ISNM - Happy Caster  

Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Start NPC:Shajaf (F-8)
Max Party:6
Related Areas:Navukgo Execution Chamber
Related Mobs:Two-Faced Flan
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Secret Imperial Order
Items Granted:Ahriman Wing
Arakan Samue
Behemoth Horn
Chocobo Egg (Somewhat Warm)
Crude Sword
Dragon Talon
Flan Meat
Icarus Wing
Intelligence Potion
Khroma Ore
Mensur Epee
Merrow Scale
Rainbow Cloth
Scroll of Blizzard IV
Scroll of Dispel
Scroll of Protect IV
Scroll of Protectra IV
Scroll of Quake
Scroll of Water IV
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
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Defeat the Two-Faced Flan to get your reward!

I never knew flan could have a face...even less with two of them. o.O;; Creepy.

Know a good way to (Double Slap) him? Let us know!

pikko@allakhazam.com exodus@allakhazam.com


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# Jul 06 2008 at 10:37 AM Rating: Decent
1,778 posts
This fight is beyond easy, go in with a RDM/BLM - WHM/BLM or BLM/WHM and x5 DD's and this fight is easy.
Warriors and Dragoons excel here because of Angon and Tomahawk which will cripple the Flans defense so much that it's easy to zerg-rush him.
If silence does not stick then you are in trouble, bring a DRK for security.
# May 07 2007 at 5:43 AM Rating: Decent
I've seen this ISNM Soloed, Took a while but it was done a # of times.. I'ed like to go myself on the next run might be a lil harder for blm to solo this monster and I only say thit due to Mp running low on you at the worst possable time and if your sleep's don't stick you could be KO'ed in no time unless you plan the battle out carefuly and equip yourself with the proper potion's the NM could be easly defeted.
If you plan on soloing this ISNM I bid you goodluck and a congrats in advance :)
# Apr 28 2007 at 5:40 AM Rating: Default
2,626 posts
This ISNM is Easy.

This Flan is very easy as long as you keep him silenced. He casts high tier aga spells that do massive dmg.

Two other things to watch ot for:
1. Boiling point - this gives whoever is facing him a massive Magic Defence Down. This needs erasing Imediately. If not, & the Flan's silence wears, he'll one shot you with one spell doing 2K+ dmg
2. He has another ability (I forget what it is called) that means he can 'Fast Cast' his next spell - which means practically impossible to stun, he will do an agaIII spell with this ability.

Setup - Mage, Mage, Tank, DD, DD, DD

Mages : Your Party needs to have 2 mages with ES Silence. A whm is a must, so if you have 2 mages, go for a WHM/BLM, & Either a RDM/BLM or a BLM/WHM

Tank : Go for a PLD tank, a good lvl74+ PLD will have no problem tanking this flan. I have done it with a NIN tank, & the fight does not go nearly as smoothly.

DD : Fast & effective DD work wonders. MNK's (hands down best - i always take 2 mnk's with me) WAR's, SAM's, DRK's (incase silence does wear towards the end, having an etra stunner is nice).

Stay away from rng, smn, brd, cor, pup - not saying you cant do it with them, just saying their is better jobs for the task at hand.


Tactics: Buff up outside, once in, line up on the edge of the BC, attack, then wait for the whm to ES silence. once silenced, full attack. the silence should wear 1/4-3/4 of the way in, wen it does, the second mage ES silence's it. The fight itself will take around 2mins. no need to use your 2hour's, save them incase one round takes an unexpected turn for the worst.

Im currently 36/36 on it (not including my 1st & second runs - that would ruin my current nice statistic :P )

The sword is currently 400K on Sylph, but it is a rare drop (so is the Arakan Samue), only seen it once. Based on current results, id say the chance of attaining either a Khroma or a Luminium ore is 80% (usually drops one). he also usually drops a Decent scroll - Quake or Protect/ra IV. He always drops a choccobo egg & a potion of some sorts. Behemoth horn drops fairly regulary aswell. Based on current Sylph deflated prices, an average drop is 120K (not bad for just 3K isp. You could spend that 3k on 3 Imp Gold beastcoins that sell for 8K each (or not)). Hope this helps :P

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