 250 Gil  General  
The All-New C-2000 (R)3Windurst Woods Kopuro-Popuro (H - 10) 200 Gil Cardian Tutor General  
The All-New C-3000 (R)1Windurst Woods Kopuro-Popuro (H - 10) 600 Gil  General  
The Amazin' Scorpio1Windurst Woods Soni-Muni (H - 11) 1500 Gil Great Grappler Scorpio!? General  
The Fanged One (Ranger Flag Quest)30Windurst Woods Perih Vashai (K - 7) Ranger's Necklace, Ranger Flag The Fanged One Job Related  
The Final Seal1Ru'Lude Gardens Windurst Mission NPC Rank 5-2 Archmage Assassin Mission  
The Heart of the Matter6Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 1-3  Mission  
The Horutoto Ruins Experiment4Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 1-2  Mission  
The Jester Who'd Be King65Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Orastery Ring, Rank 9, 80000 Gil  Mission  
The Moonlit Path1Windurst Waters Leepe-Hoppe (J - 9) Fenrir's Torque, Fenrir's Stone, Fenrir's Earring, Fenrir's Cape, Ancients' Key, 15000 Gil  Job Related  
The Postman Always K.O.s Twice (R)1Windurst Walls Ambrosius (J - 12) 500 Gil  General  
The Price of Peace8Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 2, 1000 Gil  Mission  
The Promise1Port Windurst Kohlo-Lakolo (G - 5) Promise Badge  General  
The Puppet Master - SMN AF1 (R)40Windurst Walls Juroro (I - 8) Kukulcan's Staff  Artifact  
The Root of the Problem - BLM AF351Heavens Tower Chumimi Wizard's Petasos  Artifact  
The Sixth Ministry1Windurst Waters Any Gate Guard Blank Book of the Gods  Mission  
The Tenshodo Showdown - THF AF1 (R)40Windurst Woods Nanaa Mihgo (J - 3) Marauder's Knife  Artifact  
The Three Kingdoms1Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 3, 3000 Gil Certified Adventurer Mission  
The Three Magi - BLM AF1 (R)40Heavens Tower Chumimi Casting Wand  Artifact  
The V Formation (R)1Balga's Dais Hi-Reraiser, Vile Elixir +1, Coral Fragment, Wyvern Scales, Phoenix Feather, Reraiser, Gnole Claw, Petrified Log, Dragon Bone, Wind Fewell, Dark Fewell, Demon Horn, Flock Ring, Mythril Ore, Flock Earring,    KCNM  
To Bee or not to Bee?1Windurst Walls Raamimi (F - 7) Mulsum  General  
To Catch a Falling Star1Port Windurst Sigismund (E - 7) Fish Scale Shield  General  
To Each His Own Right25Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Rank 3-2  Mission  
Toraimarai Turmoil (R)1Windurst Waters Ohbiru-Dohbiru (J - 9) Rhinostery Certificate, 4500 Gil  General  
Trust: Windurst5Windurst Woods Wetata (G - 10) Green Institute Card, Windurst Trust permit,    General  
Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way1Port Windurst Kohlo-Lakolo (G - 5) Justice Badge Star Onion Brigade Member General  
Tuning In1Windurst Waters Leepe-Hoppe (J - 9) 4000 Gil  General  
Tuning Out1Windurst Waters Leepe-Hoppe (J - 9) Cache-nez, 6000 Gil Friend of the Helmed General  
Twinstone Bonding (R)15Windurst Woods Gioh Ajihri (K - 5) Wrapped Bow Bond Fixer General  
Unbridled Passion - RNG AF3 (R)50Windurst Woods Perih Vashai (K - 7) Ice Arrow, Hunter's Socks Paragon of Ranger Excellence Artifact  
Vain65Windurst Woods Any Gate Guard  Fugitive Minister Bounty Hunter Mission  
Waking Dreams (R)1Windurst Waters Kerutoto (J - 8) Diabolos's Earring, Diabolos's Torque, Diabolos's Ring, Diabolos's Pole Heir to the Realm of Dreams Job Related  
Water Way to Go (R)1Windurst Waters Ohbiru-Dohbiru (J - 9) 900 Gil  General  
Wild Card1Windurst Waters Honoi-Gomoi (E - 7) 8000 Gil Dream Dweller General  
Wonder Wands1Port Windurst Hakkuru-Rinkuru (E - 7) New Moon Armlets, 4600 Gil Doctor Shantotto's Guinea Pig General  
Wondering Minstrel1Windurst Waters Jatan-Paratan (F - 10) Faerie Piccolo Down Piper Piper-upperer General  
Written in the Stars30Windurst Walls Any Gate Guard Portal Charm, Rank 3-3  Mission