ISNM - Shadows of the Mind  

Submitted by:Michael
Realm:Aht Urhgan
Start Area: Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Start NPC:Shajaf (F-8)
Max Party:6
Related Areas:Jade Sepulcher
Related Mobs:Phantom Puk
Min Level:1
Max Level:75
Items Required:Secret Imperial Order
Items Granted:Ahriman Wing
Behemoth Horn
Brass Tank
Chocobo Egg (Somewhat Warm)
Company Fleuret
Dragon Talon
Habu Skin
Icarus Wing
Khroma Ore
Luminium Ore
Magnet Knife
Merrow Scale
Puk Wing
Sacrifice Torque
Scroll of Dispel
Scroll of Erase
Scroll of Protect IV
Scroll of Protectra IV
Scroll of Quake
Scroll of Shell IV
Scroll of Water IV
Sieglinde Putty
Tournament Lance
Wamoura Cloth
This Quest requires Aht Urhgan
Last Updated: Thu Aug 20 05:58:37 2009

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In-Game Text


Shadows of the Mind: Enemy : Phantom Puk Battlefield : Jade Sephulcher Recommended party setup: Bard, black mage, tank, healer, DD, DD.

Enemy type: Puk (Dragon type mob) Information on enemy from Beastiary: -Weak to Ice element -Healed by Wind Element attacks

Enemy moves :

-Zephyr Mantle: Blink effect on mob (5-10 shadows) -Wind Shear (Wind type AoE attack with extreme knockback) Absorbable by Utsusemi -Obfuscate (AoE Flash effect) -Crosswind (Cone-shaped AoE Wind attack with knockback) Ignores Utsusemi -Split (Creates multiple copies of the original mob which spawn in the exact same position as the mob when move is used.)

Special Concern: -On Windsday, or Lightsday, or Wind / Light Weather, Puks gain the ability to auto-regen TP.

Strategy: The main enemy in this ISNM is the Phantom Puk, and his lethal move is the ability to split into several weaker copies of himself. The Phantom Puk typically has time to use this ability at least four times during each battle.

Have everyone enter the battlefield and buff up before engaging. The tank (paladin or ninja) should engage the mob first, grabbing as much hate as possible, while DDs follow and also engage. Avoid doing heavy spike damage that could remove hate from the main tank. If the tank loses hate, and DDs get beat on too hard, the ensuing chain of events could easily lead to a wipe.

The bard must be absolutely ready to use horde lullaby when the Phantom Puk splits into clones. Sleepga II is also capable of sleeping the puk clones, but in the time it takes to cast the spell, the tank can easily die. As the bard casts horde lullaby, the black mage should target a clone (not the Phantom Puk, in case the clones moved away from it) and cast Blizzaga III. The tier-III aga will kill every clone, and the main NM should stay on the main tank. After that, the black mage can take a knee, resting mp until the next time the bard needs to use horde lullaby.

This battle is relatively easy, as long as DD's don't try to show off with their heavy spike damage. If the Phantom Puk does move, it's very important for mages/bards to remain outside of its AoE range. This battle is winnable without a bard, but it is much more difficult.


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Beware of these people on Titan sever.
# Jun 18 2009 at 7:20 AM Rating: Decent
My girlfriend did a run on this ISNM. She did 5 runs including an overdo and dcd at the end came back talk to leader and got invited back to pty. Thought she was going to get her turn but everyone in pty asked for D2s. How incompetent and naive these ppl are in asking for a D2 knowing they were ******** her run. Hope I don't run into you at the next convention.

**Players with low integrity: Mooglelover, Dave, and Taurian on Titan server**

****That's why you do runs with JP players and not North American players***
Ramuh Thunderspark
# Feb 09 2008 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
89 posts
Did this ISNM lastnight and I have to say that having a Summoner use Thunderspark is MUCH better than a Black Mage. The activation time is shorter, leaving less chance that whoever had hate will die to the shadows. I was hitting the mini puks for 900-1k each with Thunderspark, and the main puk for ~200.
Anyways, another viable method for handling the copies. Hope it helps people :)
Tier-2 -ga sufficient
# Dec 04 2007 at 1:56 PM Rating: Good
This is a very easy ISNM. My main point of disagreement with the walkthrough is that you don't need to use Thundaga3. A Blizzaga-2 on the clones is more than sufficient to kill them off. Puks are weak to ice, so resists shouldn't be a problem. Blizzaga2 hit the clones for 900 with an HQ staff, and they only have around 500 HP; the main Puk only took 200 or so from the spell. I also only had a few merits when I did this (2 elemental skill, 1 ice potency), so you don't need to be fully maxed out. If you use Tier 3 -ga spells, you will probably run out of MP (unless you're a taru).

You don't need a proper tank either (we just had MNK and DRG). BLM just needs to be careful not to pull hate. Don't nuke except for -ga on the clones until the very end. You can throw in a Bio2 or Frost for DoTs if you want (not necessary).
Tactics ^^
# Dec 01 2006 at 12:27 AM Rating: Decent
179 posts
In this ISNM you fight puk NM. By itself it's not a threat, but when he does special move then be ready - he calls his "shadows" - 5(I think so, correct if wrong) puks appear near him (several times per fight) and start to attack person who has puk's hate. At this point your blms should do -ga on Puk NM without any delay, i.e. they should be standing up, ready to cast -ga spell with 1 button press when puk shadows will appear. Puk shadows are very easy to kill - like Thundaga 2 (from a good blm) should be enough. If you want be "sure" - bring 2 blms. It's good for tank to "add hate" when puk shadows pop - with provoke or flash or something - so tank will not lose hate at the bad moment and puks will fly to another person and drop him.

Imo, SE should raise "cost" of entering ISNM to like 10k ISP and make drops "better", like adding dcloth, bhide and things like this to drop list. Cause now doing ISNMs is pretty much time waste.
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